Governor Honk Honk


Andrew Cuomo is losing all friends and allies. His own party wants to impeach him. There may be criminal charges. His political career and legacy are ruined. And his defense? “I’m a touchy person…get over it.”

Cuomo is a smart guy and he’s been a great governor. But a narcissist will tell himself one thing and ride it all the way to death, bankruptcy, or political ruin. A narcissist buys his own bullshit and will convince himself it’s truth. They are stubborn that way.

This is probably true of Andrew Cuomo. Just because it means one thing when he touches a person’s face doesn’t mean it always means that same thing when he touches someone’s face. Didn’t he watch the foot massage bit in Pulp Fiction? And Harvey Weinstein’s company produced that movie, so they knew what they were talking about.

Despite being extremely intelligent, Cuomo has bought his own bullshit. A lot of times a narcissist will believe something has to be true if they said it. A narcissist can not be wrong. They can’t own mistakes. Even over unimportant stuff that’s not a big deal, a narcissist can’t own their being wrong.

There are many ways to touch people. Cuomo knows this. Just because you touch one person in an innocuous way doesn’t mean you touch everybody that way. It doesn’t mean that sometimes when you touch a person, there’s another message…or a physical violation. Again, foot massage.

Also, I don’t care if you’re Italian (that defense has been used). I don’t care if you’re the Godfather. It’s creepy. This is another expression and move that should be retired permanently. A good healthy rule in life is not to touch people you’re not supposed to be touching. It’s not a difficult rule to live by. It’s very very easy not to grab people you shouldn’t grab. It’s oh so easy. And sometimes when you’re holding someone with your hands on their face, they feel as if you’re holding them from escaping…and if you’re holding them by the face, they feel like they want to escape. It’s very intimidating. And maybe since he is a narcissist he isn’t fully aware of how people see him, but Cuomo has a reputation for destroying people professionally. People in New York, even Democrats, are afraid of the guy.

As creepy and inappropriate as what Cuomo has done, and even with a defense as stupid as “I grab everybody,” there may not be any evidence that he broke any laws. And despite New York’s assembly ready to impeach the governor, they may not have legal grounds. This is not a defense of Andrew Cuomo and because I’m not a total narcissist, my mind can be changed on this with evidence. But right now, he’s a creepy governor and he may have to stay a creep governor until he voluntarily resigns or voters throw him out.

While not defending Cuomo, it’s not like he tried to extort a president of another nation to help in his reelection or tried to overturn a democratically-held election he lost with a bloody coup attempt. At the very least, Cuomo probably can’t be impeached twice.

Democrats take their jobs seriously while Republicans believe it’s their job to gaslight in order to save their cult leader. Republicans are gleefully attacking Cuomo for stuff they defended Donald Trump over (except Trump’s accusations were more numerous and worse). If nothing else, Cuomo could switch parties.

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