David Perdue



When the tape came out Sunday of Donald Trump attempting to force Georgia’s secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, to disenfranchise thousands of voters, overturn an election, and thwart democracy, a lot of Republicans were upset. Republicans like Senator David Perdue, who is on the ballot today in a runoff trying to keep his seat.

Yes, Perdue was outraged. He called it “disgusting.” No, he wasn’t outraged Donald Trump was committing election fraud and behaving like a mob boss. He wasn’t even upset over the multiple conspiracy theories Trump shared on the call. Perdue was upset the call was recorded. He was upset at Raffensperger.

Perdue said, “I guess I was raised differently. To have a statewide elected official, regardless of party, tape without disclosing a conversation — private conversation — with the president of the United States, and then leaking it to the press is disgusting.”

I guess I was raised differently because I was raised to believe this is a republic and not a theocracy and the president should be a champion of democracy, not attempting to be a fascist leader. I was also raised to believe United States Senators choose democracy over fascism and cult leaders. I was raised to believed we respected the will of the people. I was raised to believe we abided by the Constitution. I was raised to believe we put America before cults of personalities. Obviously, a lot of Republicans were raised with different values.

I was also raised not to be a hypocrite. In 2017, after Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, he issued a threat for Comey to keep quiet, as he may have taped their conversations. Do you recall David Perdue being upset that Trump may have taped Comey? Funny. I don’t remember him doing that either.

Trump eventually said he didn’t tape Comey, as the former director called his bluff and spoke to the press about their conversations where Trump tried to get him to drop an investigation. But, Trump probably did tape the call as he has a history of that. Trump was taping phone calls decades ago without informing the other party.

But anyone who talks to Trump should record the conversation because he may ask them to do something illegal or lie about what he said later…or probably both.

And Republicans can pretend to be upset over this call being recorded and leaked, but that’s just a distraction from what they should really be upset over, the fact the president (sic) of the United States is engaging in criminal acts.

David Perdue may also want to check on the laws about recording a phone conversation. In Washington, D.C., it’s legal. In Georgia, it’s legal. David Perdue needs to find another reason to get his knickers in a twist. What isn’t legal is election fraud. While the state of Georgia may not want to go after Trump, the improved United States Justice Department may after January 20, and the Fulton County district attorney may open an investigation into the solicitation of election fraud.

Perdue also said, “I didn’t hear anything in that tape that the president hasn’t already said for weeks now since the November election.” Sure, we all heard the lies and conspiracy theories from Trump before, but have we heard him ask for favors…other than that time he illegally asked Ukraine to investigate his opponent (or he wouldn’t allow military aid) or that time when he asked Comey to stop investigating Michael Flynn? I guess David Perdue is right. We’ve all heard Donald Trump commit criminal acts before.

His colleague and fellow Georgian, Senator Kelly Loeffler, was OK with the tape because she’s on board with trying to overthrow the election tomorrow when Congress certifies Joe Biden’s election. Different values as in, they don’t have any.

We do have different values than Republicans. In fact, Republicans have different values than Republicans. There’s nothing Republican about destroying our republic. Perdue and Loeffler also called for Raffensperger to resign back when Donald Trump lost Georgia the first time before he lost the three recounts. How much do you want to bet that if Donald Trump had won Georgia, there would not have been any recounts, and definitely not three. I haven’t heard anything about there being a recount in places like Texas, North Carolina, or Florida where Trump won.

Republicans want the secretary of state to resign for doing his job and not handing an election over to a fascist wannabe, and they want the fascist reinstated. Again, different values.

I just hope today the majority of Georgians have better values than to return two fascist-loving, democracy-hating senators back to Washington.

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Hanging On A Vote Count


In Georgia, Republican Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are headed to runoffs.

Perdue’s election is on the regular schedule for his seat but Loeffler’s is a special election since she was appointed to fill a vacant seat. They’re both very upset over the results in their state in last week’s election. And it’s not that they’re upset over their outcome, but of that for Donald Trump.

Ya’ see, kids…David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are obedient sycophants. They represent the party that’s more about the cult than the party that’s concerned over policy. This Republican Party does not care about democracy or the rule of law. These two senators believe there should be punishment inflicted upon those who don’t use their position or even break the law for Dear Leader. And if a person performs the duties of their job appropriately and it doesn’t serve Trump, then that person has to go.

