Wossamotta Trump

Donald Trump’s demand that a Special Master be appointed to the declassification case is now backfiring in his fat orange stupid face.

Trump’s legal team waited several weeks after the FBI seized stolen government documents, many of them classified, from Mar-a-Lago, his country club in South Florida ripe for bedbugs and spies from hostile nations. Trump’s team demanded that a Special Master be appointed to look at every document to decide which are executive privilege and attorney/client privilege. The Trump-appointed judge, who was confirmed AFTER he lost the election, sided with Trump’s team.

Granting a Special Master to this case initially stopped the investigation dead in its tracks for at least two months. This is very dangerous to the nation since this is classified information on informants and nuclear information and if DOJ can’t investigate, then they can’t assess the danger to our nation from the exposure of the documents. A basement in a golf club is not a secure environment to store top secret information.

Judge Raymond Dearie was appointed as Special Master and Trump was probably hoping he was as one-sided as the judge who gave him this gift, Judge Aileen Cannon.

The Justice Department and Trump’s lawyers did agree on the appoint of Judge Dearie as Special Master, which makes me wonder what the Trump team expected of him. So far, it seems he doesn’t have patience for bullshit.

The judge has demanded that Trump’s legal team point out which documents Trump has declassfied. He’s given them a deadline but so far, they haven’t come forth with any proof that any of the documents have been declassified. Trump’s lawyers said that a president can declassify anything he wants, which is true, but they haven’t actually told the judge which of the seized documents have been declassified, if any.

Trump gave an interview to Sean Hannity this week which didn’t play out like an actual interview from a journalist as there were very few follow-up questions or challenges to Trump’s bullshit. You know, bullshit like saying he didn’t know what was in the boxes taken to Mar-a-Lago but he declassified everything. A real journalist would have followed up with something like: Why would you declassify a document when you don’t know what’s in it?

But Trump said he declassified everything. Everything? If Donald Trump declassified everything, then his lawyers shouldn’t have a problem proving this to the judge. You would think there’s something on these documents, other than bedbugs, that would indicate they were declassified. By the way, Merrick Garland, you may now need to fumigate the entire headquarters of the Justice Department.

Judge Dearie must have watched that Hannity interview because after Trump suggested that the FBI planted documents, he’s demanding that the Trump team put up or shut up. Yes, the judge said in a filing that Trump’s team needs to submit a sworn declaration saying if they believe the Justice Department included any items on their “inventory” of materials taken from Mar-a-Lago that were not actually seized during the search.

The judge wrote that Trump’s legal team’s declaration must include “a list of any specific items set forth in the Detailed Property Inventory that Plaintiff asserts were not seized from the Premises on August 8, 2022.

Trump and many of his sycophantic bozos, members of Congress, goons on Fox News, some of his attorneys have publicly claimed that the FBI planted evidence at Mar-a-Lago during the August 8 search. But, not one of them has produced one shred of evidence that anything was planted.

When Trump suggested to Hannity that evidence was planted, it was the only time his pet sycophant asked a follow-up question, asking if the search was recorded on video. Trump said no because the search was conducted “in a room.”

Ya’ know, I’m not surveillance expert but I do believe I’ve seen video recordings that were from inside a room.

Trump made that statement around the time he said he could declassify documents just by thinking about it.

Judge Drearie also opened the door to holding a hearing where “witnesses with knowledge of the relevant facts” could be called to testify about the Mar-a-Lago search and the materials that were seized.

If this happens, it would require Trump goons who’ve been pushing lies, like those about planted evidence, to put up or shut up. While you’re legally in the clear to lie on Fox and Friends, Hannity, and Tucker, it is illegal to lie in court. Oh, please, sweet baby Jesus…you gotta have this judge call every single Fox goon to testify on this. Get Rudy and Kash Patel in there too. Challenge them to lie in court. Please, please, please, oh please, with sugar honey bucket of oats on top, please. I wanna see these motherfuckers sweat on the stand like Alex Jones.

On Wednesday, a federal appeals court freed the Justice Department to resume using documents marked as classified that were seized, blocking Trump-appointed Cannon’s ruling that halted the investigation.

The appeals court also agreed with the Justice Department that Trump’s lawyers and the Special Master need not look at the classified documents. Yeah, let’s get this ball rolling. There are empty jail cells to fill.

Donald Trump is running out of magic hats to pull tricks out of. The hat containing Judge Cannon may have been his last. Even Bullwinkle was smarter than this shit.

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