Clean Water

Costa Rica Tap


This cartoon was first published on March 15, 2019, in The Costa Rica Star.

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Clean Water In Costa Rica


This is the cartoon I drew last for The Costa Rica Star. We published a new one there yesterday (Friday) which I’ll blog in a couple days.

While Costa Rica is winning awards and platitudes for having such clean oceans, locals and tourists will point out just how dirty their rivers are. It’s a huge contradiction.

Creative Notes: This cartoon became a huge pain in the butt. Why? I’ll tell you why. My editor didn’t like the color in the original version and said it didn’t “pop” like my cartoons usually do. It didn’t “pop” and I wondered why. And then I noticed that I forgot to add a new layer for the color.

So, to change the color I needed to erase, which meant I had to erase a lot of the inking I had done also. That being a pain and a lot of work was totally my fault. This wasn’t a Photoshop thing. It was made in Corel, which is a pretty cool program more and more cartoonists are using (though it still has a few bugs, most of which I’ve figured out how to get around).

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