Conservatives Against Trump

National Review Versus Trump


I’ve been hearing a lot of my conservative friends whine about Donald Trump. They claim he’s not a real conservative yet he’s stealing their party. Now National Review has joined in on the Trump attack.

The magazine National Review was always the authority within the Conservative movement. They actually garnered a fair amount of respect as a journalistic publication, before “journalism” from conservative sources such as Breitbart, The Daily Signal, The Daily Caller, The Blaze, etc, created an industry out of birtherism, race baiting, and just trolling Obama haters. Writers for NR were considered intelligent, even elitists (which is a word conservatives throw at liberals now). Now most conservative writers could work for the Klan.

National Review has assembled 20 conservatives to write essays in an attempt to destroy Trump. Pundits have been wrong on everything Trump since Trump entered the race but one thing I am right about is that the only one who’s going to destroy Donald Trump will be Donald Trump. If insulting the entire state of Iowa as stupid, saying John McCain is not a war hero, a desire to mimic Nazi tactics in regards to Muslims, referring to Mexicans as rapists and murderers, and hanging out with Sarah Palin, hasn’t killed him then the fading National Review doesn’t pose much risk to his candidacy. For that matter, neither will political cartoons but we’re not going to stop drawing them. They’re too much fun.

The people who say newspaper endorsements don’t really help elect candidates (and they’re right) now think the National Review’s endorsement of anyone but Trump will work. Even when the media source is conservative, it’s still the media.

What I love most about conservatives is that they’re lying in the racist bed they made. For years they have cultivated racism, sexism, homophobia, a war against the poor, and just outright bigtory. They watered it, fertilized it, made sure it got enough sunlight, recited poetry to it at night, and now they wonder how the Hell it bloomed and now it’s eating their house.

Trump is a conservative. Did any of these writers question his conservatism when he endorse Mitt Romney in 2012? The man led a birther campaign against the president. He wants policies that force people to say “merry Christmas.” He hates Latinos, Hispanics, Muslims, women, poor people, and he lacks any sense of humor. He’s a conservative. The reason National Review conservatives don’t like him is because he doesn’t disguise his racism, sexism, homophobia, and outright bigotry with their usual code words. Don’t you hate it when people don’t cooperate?

The conservative movement has always been kinda racist. You can go back very deep into history but just look toward the 1970’s Nixon strategy, to Reagan’s strategy, to Bush’s strategy. They won elections by telling the white man the black man is taking what belongs to him…so they better make sure the black man never has anything. Now the fear mongering is targeted toward Muslims, Gays, Hispanics, etc. You can’t win elections with that anymore.

After Obama was elected conservatives turned their racism up to a Spinal Tap amp of eleven. They refuse to work with him. They clearly stated their only legislative agenda was to make him a one-term president. They question where he’s born. They question his religion. They call him a communist. Then they say he’s the one being divisive.

Trump is not a conservative? Trump is the very picture of the voters Republicans have been aiming for. He is the face and bad hair of conservatism.

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