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Cartoon For The Daily Dot, American Movie Going Patriots


Go check out The Daily Dot. They have a lot of great content.

Meanwhile, At Comic Strip Of The Day


Comics Strip Of The Day used my cartoon and several others to talk about how cartoonists covered the State Island Grand Jury’s inability to see justice. As usual the written commentary by the host is most excellent. Check it out.

Smashing Pumpkins

I want to thank Comic Strip Of The Day for once again using one of my cartoons. Today, Mike took on this cartoon and he’s not entirely in love with it.



In Keene, New Hampshire they hold an annual Pumpkin Festival. I don’t know what you’re supposed to do at a pumpkin festival but apparently a lot of participants think you’re supposed to riot. Last year 140 people were arrested at this festival. Last Saturday a riot broke out that required riot squads, tear gas and pepper spray with a dozens of arrests.

When there was a riot in Ferguson, Missouri,  over police brutality a lot of the media called the rioters deadbeats, spongers, unemployed, gangsters, thugs, etc. When this pumpkin riot broke out most of the rioters, if not all, were white. The media didn’t use any of the terms they used to describe the rioters in Ferguson to describe the rioters in Keene. No, those rioters were rowdy, raucous students, bystanders and just a bunch of kids who got drunk. Maybe we should also question why these white kids…

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Comic Strip Of The Day Goes Golfing


Comic Strip Of The Day used this cartoon today to talk about the misinformation that right keeps spreading about Obama’s vacations.  You know, that he takes a lot of vacations, though W. took more and they were and still are silent about that.

Nancy Reagan once said the president doesn’t take vacations, he only changes his scenery.  You can’t really complain about the expense of a presidential vacation.  Presidents pay for their own vacations.  The staff will be paid anyway.  There is expense of staff lodging and travel and for Air Force One, but it’s not like that plane is always in a hangar.

Mike, the blogger at CSOTD, mentions that cartoonists should read the comments where their cartoons are posted.  I scan them.  I don’t read them all as they tend to turn into flame wars.  I’ll read some at the Free Lance-Star site, Gocomics and Daily Kos and various newspaper clients of mine that post my cartoons.  I don’t read them to change my work or outlook.  I just like to see how people are responding, even the critics.  I especially enjoy the comments left by people who don’t like my cartoons but comment on them every day.

Anyway, thanks again CSOTD.  I kinda had a feeling you would use this cartoon today.