Bush Rubio

Jeb Punches Down


Did you witness the verbal smack down Marco Rubio laid on Jeb Bush during the last debate? The funny thing is, Rubio didn’t go after Bush. Bush went after him but Marco was ready. And sure, Rubio is full of all sorts of crap but he really did well on style, plus tearing into Jeb is pretty easy.

The oddest part is is why did Jebby go after Marco? Marco isn’t leading in the polls. If anything Jeb needs to take down Trump and Carson. He needs to punch up, not down. Of course each time Bush got into a tiff with Trump he’s come out for the worse and you can’t really go after Carson because that’s like bullying the paste-eating┬ákid everyone feels sorry for. So that left Rubio. Maybe Jeb should stop picking fights. He’s not good at it.

I think if Jeb wants to start a fight he should go after Bobby Jindal. Sure, nobody cares about Jindal and most people forget he’s even in the race. However I think Bush can take him. Probably. Maybe.

Here’s the thing, Jeb. You’re not ever going to be president so now might be a good time to focus on one of those other “cool things” you could be doing right now. But hey, you might be able to help select the Republican nominee by sacrificing yourself to them in another tiff.