Dick Cheney

Cakes For War Crimes

One of my proofreaders isn’t entirely comfortable with this cartoon. While she’s not a fan of Bush, Cheney, and the war in Iraq, she disagreed with calling them war criminals and comparing them with Putin. She has a valid point and I always appreciate her input. I don’t just send my cartoons to her for her exceptional spelling skills.

But I am not uncomfortable with calling Bush and Cheney war criminals. Are they on par with Putin? No. Bush and Cheney did not intentionally target apartment buildings, playgrounds, schools, etc. But they did do what Vladimir Putin did and that was violate another nation’s sovereignty and conduct an illegal invasion based on a lie.

Putin says he invaded Ukraine to liberate that nation from Nazis. That is a lie. Bush and Cheney justified their invasion, and hoodwinked other nations to form an international coalition all based on the lie that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. That bad thing is, there are more Nazis in Ukraine than there were WMDs in Iraq at the time of the invasion in 2003 as in, there was zero WMDs in Iraq.

Even if there were WMDs in Iraq, the invasion still wasn’t justified because Saddam Hussien never used those WMDs after Desert Storm, the conflict to oust him from Kuwait in 1991. Yes, Saddam dropped bombs on Kurds after that conflict but he didn’t use what’s described as weapons of mass destruction (he had done it before 1991 and in the war against Iran in the late 1980s).

Other than Kuwait over a decade earlier, Saddam Hussein never attacked the nations who were a part of the coalition. Never. He never attacked the United Kingdom. He never dropped a bomb on Mongolia. He never pushed Poland. He never slapped Spain. He never hit Iceland, Macedonia, Japan, South Korea, Nicaragua, Slovakia, etc. He never even tickled Tonga.

In addition to the lie that Saddam possessed WMDs, which was a violation of the sanctions placed against Iraq, the lie was pushed that Iraq had a nuclear weapons program (you know, one of those secret things Israel has). On top of that, the Bush administration allowed the belief to run rampant that Saddam Hussein played a part in 9/11, which was committed by al Qaida, NOT Iraq.

During one interview with Vice President Dick Cheney when it was pointed out that many Americans believed Iraq was responsible for 9/11, instead of correcting those many Americans, Cheney simply said, “I can see why they would believe that.” While the Bush administration never explicitly blamed Iraq for 9/11, they used it to justify the invasion of Iraq. According to some reports, the planning of invading Iraq started on September 11, 2001.

They also sent Secretary of State Colin Powell, the only guy with any credibility in the administration at that point (which was lost after this stunt), to stand in the United Nations and show photos of trucks and buildings with the claim, “there’s bad stuff in there.” And it worked. Everybody believed there was bad stuff in there.

The Bush administration also received notice from U.S. and British intelligence that all the information it was using to justify the invasion, like Iraq trying to buy 500 tons of yellow cake from Niger, was not reliable. Quite frankly, I think the Bush administration just liked the sound of “Niger.”

For all their trouble of invading a nation on a lie and with half-ass intelligence, the United States spent over $3 trillion on the war while giving billionaires tax cuts. Nearly 5,000 coalition troops died in the conflict with nearly 32,000 casualties. The Iraqi civilian death toll is between 275,306 and 306,000. It also destabilized the entire region and gave birth to the Islamic State, which Republicans tried to blame President Obama for. That’s like Lauren Boebert claiming President Biden shut down businesses because of the Coronavirus pandemic while Trump was president (sic). Yes, she really did that.

But a lot of Americans made money on the war. The Pentagon awarded over $30 billion in no-bid contracts to U.S. companies throughout the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Haliburton, a company whose CEO was Dick Cheney before he became Bush’s veep, was awarded a $7 billion contract. Halliburton is still being given contracts for work in Iraq today.

A president who was installed in office by a court stacked by his daddy’s cronies after losing the popular vote started a war against a nation that never attacked us based on lies which was used to profit his own cronies. Are Bush and Cheney war criminals? Fucking A they are.

No, I’m not trying to take heat off Vladimir Putin. He’s a war criminal too and there should be a warrant out for his arrest. I’m just saying that he’s not the only one.

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Get Behind Me, Satan


The Devil is a Dick

Republicans haven’t even had the chance to get over their faux outrage over a congresswoman saying “MF’er” or another dancing back in her college days before Batman came along and infuriated them even further.

Christian Bale is in a new movie about Dick Cheney called “Vice.” His performance has been lauded by critics and the guy who played dashing Bruce Wayne pulled off looking like Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney is not dashing. On Sunday night, Bale won a Golden Globe award for his performance. During, his acceptance speech, he thanked Satan.

