Miller Gets His White On


Last April, Trump supporters lost their collective shit after Representative Ilhan Omar tweeted that White House senior racist policy adviser Stephen Miller is a white nationalist.

The wingnuts went bonkers, accused her of being the one who is truly anti-Semitic, and pointed out that Miller is Jewish. How can you accuse someone who is Jewish of being a white nationalist? A better question would be: How can a Jewish guy be a white nationalist?

I can only throw out a few theories on the second question because I’m neither Jewish or a white nationalist. But maybe Baby Goebbels squares it with the fact that he is white in addition to being Jewish. Maybe he’s self-loathing. Maybe for him, it’s not about religion but all about the color of skin and different cultures. Maybe he’s a believer in the Donald Trump “shithole” country theories. Maybe he doesn’t know he’s Jewish (and I would love to be there when someone breaks it to him). Maybe he’s just stupid.

I’m fine if you think Omar is anti-Semitic. She’s made a lot of questionable comments in the past. But I wouldn’t go after her in sticking up for the likes of Stephen Miller. If Richard Spencer and David Duke get into a spat over who is more racist, I’m not going to pick a side. The fact is, Stephen Miller is a racist. He’s a white nationalist. You don’t push the racist Trump agenda without being a racist. You don’t promote content from websites such as VDARE, a known platform for white nationalists; American Renaissance, a white-supremacist publication; and Infowars without being a racist.

Yesterday, the Southern Poverty Law Center published a report titled, “Stephen Miller’s Affinity for White Nationalism Revealed in Leaked Emails.” 

It’s true. Miller has an affinity for white nationalism. A batch of emails from the forehead that sprouted Stephen Miller to a Breitbart editor (who was eventually fired for anti-Semitic comments) were examined by SPLC. Miller had sent over 900 emails to Breitbart trying to influence their coverage on race and immigration issues. You don’t read Breitbart, let alone send over 900 emails to them without being a racist. And how racist are you to encourage Breitbart to be even more racist?

Michael Edison Hayden, the writer of the report wrote he had been “unable to find any examples of Miller writing sympathetically or even in neutral tones about any person who is nonwhite or foreign-born” (not even an “at least Mexicans know how to make tacos” comment). He told The Washington Post, “the most important takeaway for me is that Stephen Miller found the basis for his ideas on websites that traffic in hate, and made it clear in his emails.” Stephanie Grisham, White House press secretary who doesn’t hold press conferences said she hadn’t seen the report, but that the SPLC is an “utterly-discredited, long-debunked far-left smear organization.” Now remember, she hasn’t seen the report and not because she’s been so busy holding press conferences.

Grisham, who works for a guy who promotes utterly-discredited, long-debunked conspiracy theories said about SPLC, “They are beneath the public discussion, even in The Washington Post.” Hey, Stephanie, are you arguing the emails aren’t real because the SPLC is a discredited organization?  Maybe, since you’re the press secretary for the White House, where an adviser’s emails have been released giving credence to the accusation he’s a white nationalist, you might want to have a comment on the context of the emails. Hmm?

Breitbart issued a statement downplaying the emails, describing them as, “three- to four-year-old emails, many previously reported on, involving an individual whom we fired years ago for a multitude of reasons, and you now have an even better idea why we fired her.”

Help me out here, Breitbart. How do the emails from Miller support your reason for firing the individual without supporting the argument that Miller is a white nationalist? What does it say about your publication, which ran a lot of the stories Miller suggested? For you, I don’t recommend walking and chewing gum at the same time.

Breitbart also said, “It is no surprise to us that the SPLC opposes news coverage of illegal-immigrant crime and believes such coverage is disproportionate, especially when compared to the rest of the media, which often refuse to cover such crimes.” Yes, it’s no surprise the SPLC opposes racist and hate conspiracy websites that pose as news organizations.

Even Breitbart made some attempt to get rid of the appearance they’re anti-Semitic. So, why not the White House?

I know the White House isn’t going to fire the racist-in-chief, and this is an administration that once employed Steve Bannon (formerly of Breitbart). But any other administration, or politician for that matter, would be kicking Miller to the racist curb after the release of these emails.

