Who’s Your Daddy?


I have put plenty of blame for the withdrawal of U.S. forces and refugees from Afghanistan on President Joe Biden. There is a lot of blame to go around, but the one thing I hate is when Democrats place all the blame on previous administrations as a way to deflect blame from President Biden. Yes, President Biden was handed a really bad deal, but he’s president. All presidents get bad deals from the previous administration.

Donald Trump walked into office hating basically everything the Obama administration left him that he couldn’t put his name on. He loved taking credit for the economy President Obama left him. He always boasted about how he made us energy independent even though President Obama had accomplished that in 2015.

But Donald Trump ripped apart our nuclear treaty with Iran. This move wasn’t just a stick in the eye to Iran, but a betrayal to every nation that was a partner in the treaty. Now, if Iran gets a nuclear weapon in the future, will Republicans go back and blame Donald Trump? Highly doubtful.

Donald Trump tore up the Paris Climate Agreement. He tore up NAFTA, which was left by the Clinton presidency. He tore up several other treaties, trade deals, and even attacked agreements made with NATO. Funny thing with NATO: He was screaming about our partners increasing their defense spending, which they had already committed to doing from pressure by President Obama. Most the new deals by the “greatest dealmaker” ever were just tiny adjustments that didn’t change much of anything.

Donald Trump even tore apart the plan left by the Obama administration on dealing with a pandemic.

What Trump did in a lot of cases was to NOT honor agreements made by the United States of America. He taught the world that not only couldn’t they trust any deal made with the President (sic) of the United States, but that they couldn’t trust the United States. The world is not overly confident we won’t elect another racist xenophobic corrupt loose cannon like Trump, if not Trump himself, in the future.

Here’s a guarantee: If Donald Trump does become president again (shudder), all the shit he created in his first administration will be blamed on President Biden. This isn’t a hard prediction to make.

What President Biden did with Afghanistan did was honor Trump’s deal. He extended the deadline a bit, but he kept America’s promise which still disgusts me since it was a Trump promise.

Trump is one of the daddies to this huge failure in Afghanistan. He tried to own the evacuation and campaigned on getting our people out. He set the date. He negotiated with the Taliban instead of the Afghanistan government. He tried to stage a photo-op with the Taliban at Camp David on 9/11, which failed because the Taliban…the fucking Taliban…didn’t trust him. Mike Pompeo did have a photo-op with the head of the Taliban, a guy the Trump administration helped get released from an Afghanistan prison. The Trump administration did all it could to deny refugees from entering our nation which created the visa backlog we’re dealing with now. Now, the Republican Party has erased everything about Trump and Afghanistan from all their websites. AfghaniWhoNow?

Trust me. Donald owns this right along with George W. Bush. If nothing else, Bush should have had a plan in place before leaving office. He didn’t.

George W. Bush is the daddy for our being in Afghanistan and Donald Trump is the daddy of this withdrawal failure and refugee crisis. Donald Trump has his nasty orange DNA all over it.

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