Bale accepted his award with humor, and thanked director Adam McKay for casting him to play someone “absolutely charisma-free and reviled by everybody.” He said from that point forward, he’d be “cornering the market” on playing “charisma-free assholes.” He joked that he may play Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell next. Then he said, “Thank you to Satan for giving me the inspiration to play this role.”

One group that was ecstatic about his Satan reference was The Church of Satan. They tweeted, “To us, Satan is a symbol of pride, liberty and individualism, and it serves as an external metaphorical projection of our highest personal potential. As Mr. Bale’s own talent and skill won him the award, this is fitting. Hail Christian! Hail Satan!”

Most people are confused about The Church of Satan and believe they’re literal devil worshipers. They’re actually atheist and as they said in their tweet, Satan is a symbol. The church is heavy on individualism. Being a member of a church as a non-believer has always seemed redundant to me. I thought half the point of being an atheist was avoiding meetings, dogma, and getting up early on Sundays.

Among Republicans upset over Bale’s comment was Liz Cheney, one of Dick’s daughters and Wyoming’s lone representative in Congress. She sent out her own tweet referencing an assault charge against Bale in 2008. She tweeted, “Satan probably inspired him to do this, too.” with a link to a story about an alleged assault on his mother and sister. Republicans are big about whataboutism.

Liz Cheney didn’t do much research, or she didn’t care to know all the facts which are common among Republicans these days. British police dropped the charges against Bale citing “insufficient evidence.”

I can’t speak or defend whatever it was Bale was involved in with his family members. But, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t amount to invading a sovereign nation over false pretenses leading to the deaths of over 3,000 Americans, sanctioning torture, or shooting a friend in the face with a shotgun.

As for Liz, maybe it was Satan who inspired her to spurn her own sister by opposing same-sex marriage in her failed run for the United States Senate in 2013. Mary Cheney, who is openly gay, wrote in a Facebook post, “Either you think all families should be treated equally or you don’t. Liz’s position is to treat my family as second class citizens.” She refused to support her sister’s candidacy and didn’t visit any of her family that year for Christmas. Basically, Satan inspired Liz to throw her little sister under the bus and fuck up Christmas.

Republicans have always claimed to be about family values unless someone in their family is gay.

Christian Bale seriously looks down on Dick Cheney, but his speech was humorous. Along with irony and hypocrisy, Republicans don’t understand humor. It was definitely with humor that he thanked Satan.

Is Dick Cheney really Satan, Darth Vader, or Voldemort? I don’t know, but one thing is for certain. Cheney’s a dick.

Be Complicit

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Endorsed By The Dark Overlord


If Dick Cheney was a dentist, he’d be that one out of five that’d recommend brushing your teeth with sugar and battery acid.

At least George W. Bush has the dignity to sit in a bathtub and paint portraits of his toes instead of giving lousy advice on foreign policy.

Whenever I hear conservatives disagree with Obama and tell us how to avoid war I really want to throw something at their head. You were the guys who told us invading Iraq was a great idea. You went to bat for that. You sold it. You carried it. You swore by it. You bled for it…not literally…you sent other people to bleed for it.

Iraq cost us thousands of lives, tens of thousands of Iraqi lives, wounded many Americans who lost limbs and will be physically and emotionally scared forever, destabilized the Mideast, gave us ISIS, scattered refugees throughout Europe, ruined our economy and put us deeper in debt. How dare you even state an opinion on the U.S. and war.

Seriously, you need to sit down, drink a huge glass of shut the Hell up and let other people make decisions on keeping our country safe because you suck at it.

Dick Cheney was wrong on EVERYTHING. He was wrong about weapons of mass destruction. He was wrong about Iraq’s connections to aL Qaida. He was wrong about the cost of the war. He was wrong about how we’d be greeted. He was wrong about disassembling Iraq’s military. Cheney was wrong so often on the Iraq War that one needs a score card for all the points where he was wrong. But that old war profiteer was probably right about how much money his buddies would make on the operation through no-bid contracts.

The man is a war profiteer. He and his friends have made millions in blood money. It’s what he does.

Now he tells us we can’t trust this Iran deal. They say with this deal Iran is on the path to nuclear weapons. What kind of path are they on without the deal? Never Mind that Iran went from zero to 5,000 centrifuges during the Bush/Cheney administration.

I think Cheney had a reality transplant.

I would put more faith in Dick Cheney growing a natural afro than in him ever being right about foreign policy.