Daddys Home 2

Wacky Louis


If Louis CK’s career falls down so far that he must take a part in Daddy’s Home 3, that’ll be a second thing he does nobody wants to see.

Like me, you probably haven’t and don’t plan on seeing Daddy’s Home or Daddy’s Home 2. But, I know you saw Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The scene with Phoebe Cates and Judge Reinhold (who is from Fredericksburg, VA) is the worst nightmare for a normal guy. No, not the scene where Phoebe takes her bikini top off (don’t be stupid). The part where she walks in on Judge in the bathroom while he’s fantasizing about her. For reasons I don’t get, Louis wanted women to see him do that.

I understand it from what I read, and apparently, it’s a power trip for some and self-humiliation for others. I can believe it’s humiliation for his victims.

Unlike Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, Roy Moore, or Donald Trump…Louis has come clean and admitted the accusations are true. I mean, he was finally honest after lying and denying it for several years.

Louis released a lengthy statement to The New York Times, and he states, “these stories are true.” He writes about his guilt, remorse, and the anguish he’s caused to others (victims, family, business associates, etc), and comes off as very sincere. Louis is one of the most self-deprecating comedians in the business and his confession has received praise for his honesty. It’s very well-written, he takes responsibility and accepts culpability for the harm he’s caused to others, but if you’re like me, you may need someone else to point out that the statement doesn’t include an actual apology.

It has also been pointed out that he’s sorry now after he’s lost a distribution deal for his movie (ironically, titled “I Love You, Daddy”), a forthcoming stand-up special with Netflix, and his content was removed from HBO streaming services. He says he “will now step back and take a long time to listen,” which is good because now he’s going to have a lot of free time on his hands (no pun intended). Perhaps, he wants to apologize to the victims in person. Just hope he doesn’t want to do it in a hotel room.

I love Louis C.K.’s work. I think he is one of the funniest people on the planet. His show on FX, which won’t be seen anymore, is a low-budget masterpiece. I have been disappointed by people I’ve admired before and now Louis is added to the list. He is always the guy who seems to understand what others don’t, and that makes this even more tragic.

When you hear Charlie Sheen snorted up a mountain of cocaine in a Vegas hotel room with 15 hookers, you’re not surprised. Of course, he did that. And, then he’s given the highest contract in television history, and that was AFTER he was exposed for beating his wife. Like Donald Trump, disgusting revelations don’t hurt him.

When you hear Trump had a couple of Russian hookers in a Moscow hotel room, it’s believable. When you hear the Russians offered to send five prostitutes to Trump’s hotel room, you don’t believe that. Five? Trump gets winded walking the stairs. I can believe there was hooker plural, as in two. But, even after the Access Hollywood tape, he is still elected president.

When Mel Gibson has a drunk anti-Semitic rant, you’re disappointed but not really that surprised. I mean, The Passion of the Christ implied Jews were the villains. Before his transgression, Gibson produced big budget films like Braveheart (who knew Scots spoke with very bad Scottish accents?) and The Patriot, which educated us that the British burned down churches full of American colonists (they didn’t). Gibson has slowly climbed since his drunken rant against Jews to a Jewish cop in 2006. He produced Hacksaw Ridge, which I haven’t seen but I hear good things. Today, the man who once said (in 2002 after the movie Signs was released) he “no longer wants to be a movie star and would only act in film again if the script were truly extraordinary,” is now in Daddy’s Home 2. I’m going out on a limb and speculate that script is not “truly extraordinary,” but maybe it’s loaded with Jewish jokes. I don’t hate Will Ferrell, but with the exceptions of Talladega Nights, Elf, Step Brothers, and Stranger Than Fiction, I do hate the bulk of his movies (mostly because I know he can do better).

Then, you have people like Charlie Sheen who can apparently do anything they want and still find work. Woody Allen is still making movies despite dating his ex-wife’s adopted daughter.

But normally, people give up on who they admired after major and disgusting transgressions are revealed, especially the kind that have hurt other people. Except for conservatives. They don’t give up. They find a liberal to bash as a form of deflection or compare their conservative hero to Jesus.

I’m going to hold out hope for Louis because he’s been honest in the past. I hope he expands on his “apology” and he makes it OK to support him in the future. He has an important voice and I hate to see him destroy it.

But, if he can never work in this town again, which means no more movies, no more standup specials, no more TV shows, well then maybe he can be a Republican senator.

It’s not like he’s a pedophile or anything.

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