These emails show Miller has an obsession with white nationalism, the Confederacy, and the denigration of black and Hispanic communities. They were sent while he was on the Senate staff of Jeff Sessions (shocking) and he’s attempting to influence the hate publication’s coverage on immigration, amplify crimes committed by blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims (Breitbart has a “black crime” section. Seriously), and to promote white nationalist conspiracy theories. He rants about immigrants from Central America and discusses Nazi literature.

This one alone should get him fired from the White House: In one email, he recommends to Breitbart’s editors (like they hadn’t read it yet) the “The Camp of the Saints,” which the SPLC described as a “racist French novel” popular among neo-Nazis and white nationalists (French racists should become mimes). The book fictionalizes the “great replacement” conspiracy theory and “white genocide.” Promoting the “great replacement” theory should get him fired except Trump believes it too.

In another exchange, Miller goes on to discuss how SAT scores plummeted because of the forced inclusion of “poor and nonwhite students” into classrooms.

After this, you would have to be an idiot, or a racist yourself to argue that Miller is not a racist. It would be like saying it’s not racist to yell “send them back” or to defend Nazis.


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Buh-Bye Bannon


If there is one thing we know about Republicans it’s that they will sell out their principles and everything they believe in to get what they want.

Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury has Washington in a tizzy, but we already knew Republicans in Congress, and even those in the Trump administration, believe the president isn’t fit for the job. Every reporter who covers the capitol has been told off-the-record by Republicans that Donald Trump is a maladjusted racist, xenophobic lunatic. But, they can work with that as long as the lunatic signs what they put on his desk.

Utah’s Jason Chaffetz said he couldn’t vote for Trump because he’d have to explain it to his daughter. Then that guy endorsed and voted for Trump, and I never heard how he explained it to his daughter. Ted Cruz said Trump was a sniveling coward for making fun of his wife’s looks, and then he has his daughters doing the Oval Office photo-op with the guy. Maybe if his wife was prettier then he wouldn’t have sold her out so easily. Lindsey Graham said Trump was racist and xenophobic and now he’s helping him deflect the Russia investigation.

Once upon a time, defending our nation from Russia was a part of the Republican platform. Now, these bastards will sell out their nation and kill investigations into Russia meddling in our election and colluding with the Trump campaign.

It’s the most despicable, racist, xenophobic lot of them that will eat each other when the going gets tough. Steve Bannon was the scariest Republican in the country last week. This week, he’s been banished from Republican Haterville because of bad things he said about Trump’s children, even though everything he said is actually true.

Ivanka is a dumbass, as her “TIMESUP” tweet yesterday perfectly illustrates. Don Jr did commit a treasonous act by meeting Russian agents in Trump Tower for dirt on Hillary. “Javanka” is an awesome nickname for Ivanka and her creepy husband, Jared, though they probably think it’s the capital of Indonesia.

Bannon is a perfect example of a narcissist selling out his principles. He isn’t denying his comments nor is he apologizing for them. Instead, he claims he wasn’t talking about Don Jr. when he called him “treasonous.” That is a lie as he was most definitely talking about Don Jr. He claims he was talking about Paul Manafort but how is Manafort a traitor while “Fredo,” Bannon’s nickname for Junior, isn’t? You either stand by your comments or you apologize. It’s either one or the other and not some lame-ass middle ground which Bannon is trying to take. He would have done better if he said that he meant “treasonous” in the good way.

Now, Bannon is out at Breitbart. Why? Because the moneybags propping up that bastion of white nationalism told them to kick him to the curb, feed him to the wolves, throw him under the bus, etc. These people will eat their own when the going gets tough.

Trump’s propaganda minister Stephen Miller was once thought of as Bannon’s ally on kicking Muslims and Mexicans out of the country and everything else related to white nationalism. Last Sunday, Baby Goebbels went on CNN and while making a huge ass out of himself to Jake Tapper said Bannon was an “angry, vindictive person” whose “grotesque comments are so out of touch with reality.” Miller, showing us all how in touch with reality he is, went on to describe Trump as a political genius. If you saw that exchange like I did, you too needed a shower afterward.

