Costa Rica Colones


This cartoon was first published in The Costa Rica Star on November 2, 2018.

Did you know that in addition to being very low in currency, that Costa Rica’s colones has monkeys and sloths on it? Now that’s kinda cool.

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How Many Colones?


I can insults cops on an international level.

Here’s this weekend’s cartoon drawn exclusively for The Costa Rica Star. We’re doing a “Living Pura Vida” series of cartoons. We’re doing two a month until we get bored and move on to other things.

When I submit the cartoons to the editors, and a few other staffers who might have some input, we usually go back and forth with terminology. I don’t live in Costa Rica and I can use their help. In the rough I had it as “dollars” but I knew that would change. I needed to know the amount and I did my own googling. The 50,000 colones was suggested and we decided to print it that way instead of “c 50,000” which is how some publications would print it.

In case you’re wondering, 50,000 colones is a little less than $100 U.S. dollars.

Wanna see the rough? About two months ago I stopped drawing on paper and using pen, pencils, ink, white out, erasers, glue sticks, etc. Everything is now created digitally. You can ask me about that but I have to warn you, I will bog you down in geek chat over it.


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