Boebert’s Cards For Killers


You may think it was bad timing for Representative fucknut Lauren Boebert to issue a gun-themed Christmas card right before there was a mass shooting in her state of Colorado. You would be right except there have been several mass shootings in Colorado. Boebert knows better but she doesn’t care.

Boebert believes she’s some hero of a fictional resistance to a fictional deep state, one that’s coming for everyone’s guns and to control the population. You do know that after the deep state takes your guns, that’s when they start abducting and conducting gay-conversion experiments on you, especially if you’re a white Christian. And after they take your guns, “Merry Christmas” will be forbidden and your children will be assigned pronouns.

Of course the best way to stick a finger in the eye of the deep state and prevent them from taking your guns is to buy more guns and make sure everyone in the family has one. This includes the children so be sure every child in your family has an assault weapon. The assaultier the better.

Did I mention Colorado has had a lot of mass shootings? There was the Columbine shooting in 1999 that killed 15. There was the mass shooting in 2007 at two church organizations in Colorado Springs that killed five. There was the shooting in 2012 in Aurura that killed 12 in a movie theater showing The Dark Knight. There were two in Colorado Springs in 2015 that killed seven combined, one being at a Planned Parenthood clinic. There was a shooting in Boulder this year at a supermarket that killed ten. There was another this year in Colorado Springs that killed seven. And yesterday, there was another in Denver/Lakewood that killed five.

This entire nation is plagued by gun violence and Colorado may be getting the worst of it. So, maybe a representative from that state should have more sensitivity and understanding to be flaunting and celebrating the weapons used in these incidents.

You can be in favor of the Second Amendment without posing for a picture with a bazooka sticking out of your pants zipper.

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Watch me draw:

Shooting Colorado


If I had much better business sense I wouldn’t draw this cartoon at this time. Being that it’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving this will be one of the first editorial cartoons on the issue. I should draw the Rocky Mountains crying and that cartoon would be reprinted in USA Today. Really.

Maybe I’m jumping, no pun intended, the gun. We don’t know the shooter’s motives. Yes he went into a Planned Parenthood clinic and started shooting. But there are other establishments in the vicinity. Perhaps he had a vendetta against Super Cuts. If I am wrong I will call myself out on this blog.

A gunman went into a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic Friday and had a six hour standoff with police. One police officer and two civilians were killed. Four other police officers and five civilians were injured. The suspect eventually surrendered and is now in custody.

Every time a policeman is shot the talking heads at Fox News says the Black Lives Matter movement is complicit. Whenever there’s violence at an abortion clinic then it’s just a lone lunatic.

The “pro life” crowd is full of lunatics. They don’t seem to have morals or ethics when it comes to furthering their agenda. Lying is acceptable, as Carly Fiorina and others have proven. Spreading lies that PP is harvesting dead children, calling them murderers, and saying they’re engaging in a holocaust is not engaging into a civil debate. Neither is standing outside a clinic screaming at people who are making the most difficult decision of their lives. Operation Rescue’s leadership includes a member who’s a convicted felon who attempted to bomb an abortion clinic. The same group posted a doctor’s home and church address on their website before he was murdered.

Four abortion clinics have been targets for arson this year alone.

An antiabortion group conducted a sting operation and secretly filmed Planned Parenthood clinics. The videos were presented as evidence PP was breaking laws and selling aborted fetuses body parts and making profits from the sales. The videos have all be proven to be doctored. Seven states have investigated PP and every single one has found them innocent of all the accusations. Still, Republican candidates are spreading the lies and Congress wants hearings on PP, not the group that made the videos.

The pro life crowd is pretty quiet over the shooting. If the shooter was a black guy or a Muslim they would have made a LOT of noise by now for more guns, profiling and limits on immigration. It’s really too bad for them the shooter is a white guy.

None of the fourteen Republican political candidates, as of this writing, have expressed anything about the shooting. A lot of pro life people have actually expressed support for the shooter. A “friend” of mine actually wrote “yawn” in response to the coverage of the shooting and followed it up with an argument of how many babies have been aborted. These are truly horrible people. The people who express so much concern over terrorism sure are quiet and even supportive of it sometimes.

The label “pro life” is being seriously abused.

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