Without Trump or Breitbart, Bannon will find it difficult to fulfill his pledge of ousting Senate Majority Leader and stand-in for turtles Mitch McConnell. After endorsing a pedophile and multiples felons for Congress, the only person Bannon could screw out of a job was himself. How bad do you have to be for Breitbart not to want you anymore? It seems making unkind remarks toward Junior and Javanka is worse than endorsing pedophiles.

Now Breitbart is seeking a new director for its hate campaign. Breitbart is not a news outlet. When the wingnuts in your life defend the publication as a counter to the “lame-stream media,” smack them upside their heads. Breitbart is not a counterweight to news. News presents facts. You may not like the facts. Maybe you have a legitimate beef that at times a news outlet will spend too much time with some facts and not enough with others. But facts are still facts. How do you run a campaign against facts? You use propaganda…which is often referred to as bullshit.

Have you ever read the comments underneath a Breitbart story? If your answer is no, good. Don’t go there. It’s a hotbed for racist and Breitbart has never tried to dissuade hate goons from lounging in their house. Breitbart attracts the same readership as The Daily Stormer, which is a Nazi website. Fun stuff.

The only problem with these people eating their own is what comes out later.

Creative notes: There are some things I have to look up every time I draw them, no matter how many times I’ve done it in the past or even how recently. I always look up the American flag to make sure I have the order of the stripes correct (red on top and bottom, and first strip under the field of blue is white). I always look up the Confederate flag because I get paranoid about where the red and blue is placed, which is stupid because I used to live in Mississippi, and that thing was everywhere.

Sometimes as I’m researching I go down internet wormholes, which helps me waste time and procrastinate while working. It’s not always hard work that makes me spend six hours on a cartoon. But while surfing the Klan logo today (for the 987th time), I found a story about a sweet old lady who makes custom robes by hand for Klansmen. Before she ships them off to their wizard, poobah, or cyclop, she blesses each and every one of them. Well, won’t somebody bless her? There was a really nice photo of children wearing her handiwork.

Sometimes, I like to be reminded that there are some seriously fucked up people out there.

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Bannon’s Blue Chips


Former White House chief strategist, head of Breitbart, and poster boy for nationalism Steve Bannon isn’t just trying to redesign the Republican Party into his racist image, he’s trying to do that to America.

Bannon’s politics are so warped to the right, he was against Trump picking Christian zealot and homophobe Mike Pence as his V.P. pick. Say it with me now. Yikes!

Bannon’s first success in electing a nationalistic bigot was Donald Trump. Unfortunately for Bannon, Trump’s only true ideology and passion are Donald Trump. Plus, he’s an idiot. Bannon will need to stack the United States Senate with racists and Nazi sympathizers if he wants to see the United States truly become an authoritarian state subservient to one master.

Inspired by Roy Moore’s primary win in Alabama, Bannon has promised to make every Republican senator face a far-right candidate in their primaries. Well, every Republican senator except Ted Cruz, because he’s horrible enough. Bannon is also targeting Congress and is supporting a former-congressman and felon who’s running for the last Republican-held seat in New York City.

The only problem Bannon may have with the type of candidates he prefers is that they also tend to be kinda stupid. Roy Moore didn’t even know what DACA is and had to have a radio show host explain it to him. Perhaps, after the candidates assume office they can call Bannon who will tell them how to vote.

Bannon envisions an authoritarian nation that rules instead of governs. He wants a government where the head of state’s authority won’t be questioned, and the legislative branch is a paper tiger that folds at his will. The only reason current Republican officeholders are subservient to Trump is that they are afraid of his base. While Trump’s disapproval ratings among people who are not total maniacs hover around 70%, his approval among those who voted for him is around 90%. These are people satisfied with the job performance of a man who has yet to do his job. And, people who voted for Trump are OK with racism.

Bannon wants to replace Republicans who don’t play nice with Trump and don’t share his vision of a culture war and race-baiting politics. Bannon promised to “cut off the oxygen” to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and stop his fundraising for establishment candidates. He’s also called for Senator Bob Corker to resign because he had the gall to question Trump’s ability to serve as president.

He said Corker’s comments about the White House being run like a daycare center are unacceptable, and he had the “audacity” to make those comments to The New York Times. For Breitbart, a propaganda machine, an actual news source that informs people are the enemy.

