Impeach This Chicken


Of course Donald Trump is not going to testify at his second impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate. Even if his legal team isn’t capable of spelling “perjury,” they know what it is…I think. If Donald Trump testified, he’d spread one conspiracy theory after another, eventually own up to the entire thing, flash the “OK” sign, and give another shout-out to terrorists.

How about this? We get someone to testify who witnessed what Donald Trump was doing in the three hours between the beginning and the end of the terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Either way, the Senate needs to convict Donald Trump. It’s ridiculous and outrageous not to. The man literally, and I’m using “literally” correctly here, attempted to overturn an election through a bloody coup attempt. People died. These senators who are the jury are also witnesses. They’ll be sitting inside the same chamber that the horn-wearing Qanon Shaman was roaring in. Ted Cruz will be sitting at the same desk that terrorists were pillaging through.

Let’s go back and look at some facts. Let’s go back before the election.

Donald Trump tweeted to his followers to liberate Michigan. His followers stormed that state capitol building with guns. Why? Because Donald Trump told them to. Later, a bunch of his followers plotted to kidnap the female governor of Michigan. Who instigated that? Donald Trump.

Over a year before the election, Donald Trump tried to steal it by having Ukraine investigate his main Democratic opponent, Joe Biden. Donald Trump extorted the president of a foreign country by withholding military aid that was approved by Congress and that he needed to defend his nation with against Russia. “No collusion” turned into “so what?”. “Pay for play” turned into “get over it.” For this, Donald Trump was justly impeached. No Republicans in the House voted for it. Only one Republican in the Senate, Mitt Romney, voted to convict.

Senate Republicans decided Donald Trump could indeed shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and get away with it. With his second impeachment, they’re probably going to say a president can be a fucking traitor, attack his own government, send a mob to kill his vice-president, and install himself as a fascist dictator through a bloody coup. Senate Republicans will argue that on Constitutional grounds, you can’t impeach a former president. On Constitutional grounds, you can’t install yourself as a dictator and steal elections.

And to that Constitutional argument: Donald Trump was impeached BEFORE he left office. The Senate has a Constitutional duty to conduct the trial. Also, we have held senate impeachment trials for former officials. And speaking of Constitutional duties, the Senate was in the middle of one when Donald Trump sent an angry mob to attack it.

Trump spent months before the election claiming it would be unfair and stolen. He spent months after the election claiming it was unfair and stolen. He used lies, conspiracy theories, and farty lawyers. He lost over 60 court cases. He invited GOP state legislatures from states he lost to the White House to entice them to hand him their state election for the presidency. He called election officials in Georgia and threatened them to overturn the election. He told the officials in Georgia to find and give him votes that didn’t exist. He should be convicted for this.

On January 6, the day Congress was certifying the vote, Trump held a rally down the street from the U.S. Capitol. He told his crowd to fight or they “wouldn’t have a country.” He used the word “fight” multiple times. Rudy told them it was “trial by combat.” Congressman Mo Brooks said it was time to “take names and kick ass.” Donald Trump Jr. said, “If you’re going to be the zero and not the hero, then we’re coming for you and we’re going to have a good time doing it.”

Trump’s defenders say he told his crowd to go to the Capitol peacefully, but he also said he’d be “right there” with them, and that wasn’t true either.

Donald Trump’s legal team can’t say Donald Trump did not send the crowd to the Capitol to overturn an election. They can’t defend that he tried to stay in power illegally. They can’t defend he staged an insurrection. Trump’s legal team has 16 hours to make their case. This is like a band playing a three hour set that only knows “Freebird.” What do they do for those three hours? For three hours, they play “Freebird.” For 16 hours, we’re going to hear it’s “unconstitutional” and comparisons to Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

I didn’t see any Antifa or Black Lives Matter flags during that riot. Antifa and Black Lives Matter didn’t kill the cop. Antifa and Black Lives Matter didn’t break windows and loot the U.S. Capitol. Antifa and Black Lives Matter didn’t stage an insurrection. Antifa and Black Lives Matter did not go inside the United States Capitol and shit and piss on the floors. That was all MAGA. People shit on the floors in the United States Capitol in the name of Donald Trump. Can you imagine if I was one of the prosecutors?

During the attack, the mob was chanting Trump’s name. They chanted to hang Mike Pence. Several brought nooses. They started chanting to hang Pence right after Trump tweeted an attack on Mike Pence.

For three hours, the terrorists attacked the Capitol. For three hours, Donald Trump did nothing. There are sources who say he was partying to the scene he was watching on TV. He was getting off on the mob. He was getting off that they were attacking the United States of America in his name. He was getting off that they were chanting to save the Constitution while attacking Congress in the middle of performing its Constitutional duty.

After about three hours, Donald Trump was finally convinced it was looking bad and he needed to send out a statement. He sent one out saying he “loved them,” they were “very special,” and to “go home.” Then, the terrorists went home.

It’s been reported that during those three hours, Donald Trump obstructed the National Guard from being sent to defend the Capitol. We need witnesses to say whether that’s true or not.

After the attack and arrests were finally being made, Donald Trump showed his true colors and turned on his supporters. He said they didn’t represent him. They returned the favor and now their defenses center on the argument that Trump told them to do it. There are multiple videos of these terrorists during the attack saying Trump told them to do it.

Several people died during the attack. A terrorist was shot. A Capitol Police officer was murdered by the terrorists. Another person was trampled.

Before the attack, over 150 House Republicans voted against certifying the election. Republicans in the Senate like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley were giving inspirational speeches to the mob. Josh Hawley saw them outside and gave them a triumphant raising of his fist. During the attack, the new Republican senator from Alabama and noted idiot Tommy Tuberville was taking phone calls from Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani…while he was hiding from the mob. During the terrorist attack he ordered, Trump was calling a senator to discuss strategy on how to capitalize on the attack and steal the election.

Several of these senators voting on Trump’s fate are complicit with Trump. Several of them encouraged the attack. Now, they’ve voting on whether Donald Trump should be convicted when they should also be convicted.

France sent Napoleon to live out the rest of his days on an island. They stuck him in the middle of the ocean so he couldn’t hurt their nation ever again. He was barred from ever serving again. We don’t need to send Donald Trump to an island. We just need to impeach him, ban him from every serving again, and maybe send his orange ass to wear an orange jumpsuit.

If we can’t convict a terrorist president, then the Senate is saying a president can break any law he wants and even commit sedition.

The United States Senate needs to convict this chicken.

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