Death Santis



Remember that time I wrote I would try not to use the Angel of Death for Ron DeSantis in my next cartoon? You know…yesterday. I failed.

I had another idea but then I got this one. I thought instead of avoiding what has now become a cliché, take that cliché, the Grim Reaper, and make it part of the point of the cartoon. The point here isn’t just to make fun of other cartoonists for using the same concept over and over (and that’s part of it), but that if so many are using it, then there must be something to it.

There is something to it. Ron DeSantis, that Florida Man governor, is ignoring science for a cheap political payoff. This guy will endanger the lives of Floridians, through children, for his own political gain. Ron DeSantis is not just running for reelection for governor…he’s running for president. And the scary thing is, it works in Florida.

The risk to children is not as great as it is to adults. Out of the over 600,000 who have been killed by covid in the United States, only a little over 400 have been children. One avoidable death of a child is too many, but less than one percent is a very low rate. But, the risk to children is rising with the Delta Variant…which can now be called the DeSantis Variant.

It’s not just death that’s a tragedy when it involves a child. Hospitalization of a child is a tragedy, and those are increasing…especially in Florida. This isn’t just a risk to children. There is a danger that infected children will give the coronavirus to more vulnerable adults.

One thing that could help with all this would be if Donald Trump made a public service announcement for vaccines. The entire messaging from the right would change overnight. Sure, they’d claim they always championed vaccines and gaslight the hell out of it, but if it saves lives, so be it. If more adults are vaccinated, it will definitely help prevent the virus being transmitted to children under the age of 12 who can’t be vaccinated.

Right now, Ron DeSantis isn’t banning face masks in schools. What he is banning are schools mandating face masks. Do you remember when Republicans used to claim they were about local governments. Remember when they were against big government making decisions for local boards? With this, Ron DeSantis is taking control away from local school boards. He’s being big government while claiming he’s protecting Florida from big government. This is standard Republican logic.

Ron DeSantis says parents should have the freedom to decide if their kids will wear face masks. Ignoring science, he’s decided that parents have the freedom to decide if their kids can kill other people’s kids.

Ron DeSantis claims he’s standing in big government’s way to protect freedom…so he’s standing in local government’s way. Ron DeSantis is no champion of freedom and he’s no angel. But he is the Grim Reaper.

Update: I’ve been asked on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, FB Messenger, and in email so I should just come clean about it now. I DO NOT own a pair of pink bunny slippers. Sorry.

Creative note: Even though I draw my cartoons on a tablet, I will usually make my cartoonists in cartoons drawing on paper on a drafting table. But I decided to make this one more realistic to my situation, despite not actually owning pink bunny slippers. My table looks kinda like this, I have a CNN coffee mug, there is not a tree outside my window (it’s a roof of a Tex-Mex restaurant), and there aren’t pizza boxes laying around my studio. The last time I got Pizza Hut, which I normally like, I could only eat half of it. It was gross. There is a lot of other stuff on my table.

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