Bannon said Republican incumbents have committed “economic hate crimes” against the “forgotten man.” What the hell is an economic hate crime? Also, when he says “forgotten,” he means white.

Bannon is declaring “war” on the GOP establishment and all those that don’t back what Trump ran on. He said there is a “new game in town.”

Bannon’s “war” isn’t just on the GOP. It’s on all of us who don’t want a xenophobic, nationalistic racist nation run by complete dumb-asses.

Democrats can’t be fooled into believing that scary, freaky far-right Bannonites toppling establishment Republicans is good for them. First off, the Democratic Party doesn’t have their act together. While they may find a few opportunities in Arizona and Nevada if those incumbent senators are defeated, there’s not much they can do in places like Alabama.

There are eight Republican-held Senate seats up for re-election in 2018. Expect Bannon to target Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Mississippi, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Tennessee. Bannon may also support candidates in states the Democrats are defending, like Florida, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Virginia (I won’t let Virginia happen).

We already have Ted Cruz in the Senate and Roy Moore is likely to join him. Can you imagine how truly horrible it will become if six or seven more like them are elected?

Putin will be so happy.

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Your Reliable News Source


CNN had a rough week. Three of their journalists resigned last week over a story about a Trump associate and his ties to Russia. The news network retracted and apologized. Conservatives are using this as proof that the mainstream media engages in fake news, especially when it comes to covering Donald Trump.

When someone gives a lecture, scolds the media, and focuses on “biased” journalism, I kinda like it if that person has an understanding of how journalism actually works. For example, I haven’t seen one complaint about the CNN story where the conservative complaining explained exactly what CNN did wrong.

So what did Cable News Network get wrong in their coverage? They reported that the Senate Intelligence Committee was investigating Anthony Scaramucci, a Wall Streeter and a member of Trump’s transition team for a meeting he had with the chief executive of the Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). What CNN got wrong was that they reported RDIF was a part of Russian state bank Vnesheconombank, which it is not. That’s very important because Vnesheconombank is under sanction by the U.S. government. RDIF is “subject” to sanctions from the U.S. Treasury Department. Fine details, but important nonetheless.

Update and correction: What CNN got incorrect, and I repeated was the part about Scaramucci being under investigation. He is NOT under investigation. A representative for Mr. Scaramucci, Arthur Schwartz, contacted me today and asked me to correct it. Schwartz informed me that Scaramucci did speak with the executive of the RDIF “briefly in public at an international finance conference with reporters everywhere.” My apologies to Mr. Scaramucci. He and Mr. Schwartz were very gracious and understanding.

CNN had to eat a lot of crap over the story (and I just ate a little) and apologized to Scaramucci. The Trump team has used it as their proof that CNN is fake news. What they don’t understand is that CNN made a mistake and owned it.

Do you recall the Seth Rich story? Fox News published an article linking his death to sharing emails with Wikileaks. As it turns out, there was no evidence of that. Fox News retracted and apologized. Nobody was forced to resign. Sean Hannity was the network’s biggest proponent of the conspiracy theory, yet he never retracted or apologized. He refused to admit it’s “fake news” and simply said he wouldn’t talk about it anymore. He wasn’t sanctioned, punished, or forced to resign. He got Bill O’Reilly’s time slot.

Every single news outlet is going to make mistakes. Sometimes huge ones. What needs to be watched is how they handle it. Do they admit it and issue a retraction, or do they leave it on their site for days with an itty bitty editor’s note, or do they sweep it under the rug?

Over the past week, the same right-wing nut jobs who faked a bunch of sabotage videos of Planned Parenthood did the same thing with CNN. They got a CNN producer who works on health segments to say the Russia thing was fake. They got Van Jones on camera saying it was a “nothing burger,” a term that has seriously “jumped the shark.” Another producer for their morning show New Day, is on camera saying voters are idiots and the Russian narrative is “bullshit.”

This is where the critics don’t understand journalism. When you interview someone the subject should be aware that he’s being interviewed. The interviewer is supposed to inform the subject who he represents and what he’s covering. Another biggee, Somewhere in the video the guy asking the questions should be identified. That’d be like me drawing cartoons without signing my name. Also, you shouldn’t deceptively edit the video so it delivers propaganda.