Perdue and Loeffler are calling upon Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, a fellow Republican, to resign because he counted more votes for Joe Biden than he did for Donald Trump.

There’s a very good reason why Raffensperger counted more votes for Joe Biden than for Donald Trump in Georgia and that’s because more people in Georgia voted for Joe Biden than for Donald Trump.

Georgia is run by Republicans and they’re all upset that Joe Biden has won the state. They have scheduled a hand-recount and they haven’t even finished the first count. Funny thing is, in 2018, Georgia’s then-Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, removed thousands of black voters from the being eligible to vote and, surprise surprise, he won the gubernatorial election. The man literally voted on his voters. These Republicans didn’t have an issue with that vote count.

Now, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are calling the election and “embarrassment” and these two Riff Raffs are accusing Raffensperger of “mismanagement” and “lack of transparency.” Just like the accusations Republicans are making in other states over Donald Trump losing, these two didn’t have proof, examples, specifics, evidence, etc. Their only grounds are that Dear Leader didn’t win.

Democrats did not steal this election. If they did, there wouldn’t be two senate runoffs. Republicans won’t be able to overturn the election in any state and they’d need several to give Trump enough votes to win the electoral college.

The facts are Donald Trump lost the election and Joe Biden is the president-elect of the United States of America. Since they don’t like those facts, elections, or democracy, I don’t know why Republicans are playing around with recounts and lawsuits. Why don’t they just cancel all elections, ignore the recent one, and declare themselves winners? They can declare Donald Trump president for life and install themselves as his minions with government salaries and free healthcare.

Republicans don’t care about democracy or the United States Constitution because they are trying to steal an election. They only care about the cult of Trump. Their unwillingness to accept election results is proof they never considered impeachment for Trump or cared that he broke the law in that matter.

Republicans, you lost. Get over it. Go over to that racist social media platform, Parlor, and gripe about it there.

But since we’re still using elections to select our leaders, pay attention in Georgia. And here’s a tip when you vote: Don’t vote for motherfuckers who want to steal your vote. Don’t vote for motherfuckers who don’t believe in the sanctity of democracy and fair elections. Don’t vote for motherfuckers who want to punish people because they don’t like the legal outcome. Don’t vote for undemocratic motherfuckers. Don’t vote for motherfuckers who will put Dear Leader over their duties as elected members of the United States Senate.

Georgia, you can do better than being represented by cowards and sycophants. Make it happen.

Note: I used to live in Georgia back in the early 80s.

Other note: My son has tested positive for the coronavirus. And totally unrelated, I have been experiencing symptoms. I’m taking a test tomorrow afternoon. I can’t smell anything. I can’t even smell the GOP bullshit.

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Conservatives’ Prayer


Muhammad Ali was a Muslim, the religion conservatives tell us is so violent and hateful. Meanwhile, Georgia senator David Perdue attended a Christian organization’s event and publicly prayed for the death of President Obama. What a sweetheart.

The senator was speaking at the conservative Faith and Freedom Coalition’s “Road to Majority” event when he said, “I think we’re called to pray for our country, for our leaders and, yes, even our president. Now in his role as president, I think we should pray for Barack Obama.

“But I think we need to be very specific about how we pray. We should pray like Psalms 109:8 says. It says, ‘Let his days be few, let another have his office,’” Perdue added.

The next verse, which he did not recite, reads “may his children be fatherless and his wife a widow.”

The conservatives laughed and laughed. They find stuff like making fun of Hillary Clinton’s looks, and the president’s death hilarious. Just the other day many went crazy online with racist comments toward Sasha Obama on her 15th birthday.

A spokeswoman for Perdue accused the media of “pushing a narrative to create controversy.” She added “Senator Perdue said we are called to pray for our country, for our leaders, and for our president. He in no way wishes harm towards our president and everyone in the room understood that.” I suppose that’s why everyone in the room laughed and the senator used a prayer for death.

A lot of conservatives claim they only disagree with Obama’s policies. I’m sure that’s why they get upset over his golf game, claim he’s taking guns away, he was born in Kenya, he’s a socialist, he’s a Muslim, and target his wife for insults.

If you want to end the perception that you’re nothing but a bunch of hateful douches, then maybe you should stop being a bunch of hateful douches.

Creative note: I was googling images and I found a silhouette of the champ on a T-shirt, which I styled this drawing off of. Yes, I actually drew it. It’s obviously a younger version of him.

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