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No Charges For Hillary


James Comey, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, announced on Tuesday his agency is recommending that charges should not be pressed against Hillary Clinton for using a personal server for her emails while she was Secretary of State.

Immediately Republicans freaked out. Trump accused the system of being fixed and Attorney General Loretta Lynch of being bribed by the Clintons. He claimed Comey carried out a miscarriage of justice. So Trump believes Comey, Clinton, Lynch, Obama, and any other Democrats of being horrible, corrupt people, but he did have praise for Saddam Hussein on Tuesday who I don’t think had anything to do with this. I’ll try to figure that one out later.

Other Republicans had harsh criticism for Comey and his integrity. Never mind the fact the guy’s a Republican who donated to John McCain and Mitt Romney’s presidential campaigns.

Comey said Clinton was “extremely careless” and he didn’t exactly exonerate her, but he also said there is no proof of intention to commit a crime. In fact, he didn’t even say she broke the law.

During the conservatives’ freak out they brought up a lot of bad comparisons, showing they either don’t understand the issue, or they just like lying about it.

They compared it to Watergate by saying Nixon had to resign for 18 missing minutes on a tape recording but Clinton gets off for deleting government emails. First off, Nixon didn’t resign for the missing 18 minutes. What screwed Nixon were the saved tapes of him ordering payment of bribes. Speaking of deleting emails, conservatives conveniently forget that the Bush administration destroyed a lot of White House emails that were kept on the GOP’s server and it was all explained with a big “oops.”

They compared Clinton’s situation to Eric Snowden, who willingly and intentionally revealed government secrets then fled the country. Again, intentionally.

They also compared it to General David Petraeus, who knowingly leaked classified information to a journalist with the express intent for it to be made public. Again, knowingly leaked.

Republicans have been trying to bring down the Clintons for four decades. Their industry started in the 1980’s. It’s involved impeachment, special prosecutors, accusations of murder, mistresses, stained dressed, and millions of dollars of taxpayer money. Are we done yet? Marco Rubio doesn’t think so.

Rubio made a statement on Tuesday that the scandals won’t stop here for the Clintons. He was derided for that comment, but whether he’s out to create more scandals, expressing wishful thinking, or making a prediction, I agree with him. The scandals won’t stop.

Even if the GOP waste time and money on their anti-Clinton vendettas, it’d be nice if the Clintons wouldn’t help them out with their constant sloppiness.

You do have to look at intention here with Hillary Clinton and her server. What was she attempting to do? Subvert government information? Delete incriminating evidence? Or was she just careless while attempting to simplify her method of communication? I go with the latter.

I would also add “elitist” and “arrogant.”

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Are You Being Served?


I drew this last night sitting in a tavern. People go out to drink, socialize, and forget work. I go out and work. That is my fun. I’m a nerd. I did have some good Mini Elvises, which are tiny cheeseburgers.

I posted this cartoon on Facebook last night with the comment “what do Bernie supports and Republicans have in common? They will both click like on this cartoon.” The like button got a lot of clicks but some people circumvented my test and clicked “haha.”

I always feel guilty when I hit Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. My usual readership gets confused and currently, they’re bickering with each other over the Democratic candidates. But I don’t really feel guilty.

Here’s the thing: I’m a liberal, yes. Very liberal. Fellow liberals tell me I’m more liberal than they are. Though I’m a liberal, I am not a Democrat. I don’t join parties. I advocate for issues, not personalities. I will take down a politician I defended yesterday. I am not a hit man and go after people because they’re fair game or they have a target on them. I go with my true feelings. My true feeling with this is “Hillary Clinton! Release your damn speeches!”

This idea was provoked out of me by fellow cartoonist Ted Rall. Ted tweeted, or Facebooked (I don’t recall which), that there are no longer any presidential candidates left who gave speeches to Wall Street, so Hillary Clinton should go ahead and release her speeches. Is that true? Trump never spoke to Wall Street? Man, if Wall Street doesn’t want to hear from the billionaire with the best words and unusually sized hands, then why is he the GOP nominee if his one specialty is being rich? I digress. For some reason reading Ted’s post made this idea pop into my head.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think there’s anything to Clinton’s emails or her speeches other than she should just release the damn speeches. Isn’t it kinda weird that no one who attended one of her speeches has come out to detail what she said? Was she paid to speak to an empty room?

If you’re old like me and non-British, you might vaguely recall the sitcom “Are You Being Served.” I totally forgot about that show until I started writing today’s blog. I figure Brits are very familiar with it despite it being off the air since 1985. Reruns of the show were shown in the U.S. on PBS, which means no conservative knows what I’m talking about. It was a very irreverent show that really pushed the boundaries. Sometimes I believe I was born in the wrong country (at least that’s what my ex used to say). It was brilliant and ran from 1972 to 1985, which I just learned from Wikipedia.

Now if you’re an American and you recall the Brit sitcom The Young Ones, then you are an old geek like me and you might want to have that looked at. There is not a cure.

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