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Podesta’s Prince Of An Email


I have beaten Marco Rubio up a lot over issues and grand standing and the fact he doesn’t have any accomplishments. But more than once this week I have called out Republicans and Trump supporters for not speaking out against Wikileaks. Now I have to be fair and commend Senator Rubio for doing just that.

Rubio is in a race for his senate seat yet he’s refusing to use any information provided by Wikileaks and the Russian government. He says “Today it is the Democrats. Tomorrow, it could be us.” What do you want to bet they have information from the Trump campaign they’re holding onto until they need it?

Rubio also said “I will not discuss any issue that has become public solely on the basis of WikiLeaks. As our intelligence agencies have said, these leaks are an effort by a foreign government to interfere with our electoral process, and I will not indulge in it.” Good for you, Senator Rubio for exhibiting principles that the rest of your party seems to be lacking. Now if you only had enough to pull your support from Donald Trump.

Everyday there are new dumps from the Clinton campaign’s emails. Most notably they’ve been fishing in campaign manager John Podesta’s in and out boxes. What we have discovered is that he grouped vice presidential candidates into “food groups.” There were groups for business leaders, military leaders, women, white guys, and black guys. There was also one exclusively for Bernie Sanders who Podesta referred to in one email as a “doofus.” I’ve been called worse by friends and family than “doofus,” though that word is one of their favorites for me. At least I never got “hipster doofus” which is another Seinfeld reference.

Still, there’s no real dirt in the emails greater than what is probably in Podesta’s spam folder, like free credit checks, check out my webcam, viagra ads and offers from that persistent Nigerian prince.

This is all you’re getting from me today for a column. I have more work with the debate tonight, an exclusive cartoon comping up this weekend for The Costa Rica Star, and I have to work on a special double-secret project for an alternative publication. At some point tonight I plan to eat something.

Yes, there will be a cartoon on the debate by tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll also tweet out a lot of sarcasm so go follow me on Twitter and enjoy the show.

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Tacos On Every Corner


Thursday night one of the Latino organizers supporting Donald Trump appeared on MSNBC and warned the United States that his culture was dominant and if Trump is not elected there will be “taco trucks on every corner.”

While he stereotyped his race and culture with his self loathing, most Americans rejoiced and celebrated the idea of a taco truck on every corner. Wouldn’t that be awesome? And not those Taco Bell tacos. I want real tacos on every corner. We already have Taco Bell on every corner.

While it was funny and “taco truck on every corner” was trending on Twitter, it’s alarming he’s warning white people that the brown people will take over. His culture is “dominant?” We’re supposed to worry about people speaking Spanish instead of English? Egads! We’ll have to share control of our entire legal and corporate system! This could actually make every football player stand for the national anthem and we’ll have to find something else to make us get our collective red, white, and blue panties in a bunch.

I have some bad news for my fellow Caucasians: The brown people are already here. In the near future white will no longer be the majority in this nation and when that day comes….meh. I’m having tacos. I also have some advice for my fellow whiteys: Stop being hung up on everyone speaking English in front of you and stop being such a douche or you won’t get any tacos. Though it will kinda suck that we’ll only have one aisle at the grocery store.

Unrelated to food trucks, the FBI released their notes from their interviews with Hillary Clinton regarding her email server. The Trump campaign went nuts and told us it proves she’s dishonest, which is like me accusing someone of being sarcastic. We learned that Hillary used up to 12 devices during her term as Secretary of State. I don’t think that’s a big deal as I currently have five devices and I’m not important at all.

There wasn’t any additional dirt or smoking gun from the report. All it will do is reinforce the impression people already have of Hillary Clinton, which isn’t really that good at all.

That could all change if she makes a few new policy proposals. I’m thinking taco trucks.

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No Charges For Hillary


James Comey, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, announced on Tuesday his agency is recommending that charges should not be pressed against Hillary Clinton for using a personal server for her emails while she was Secretary of State.

Immediately Republicans freaked out. Trump accused the system of being fixed and Attorney General Loretta Lynch of being bribed by the Clintons. He claimed Comey carried out a miscarriage of justice. So Trump believes Comey, Clinton, Lynch, Obama, and any other Democrats of being horrible, corrupt people, but he did have praise for Saddam Hussein on Tuesday who I don’t think had anything to do with this. I’ll try to figure that one out later.

Other Republicans had harsh criticism for Comey and his integrity. Never mind the fact the guy’s a Republican who donated to John McCain and Mitt Romney’s presidential campaigns.

Comey said Clinton was “extremely careless” and he didn’t exactly exonerate her, but he also said there is no proof of intention to commit a crime. In fact, he didn’t even say she broke the law.

During the conservatives’ freak out they brought up a lot of bad comparisons, showing they either don’t understand the issue, or they just like lying about it.

