Colin Powell

Colin Powell


Colin Powell is an American hero. He’s a patriot who served his country honorably…mostly. He was the first black chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the first black national security adviser, and the first black secretary of state. He should be remembered for his service and accomplishments, including speaking out against Donald Trump and leaving his party to support the campaign of our nation’s first black president. Colin Powell may be the only person in my lifetime who could have been president and turned it down.

America trusted and believed Colin Powell.

Everyone makes mistakes and it would take a huge one to smear the record of General Colin Powell. Unfortunately, there is a big one. Colin Powell took a lie and used it before the United Nations to advocate for an invasion.

In 2003, Colin Powell sat before the United Nation’s Security Council and laid out evidence Iraq had weapons of mass destruction which justified an invasion. He told them, “My colleagues, every statement I make today is backed up by sources, solid sources. These are not assertions. What we’re giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence.”

Yeah, not so much.

Powell played a recording of an intercepted conversation between Iraq army officers about a UN weapons inspection, but the description was embellished. There were UN weapons inspections, but no weapons. Powell laid out graphs, photos, and maps of where the weapons were stored, but they were about as accurate as a Ben Garrison cartoon. He showed photos of trucks, vans, and trailers as if that was proof there weapons of mass destruction. There are WMDs in there, but you’re gonna have to take our word for it.

Colin Powell’s performance did not clear the way for the United States to invade Iraq. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld had already made that decision by noon, September 11, 2001. But what Powell did was give the bullshit invasion support from a voice Americans trusted.

Powell believed the speech he gave was prepared by the National Security Council led by Condoleezza Rice. Unfortunately, it was created by Dick Cheney’s office. Remember, Dick Cheney is the guy who shoots his friends in their faces. While Powell was snookered by this and exploited by the Bush/Cheney administration, it was he himself who chose to believe the CIA over the state department’s own office of intelligence and research (INR), which submitted two intelligence reports before the speech questioning the solidity of the evidence.

The CIA had about as much evidence of WMDs in Iraq as Donald Trump’s investigation had proving President Obama was born in Kenya.

Diplomats from around the world still use the Powell speech to point out that the United States can’t be trusted…and that was before Donald Trump spoke before the United Nations talking about “Little Rocket Man.”

What Powell did was give his credibility to an illegal war based on lies on the world stage. If anything, you can say Colin Powell, with Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, created ISIS. During Powell’s speech, he referred to a Jordanian-born jihadist, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, 21 times in an effort to prove a link between al-Qaida and Saddam Hussein. Not only was Powell wrong (there was no link), but he made the future founder of ISIS famous and helped build his profile and following.

Depending on which source you reference, the war killed 150,000 to over 600,000 Iraqis. Additionally, at least 4,300 Americans died in Iraq.

Two years after his speech, and after he left the Bush administration, Powell called it a “blot” on his record and said, “I’m the one who presented it on behalf of the United States to the world, and [it] will always be a part of my record. It was painful. It’s painful now.”

While there are plenty of people writing obituaries and praising Powell’s record, you can’t dismiss this part of it as it may be the most important. He helped start a war…an illegal war based on lies.

It will always be a part of his record.

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Powell Joins The Club


I saw an interview this week where a pundit was asked to comment on the content of former Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell having his emailed hacked. He refused because he didn’t think it was appropriate to reward those who violated his privacy. I really respect that. I refuse to look at any starlet’s nude pics that were hacked from her privacy. I find it as disgusting as peeping through someone’s window. Really. But I will jump on these emails. It’s news.

Pretty soon everyone of any significance will limit their communication to carrier pigeon though I suspect Julian Assange would start shooting them down. I’m not that worried about it happening to me because I’m just a pipsqueak in the grand scheme of things, though there have been recent attempts to get into some of my social media and this very website. Will the attempts stop? Nyet!

The contents of Powell’s emails show two things: He’s not wild about either candidate and he’s really bitchy. I can respect that as I’m bitchy too.

Powell has always been universally respected by Republicans and Democrats alike. He served under Reagan and Clinton and was George W. Bush’s Secretary of State during his first term. Although he’s a Republican he endorsed Obama twice. About the only thing to tarnish the General’s legacy was his selling the Iraq war to the U.N. It’s still hard to dis the General. He’s probably the only man alive who could have been president but refused to apply for the job. That makes me want the guy to have the job.

Powell expressed disdain for both candidates. Regarding Clinton he refers to her as a friend but “everything she touches she screws up with hubris.” If you’re a Donald Trump supporter “hubris” means excessive pride or self-confidence. He described her as having “a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational.” Would he have described a male politician that way? He also wrote he’d “rather not have to vote for her.” He really wasn’t happy being dragged into the email controversy which is kinda ironic since he’s been hacked. Dude, nobody uses AOL anymore.

He has an even lower opinion of Trump. He wrote Trump “just looks stupid trying to appeal to blacks and Latinos” and thinks of him as an “international pariah.” Part of his disdain for Trump comes from his latching onto the birther movement which Powell refers to as a racist movement, which it is.

Not being happy to choose between Clinton and Trump puts Powell in a very large club. I’m not super happy with it either but I feel it’s the responsible thing to prevent the destruction of my country so I am voting for Clinton. We could all vote for Gary Johnso….HAHAHA. I couldn’t even finish the sentence. I won’t try with Jill Stein.

It gets even nastier as he mentions his former colleague Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz with “the Cheneys are idiots and spent force peddling a book that ain’t going nowhere.” Hopefully he’s smart enough to turn down future hunting invites from Dick (who, by the way, served as vice president for eight years after having five freaking heart attacks, though he seems to be doing fine now after receiving a transplant donated by a Sith lord).

Powell also used a term I’m not comfortable posting here even though this is a big boy blog. A few of my clients who are much more respectable than this outlet carry these columns. Powell used the term in an accusation that Bill Clinton is still messing around on his wife. The term soon became a trending hashtag on twitter, which I will use with this blog. Sorry, mom.

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Those Damn Emails


Full disclosure: I used to work for Blockbuster and I used to screw with people by telling them they didn’t rewind their DVD.

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