Campaign Finance



Yeah, I fell back on a cliche for this cartoon. Sorry about that. While this was still in the idea stage I couldn’t resist the artwork I had in mind. I promise to go a few more years before my next “in the pocket” cartoon.

The Clintons are not corrupt. They’re sloppy and dishonest but they’re not corrupt.

The GOP are not in any position to question where anyone else got their money. If their argument is that you can’t take large amounts of money without being on the take, then that’s good to know while they rake in billions from just three people, Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers.

Any conservative that relies on information provided by Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer loses all rights to criticize the “lame stream” media ever. Schweizer has a history of not checking his sources and just being wrong about everything. The guy worked for George W. Bush and Do ya’ think there’s an agenda?