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The Democrat Diss


Supporters of Bernie Sanders felt slighted during the Democratic primary with many feeling the system was rigged. It didn’t help perceptions that Donna Brazile fed Hillary Clinton debate questions before the debate and it’s true that the Democratic establishment heavily favored Clinton over Sanders which leaked emails (hacked by Russians) revealed.

On Saturday night the Democratic party elected former Obama Labor Secretary Tom Perez as their new leader over Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison. It would be a fantasy world if the Republican leadership choice came down to a Hispanic and an African-American Muslim. For the party of diversity, not so much.

The perception of a rigged system and a party that’s ignoring the more liberal and millennial element will continue after the election of Perez. While Perez has bonafide liberal credentials, Ellison was the candidate who supported Sanders early in the primaries (second congressman to do so), and was endorsed by him for the leadership position.

For those Sanders supporters, whose support for Clinton in the general election was lukewarm, and those who didn’t support her at all, this is another slap in the face as Perez won by only 30 votes. They feel the party, which has lost nearly 1,000 seats from the White House to state houses in the last decade, is continuing the establishment’s pattern which has given them so many losses.

Perez has his work cut out for him. The Democratic party is the party of diversity. They better play to it.While they do need the establishment and start to appeal to rural whites, they can’t ignore the voices of minority and millennial voters. They better give them a seat at the table. Healthcare, free college, and even legal marijuana, needs to be added to the platform and fought for vigorously while also opposing Trump’s travel ban on Muslims and his racist deportation policy among other things.

In the era of Trump those voices and votes are needed now more than ever. They better pay attention to The Resistance.

Personally, I think Ellison, a voice of The Resistance, would have been the best choice for the party of the future. I also think he would have been a bad choice in that he’s an elected official. People who hold office should not be simultaneously holding a partisan position. Do you work for the party or your constituents? How do you vote and sponsor bills while being a spokesperson for an entire party? Do you ever buck the party in your position as an elected official or do you just ignore the job your district and state sent you to do (which a lot of representatives do anyway).

The Democrats have the numbers on their side to win elections. So why aren’t they winning elections? What they’ve been doing obviously is not working. It is now Tom Perez’s job to figure it out and make a change.

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Bernie’s Little Drops Of Love For Little Debbie


A lot of people are really unhappy with the job Debbie Wasserman Schultz has performed as chair of the Democratic Party. The one person who is probably the most unhappy with her is Bernie Sanders.

One thing sitting Senators and Congressmen do not do….ever, is endorse a primary opponent against a current sitting representative in their own party. Guess what Bernie did. Bernie Sanders has endorsed Wasserman Schultz’s primary opponent. He has also stated that if he’s elected president that she will no longer be the chair of the DNC. Ouch! Feel that bern, baby.

Sanders even sent out an email for her opponent, Tim Canova, soliciting campaign donations, which apparently brought in a lot of cash.

Sanders feels Wasserman Schultz has favored Hillary Clinton throughout the Democratic primary. She actually worked on Hillary’s 2008 campaign so he might have a point. Other evidence he points to that shows she favors Clinton is her use of super delegates, which is like giving Clinton a running start. There were also closed closed primaries in several states which prevents independents from voting, which is very undemocratic for a party called the “Democratic party.” Worst of all, Wasserman Schultz scheduled very few debates, with some of those happening on Saturday nights. I’m really shocked Wasserman Schultz didn’t schedule any for 4:00 am Thursday morning on C-SPAN. Apparently the more people get of Hillary Clinton the less they like her. It’s probably the laugh. For me its’ the laugh and the Big Bird pants suit she wore for one of the debates. Obviously, her campaign is staffed entirely with yes people. Yes, ma’am, that suit is fabulous and not ridiculous looking at all.

Will Sanders’s support of Cavona against Debbie have any impact? I doubt it. In the Florida primary Hillary Clinton won that particular congressional district by 37%.

Even if these complaints against Wasserman Schultz weren’t out there in the political atmosphere, I would still believe she should be knocked out of the chairmanship. It’s a conflict of interest. She’s a sitting member of Congress. That’s her job. Not the blanket partisanship of chairing the party. We can blame President Obama for that as he’s the one who appointed her, which was probably done to appease Hillary after he thrashed her in the 2008 primaries.

Bernie may have “berned” some bridges in the Democratic Party. But what does he really care? He only recently became a Democrat as he’s spent his entire legislative career as an independent. He’ll probably go back to that status after the election.

Bernie’s birds pooping on Debbie’s hair would suck. But at least they’re not making a nest in it. I believe that’s physically possible.

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