Criminal Referrals

Treasonous Humbugger

The House Select Committee investigating the January 6 insurrection and coup attempt has issued four criminal referrals of Donald Trump to the Department of Justice. Donald Trump’s initial reaction to this is, “Bah humbug…have you seen my NFT trading cards?”

Trump “truthed” out that the committee is partisan and what doesn’t kill him makes him stronger, bwahahahahaha,” and then followed that with multiple other “truths” full of lies, too numerous to mention here.

The thing is though, the committee is actually bipartisan. Trump and his fellow GOP goons believe it’s partisan because no seditious sycophants are on it. And Trump can’t claim the committee is lying to anyone who has actually paid attention. The charges are very detailed and specific.

The committee is referrals include insurrection, obstruction of an official proceeding, conspiracy to defraud the United States, and conspiracy to make a false statement.

Other than the power of persuasion, the committee’s referrals don’t hold actual power. At the most, these referrals may pressure DOJ to charge Trump with these criminal acts.

Additionally, Trump lawyer John Eastman is also slated to be referred for obstruction of a congressional proceeding and conspiracy to defraud the United States. The report also cites members of Congress who failed to comply with subpoenas issued to them, which the committee will refer to the House Ethics Committee for further action. This includes House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan, and Scott Perry.

It is extreme for a congressional committee to issue criminal referrals for a former president (sic), but it’s also extreme for a president (sic) to deny a peaceful transfer of power and attempt an insurrection to cling to stay in the White House.

The facts are that Donald Trump tried to stay in office after losing an election, used his office to intimidate election officials to give him “votes,” created a fake slate of electors, pressured the vice president to disobey the Constitution and deny certification of the Electoral College, and disrupted an official proceeding with a terrorist attack on Congress by white nationalist MAGAts. As if that wasn’t enough, he engaged in witness tampering during the committee’s investigation.

What will Jack Smith, the Special Counsel investigating Trump on multiple counts, do with the referrals? For all we know, he made up his mind on each of these weeks ago. None of these accusations are new. I hope Smith goes for all four and then some…or then a lot more.

Donald Trump is a criminal. He’s a bad guy. We can’t just prosecute the MAGAt minions and let the crime boss get away. Justice and the rule of law demand that Donald Trump be prosecuted.

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