Creepy Back Off You Creep

A Cartoon About Creepers


I’m not a fan of bullies. Nope, I don’t like them. And Donald Trump is the Bully In Chief.

Excerpts of Hillary Clinton’s upcoming book, “What Happened,” were released this week, much to the chagrin of Republicans and probably a few Democrats. A lot of people don’t want to relitigate the election…except for Donald Trump, of course.

The excerpts cover the second presidential debate, the one where Donald Trump was stalking Clinton all over the stage, usually standing directly behind her each time it was her turn to speak. Clinton writes that her “skin crawled,” and she considered telling him to “back up, you creep.”

I know what she means by the “skin crawling” description. If someone stands directly behind me, I will get a chill running up the back of my neck, and that’s without the offender attempting to bully me. Some people are just creepers.

My skin crawled a bit when I was watching that debate. Clinton isn’t wrong to feel Trump was trying to bully her, as I wasn’t the only one to notice. The rest of the nation noticed, commentators discussed it, and Saturday Night Live even spoofed with Alec Baldwin portraying Trump lurking behind Clinton while the theme to “Jaws” played.

Trump is a shark. A 71-year-old mentally-unstable shark. Clinton’s book isn’t revealing new news that Trump is a creepy jerk. Trump has spent the last 30 years with his creepiness on public display, and he’s been rewarded for it.

And when it does happen, there are people who defend the perpetrator with “get over it,” or “you probably encouraged it,” or “maybe it was something you wore.” And it’s not just men who defend other men when they bully or sexually harass a woman. Women do it too. Kellyanne Conway is criticizing Clinton’s book, which I know she hasn’t read because, A. It’s not out yet, and B. It’s a book.

Conway said Democrats want Clinton to, “either make herself useful or fade out of the limelight.” I have to disagree with Kellyanne. I think Clinton’s book may serve a purpose by detailing all the horrible crap that happened that stuck us with a narcissistic man-baby for president. That would be much more useful than going on CNN and telling Chris Cuomo about terrorist attacks in Atlanta that never happened.

Trump understands bullying and sexual harassment. He’s just too stupid to realize his defense of it reveals that he is an offender. During the campaign, he claimed he never harassed one woman because he “didn’t find her attractive.” Being attracted to someone doesn’t have much to do with harassment. It’s about control. And, saying you wouldn’t harass because you don’t find them attractive tells us that you would harass them, you know if they resembled an Eastern European supermodel or a teenage beauty-pageant-contestant half-naked in a dressing room.

How would the public have responded if Clinton did tell Trump, “back off, you creep?” Would they have applauded her? Would she have won the election? Or, would every conservative had accused her of being a snowflake over something that didn’t happen, and by the way….EMAILS!?

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