They compared it to Watergate by saying Nixon had to resign for 18 missing minutes on a tape recording but Clinton gets off for deleting government emails. First off, Nixon didn’t resign for the missing 18 minutes. What screwed Nixon were the saved tapes of him ordering payment of bribes. Speaking of deleting emails, conservatives conveniently forget that the Bush administration destroyed a lot of White House emails that were kept on the GOP’s server and it was all explained with a big “oops.”

They compared Clinton’s situation to Eric Snowden, who willingly and intentionally revealed government secrets then fled the country. Again, intentionally.

They also compared it to General David Petraeus, who knowingly leaked classified information to a journalist with the express intent for it to be made public. Again, knowingly leaked.

Republicans have been trying to bring down the Clintons for four decades. Their industry started in the 1980’s. It’s involved impeachment, special prosecutors, accusations of murder, mistresses, stained dressed, and millions of dollars of taxpayer money. Are we done yet? Marco Rubio doesn’t think so.

Rubio made a statement on Tuesday that the scandals won’t stop here for the Clintons. He was derided for that comment, but whether he’s out to create more scandals, expressing wishful thinking, or making a prediction, I agree with him. The scandals won’t stop.

Even if the GOP waste time and money on their anti-Clinton vendettas, it’d be nice if the Clintons wouldn’t help them out with their constant sloppiness.

You do have to look at intention here with Hillary Clinton and her server. What was she attempting to do? Subvert government information? Delete incriminating evidence? Or was she just careless while attempting to simplify her method of communication? I go with the latter.

I would also add “elitist” and “arrogant.”

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Hacking Hillary


Right now Hillary Clinton might prefer talking about Bill Clinton’s philandering than her email server.

A State Department watchdog issued a report that Hillary Clinton violated rules over her use of a private server. We all knew that. What we did not know was the extent of it.

Clinton claims she had approval to use her personal server which was stored in her New York home’s basement. She didn’t. She claims she’s happy to talk to anyone at anytime about the issue, yet she declined to talk to the Inspector General during their investigation. Several of her aides also declined, with one not even responding to the request.

John Bentel, director of the Office of Information Resources Management, declined to be interviewed during the investigation. When a staffer raised concerns that Hillary’s email violated rules, he told the staffer never to speak of it again. It’s like Fight Club over at the State Department.

It’s so much like Fight Club, that only a few people were even aware Clinton was using a private server. She refused to use a  State email and even refused to release her email address to the State Department. The senior officials outside of her privileged circle who became aware of her private email, only became aware because her emails to them originated from a rotating cluster of private addresses. That sounds more like the habit of a drug dealer buying a new cell phone and number at Walmart every week.

Clinton claims her server was safe from hackers, but it turns out there were several attempts to break into her email. Clinton didn’t report these attempts to the State Department and apparently took them about as seriously as those emails from that Nigerian Prince (Nigeria is not a monarchy, by the way).

It is extremely difficult for a presidential candidate to fight the perception of being dishonest by being dishonest. It also gives Donald Trump more leeway to use the nickname “Crooked Hillary” even though he doesn’t really understand the issue.

Now with all this bad stuff, what does this mean for Clinton? It means she violated a rule and that’s really it legally. This isn’t a criminal offense. It’s a stupid offense. You can use this to determine whether you should vote for her or not. I would rather live with Clinton’s dishonesty than Trump’s. At least Clinton knows what she’s lying about.

Yes, the State Department’s email system is extremely convoluted and inept. Yes, other Secretaries had personal emails, but the rules change every few years. Blackberries weren’t in widespread use during Colin Powell’s tenure (did they even exist at the time?) and Condoleeza Rice claims she never used email, which I find amazing (I have only one friend who’s not on any social media and even he emails though it’s a real pain explaining twitter, hashtags and trending to him. I’m not even gonna attempt to explain “poking”).

Most of the people who will use this EmailGate brouhaha are like Donald Trump, and they don’t really understand it. It is complex and conservatives don’t do well with intricacies. While there isn’t any criminal level transgression here, the larger issue is Clinton’s candor.

I don’t really care about her emails or server. I do care about the honesty. I believe she’s evasive with answers because she doesn’t believe she should be bothered with the questions. Trump lies because he’s pathological and actually believes his lies and that he’s still in the business of selling steaks, even while he’s replacing the food mart labels with Trump labels. Trump is likely to tell us he’s 20 feet tall, and believe that he’s 20 feet tall, and that we should all go fact check it. When you ask him about it tomorrow he’ll talk about Monica Lewinsky or refer to Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas.

Hillary Clinton will be president. There will be more dishonesty. There will be scandals, which will be a huge change after the scandal free Obama administration (yes, you wingnuts. Scandal free). Bill Clinton will break something. But a Hillary Clinton presidency will not destroy the nation like a Donald Trump presidency will. I would vote for Mitt Romney and that agenda of everything I’m against before I could poison my nation with the buffoonery of Donald Trump.

Your issues in this presidential election may be Emails, Benghazi, Bill Clinton’s greatest sexcapades of the 1990’s. The biggest and most dangerous issue is Donald Trump. You should email this blog and cartoon to one of his supporters.

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