Caravan Of Haters


As a caravan of migrants heads north toward the United States from Honduras, Donald Trump and Republicans are using it as a campaign issue to scare their supporters and give the GOP some momentum going into the midterms. Republicans are accusing Democrats and George Soros of funding the migrants, but if anyone has an incentive to finance their thousands-mile journey on foot, it’s Donald Trump.

The issue needs to be taken into perspective. The Republicans are trying to scare voters over 2,000 migrants seeking sanctuary in the United States. While making 2,000 seem like a huge number, Border Patrol arrests an average of over 42,000 a month. While posting no serious risk to the security of the U.S., they make great campaign fodder for stupid people.

People travel in these caravans as there’s safety in numbers from gangs, rapists, and others who prey on the desperate, which is exactly what Trump is doing. And these people are desperate to leave their homes and walk thousands of miles with their children on the slim chance they’ll receive refugee status in a nation with a racist president who really hates brown people.

This caravan isn’t a freak occurrence. There was one last April of about 1,200 people, with only 150 reaching the U.S. border.

Trump is also using the issue to threaten to withhold aid to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, which is like banning birth control to stop abortions (Republicans still don’t understand that). The aid we give those third-world nations is to help bring stability. Removing it will make their situations worse, and land more people at our doorstep. He is also threatening to shut down our border with Mexico, which would halt trade. Finally, he’s warning that he’ll send the U.S. military to secure the border, which is probably illegal because the military is barred from performing civilian law enforcement within the United States (though they can provide logistics and other support to Border Patrol).

Trump is scaring his base of reprehensible stupid people over a handful of migrants two countries away, traveling on foot, most of which will never make it to the U.S. border. But then again, they scared these dumb people over the threat of taco trucks on every corner.

But, this is the new normal where stupidity and lies work, such as claiming Democrats want the immigrants here in time to vote in November. Being horrible works too as Trump has yet to offer any compassion to those running for their lives. For those who do arrive with children, his administration will surely separate them and throw more babies in detention centers.

Other than votes from the most hateful among us, Trump and the xenophobic Stephen Millers and John Boltons of his administration will use the issue to further isolate the United States.

Illegal immigration is a serious issue, but it’s not the most important or dangerous that our nation is facing. But, it’s great for making scapegoats when you’re enacting a racist agenda.

If you really want to see a mob of angry people that are dangerous to the United States, go to a Trump rally (I have. It’s bloodcurdling). Donald Trump’s supporters, the most fanatical, are the greatest danger our nation is facing right now, as they’re willing to tear it apart over a cult of stupid personality.

Personally, I’d rather have the caravan.

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Portraits By Deplorables


Conservatives lie. That’s the honest truth. They’re not just incapable of discussing any issue without fabrications because they lack an ability to comprehend. They use lies because that’s their weapon of choice. They use lies because their base is dumb enough to fall for them.

Conservatives amplified fake news from Russian trolls 30 times more than liberals. They even complained when Twitter conducted a purge of Russian bots.

Look at their leader, who is the king of lies. Look at his spokesperson, who told so many lies yesterday it was hard to keep up. Try to find a Republican who realizes we’re paying for Trump’s stupid border wall, not Mexico.

When Republicans can’t counter an argument, they don’t just lie about the issue. They lie about the messenger and engage in campaigns to vilify their political opponents. They told us Obama was a Marxist Muslim born in Kenya planning to take everyone’s guns away right after he was finished invading Texas.

Enter the students who survived the school shooting in Parkland. This is a situation where victims of a mass shooting are speaking out in favor of gun control, and conservatives and NRA supporters are resorting to their usual tactics of assaulting the messengers. In this case, they’re attacking minors who hid in closets during a shooting and had to step over the bodies of their friends, classmates, and teachers to evacuate the building.

How do conservatives frame these kids? Ben Shapiro accuses them of being manipulated by Democrats. Actor James Woods compared survivor David Hogg to Nazis. Dinesh D’Souza celebrated the failure of a Florida gun control bill by taunting, “Adults 1, kids 0.” Leslie Gibson, a candidate for Maine’s House of Representatives said of survivor Emma Gonzalez, “There’s nothing about this skinhead lesbian that impresses me and there is nothing to say unless you’re frothing at the mouth moonbat.”

Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King noticed Gonzalez was wearing a jacket with a Cuban flag at the March For Our Lives rally, and shared a meme on Facebook page stating, “This is how you look when you claim Cuban heritage yet don’t speak Spanish and ignore the fact that your ancestors fled the island when the dictatorship turned Cuba into a prison camp, after removing all weapons from its citizens; hence their right to self defense.” Gonzalez’s parents did flee Cuba, and some conservatives are questioning her citizenship despite the fact she was born in the United States.

