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Orders From The Top


A couple days ago, a right-wing oafish cartooning colleague of mine tweeted that comparisons between Donald Trump sending his white nationalist terrorists to attack the Capitol in order to overturn a democratically-held election to install him as a fascist dictator and Charles Manson sending his followers to murder nine people, was wrong.

The people who don’t accept the comparison also don’t believe the attack was an insurrection and have a lot of trouble with the word “terrorists.” But the comparisons are valid.

First off, they’re both cults. If you don’t think the comparisons are valid, you’re probably in one of the cults. And if you’re in the Manson Family cult, then you’re probably really offended being compared to a bunch of MAGAts.

There is no evidence Charles Manson ever ordered the murders. There’s no evidence he ever told any of his followers to kill anyone. But he did send them out and they did commit murders, most notably, pregnant actress Sharon Tate.

Charles Manson was found guilty of first degree murder in seven of the killings. The prosecution argued his ideology constituted an overt act of conspiracy.

His ideology constituted an overt act of conspiracy. That is important to note.

Donald Trump’s ideology constituted an overt act of conspiracy which led to the attack on the United States Capitol complex. The people who share his ideology, which is a cult worship of Trump, are still denying it ever happened.

The people who followed Manson and who follow Trump are lunatics. They are cult members.

Donald Trump told his cult to be at the Capitol that day….to come to Washington. He tweeted it was going to be “wild.” His campaign spent $2.7 million to rally the terrorists. Donald Trump told them to march on the Capitol. They carried nooses and other assorted weapons. They brought zip ties. They chanted to hang Mike Pence. They called out for Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. They barged in by overrunning the Capitol Police. Five people died.

Charles Manson was not with his followers when they committed the murders. Trump was not with his followers either, but he said he would be. Trump did get to watch it on TV. According to reports, it made him really happy. When asked to call off the terrorists, he refused for hours. Even when he did call them off, he told them that he loved them and they were “very special.” That is a cult. Your cult leader loves you and says you’re “very special.”

Manson told his family he loved them.

Manson was tried by a jury. Trump was tried by the Senate, which was full of his cult members. Manson’s jury didn’t seat any members of his cult. Why? Because that would have been insane and wouldn’t have been a real trial.

There needs to be a real trial for Donald Trump, and as far away from politics as possible. No Trump cultists should be allowed to sit on the jury.

Donald Trump’s ideology constituted an overt act of conspiracy. He needs to be tried for that.

By the way, another thing Trump and Manson have in common is they’re both white supremacists.

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Charles Manson should burn in Hell just for the act of making it impossible to listen to “Helter Skelter” without thinking of him. If there is such a place as Hell, I’m sure it has a special place for the type of evil Manson was.

It’s very easy and simplistic to cast a killer as evil. Sure, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and Jeffrey Dahmer were evil, but Manson was in a different category. It’s a different level of evil when you don’t have to physically kill anyone yourself, but have the power to make other people do it for you.

Manson didn’t have money. He didn’t have a TV or radio to spread his gospel. He didn’t have fame. What he had was enough charisma to influence his followers to kill for him. They did just that in 1969, killing seven people in southern California.

Manson had an almost-hypnotic control over his followers. Like most people who are worshiped with cult-like devotion, Manson was full of shit. He was preparing his followers for a race war between blacks and whites which would destroy the “establishment” and leave Manson as the world’s leader. His followers believed the murders would be blamed on blacks and lead to the race war Manson was promising. The murders just so happened to follow Manson’s rejection by agents and others in the music business who didn’t recognize his self-proclaimed musical talents. Though, Manson was able to get one of his songs on a Beach Boys album.

The deputy district attorney who prosecuted Manson said his name was “a metaphor for evil.”  In a story in The Washington Post, behavioralists who studied Manson said, “he was not crazy, but he could fake it and had an insatiable need to control others, prompting him to recruit naive and malleable acolytes to his family.” Manson and four of his followers were convicted and sentenced to die in 1971, but the sentences were reduced to life in prison after California abolished the death penalty. Manson petitioned and was rejected for parole 12 times.

Books, movies, and TV specials were made about Manson. Despite serving nine life sentences he was still able to attract followers. He even became engaged while in prison in 2014, though the marriage license eventually expired.

Relatives of Manson’s victims hoped someday he would realize the suffering and pain he caused others and would feel remorse. I think death at 83 came first.

Creative note: I kinda feel bad for doing this cartoon because it’s so simple. There’s nothing profound or unique in saying Manson went to Hell. I know there will be several other cartoons with the same theme. Usually, when I’m aware of that then I try to find another idea on the subject. But, I really wanted to draw Manson in Hell. A lot of people have been waiting a long time for this. I feel like I drew this cartoon for them and not for myself. Plus, I know my clients will want to use it. Newspapers like simple.

I’ll try to be deep and profound tomorrow.

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