A doctored animation of Gonzalez tearing the US Constitution in two (taken from an actual video of her tearing a bulls-eye poster) went viral on social media after Gab, a so-called “free speech social network” that features the controversial Pepe the Frog as its account image, posted it on Twitter. Adam Baldwin, famous for being related to talented Baldwins, also tweeted the animation.

Conservative propagandists impersonating political cartoonists A.F. Branco and Ben Garrison both drew cartoons of Hogg as a puppet (conservative cartoonists always draw the same idea. Always. Now there’s a Borg collective). I seriously doubt these two hacks will get the irony of both of them repeating the same Republican talking point while accusing someone of being a puppet.

The criticism and attacks on the students started with conservatives accusing them of being paid actors, which must mean Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is giving Julliard a run for its money.

I understand that Republicans would be skeptical of the maturity and eloquence of these students as their current leader has a fourth-grade reading level, resorts to childish insults, and has displayed an ability to comprehend equivalent to that of a garden snail. But, to vilify them because you see their activism as a threat to your fetish is deplorable. And, yes. When half the guns in this nation are owned by three percent of the population and the average gun owner owns between six and eight guns, it’s not for protection or sportsmanship. It’s a fetish.

They say you shouldn’t argue with children. I try to extend that to arguing with Republicans on social media, and I often fail to be the bigger person as I feel a need to debunk false information (and troll conservative cartoonists). But Republicans aren’t even engaging or challenging these kids in an honest debate or disagreement.

What Republicans are doing is showing us, once again, who they are. When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

I believe Republicans are nothing but a bunch of knuckle-dragging, racist, sexists, Nazi-pedophile supporting, lying shit weasels.

The video.

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The Press, Deplorables, And Hurricanes


When the president of the United States trolls his angry crowds by telling them that the press, the people who hold government officials accountable and who often put their lives in danger to report the news, are the “enemies of the American people,” someone must stick up for them.

While there were a few unfortunate incidents on live television, the press has done an outstanding job covering the hurricanes. I saw a few posts on social media where horrible people were attempting to downplay the job the press has done, like accusing them of using green screens, or saying the environment the reporters were in was “just a slight breeze.” Does it look like CNN’s Sara Sidner is standing in a slight breeze? It wasn’t fake debris that struck this reporter.

People who hate the press and deride it as “fake news” usually exhibit their qualifications to grade the media by sharing links to Breitbart, Daily Caller, and InfoWars. I bet these same people, especially if they were in Florida, relied on the press’s tracking of the storm.

News coverage actually saves lives during this sort of disasters. In addition to tracking the storm, they report where the shelters are and their capacity, evacuations and the routes, which road are closed and open, in addition to other vital information. They have helped people find missing family members. In some cases, they’ve jumped into the story to save a life.

When people watch reporters stand outside during a category five hurricane, they often ask “isn’t this stupid?” That’s a very fair question. Yes. Yes, it is stupid. As CNN’s Chris Cuomo stated, “There is a strong argument to be made that standing in a storm is not a smart thing to do.”

Reporters are telling viewers to evacuate, don’t play in the water, run from the hurricane, it’s dangerous out there, all while they’re standing in the middle of it dodging flying debris.

The defense of this is; reporters are doing this so you don’t have to. If nothing else, you can believe what they’re saying. One can obviously tell how dangerous the storm is by the way a flying hubcap nailed that reporter in the gonads. Stay inside! Do people actually need visual proof of just how bad a hurricane actually is? Have you met Republicans?

Reporters also jump into war zones. A lot of times they don’t come back. A report compiled by the International News Safety Institute says 115 journalists died in 2016. Our president will tell you they’re the bad guys. I don’t have a number of how many journalists died from his favorite publication last year, The National Enquirer, but I’m betting it was pretty low. Though to be fair, those guys are in constant danger of getting bitch-slapped by Leonardo DiCaprio….or even more humiliating, hit in the gonads by Justin Bieber.

Earlier this week, a Facebook troll had the gall to accuse me of being a defender of the press and the people who report the news. How dare he. Remind me later to get upset.

I trust the media. When they report something that’s inaccurate, they correct it. When the current head of our government tells us a lie, he makes up for it by telling us an even bigger lie. The press and government both have low approval ratings, but I trust one way more than the other.

While journalists will risk their lives to give you the information you should know, Donald Trump and his deplorables will castigate them for it.

Creators note: It’s kind of a cliche to draw people watching TV. But, it’s hard to avoid that imagery when the subject is people on TV. However, I think I’ve used this concept enough for the year, so I’m going to try to make this my last one for a while. My problem might be that I’m always watching TV. My TV is on the news constantly. I know basically every commercial by heart. I constantly have the “My Pillow” jingle in my head. Please kill me.

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