So these people who really hate biased journalism use biased “journalism” to attack the legitimate press. It’s amazing that people can engage in hypocrisy with straight faces. That brings us to Donald Trump and his sycophants.

After scolding the press during a White House briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders told the press they should watch the sabotage videos and said, “whether it’s accurate or not, I don’t know.”  Seriously. She did that right after scolding the press for not using facts.

Trump is the biggest complainer of journalism doing its job. While he loves to cite fake statistics and just makes up shit, he blasts CNN, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. He tweets sexists insults and engages in feuds with morning show hosts. He posted a video today of him giving CNN a “clothesline.” The clip is from his days with World Wrestling Entertainment (a fake sport). Talk about inciting violence.

Trump hates the press who actually investigates, but he loves the fake media. He retweets articles from InfoWars (who are afraid of gay frogs), and Breitbart (the bastion of racism and white nationalism and where nobody ever gets fired for printing lies). He made the chief of Breitbart his number one political Nazi strategist. Trump has spoken of and tweeted bogus stories from the National Enquirer such as, there are women out there who want to sleep with Ted Cruz. In fact, Trump is buddies with the publisher of the National Enquirer, David Pecker. Seriously, His name is David Pecker. Trump thinks Mr. Pecker should have won the Pulitzer for his fine investigative journalism, and be leading Time Magazine. Perhaps if Pecker was the publisher of Time then they’d create actual covers praising Trump, like the fake covers he hangs in his golf resorts.

Let me finish with a note on the coverage of the White House: Trump doesn’t have to like his coverage. No president does (you know, like saying he wasn’t born in the United States…ahem!). He’s entitled to say it’s unfair. But what is unfair? The reporting has been fair. There is an investigation on Trump’s ties to Russia. In fact, there are a lot of investigations in Trump and Russia. You can’t claim there’s no evidence when all your guys are stonewalling and they keep meeting with Russian spies, then forgetting the meetings ever happened.

Is the commentary fair? No. Commentary is never fair. Neither are political cartoons. When you watch your news shows at night, whether it’s Fox, CNN, or MSNBC, none of it’s fair. CNN has best rounded collection of talking heads, with Trump lovers and haters. If a talking head hates everything about Trump, he or she isn’t being entirely fair, and neither are the Trump lovers. If you excuse everything Trump does or make excuses for it, that’s not fair coverage. You suck and you’re nothing but a sycophant.

Sycophants have no place complaining about fake news.

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Trump’s Real News


This cartoon isn’t as much of a cartoon as it is an illustration of what really happened at Donald Trump’s first press conference since last July.

Trump is no fan of the media unless it’s the National Enquirer or Breitbart. He’s even feuded with Fox News on occasion.

Trump used his press conference to punish the two news organizations he’s angriest with at the moment, Buzzfeed and CNN. Buzzfeed published the 35 page dossier on Russia supposedly having compromising information on Trump. CNN reported there was a dossier. Trump still assaulted CNN for what he considers “fake news.” The man behind the birther movement being upset with “fake news” is a brand new irony for a man full of ironies. Trump, who asked Russia to release hacked information during the campaign and proclaimed at more than one rally “I love Wikileaks” told the press on Wednesday how upset he was over leaks.

He punished CNN by not allowing their reporter, Jim Acosta, to ask a question. He even shouted the man down. This will go over well with his supporters as they hate legitimate news organizations also. After refusing to take Acosta’s question he allowed Breitbart, the racist alt-right news source where he got his chief strategist and home of massive propagandist lies, to ask a question which was on reforming the news industry.

The rest of the press conference was exceptionally weird, even for Trump. He packed the place with his supporters who applauded his answers. There’s nothing like a room full of paid yes men. He compared US intelligence to Nazis and praised the Kremlin’s information. His main purpose of the presser was to inform the media that he’s putting his businesses into a blind trust…run by his sons. He even brought props which consisted of stacks of paper to prove he’s signing his business away…which will still pay him. It was like when he brought Trump steaks to a press conference last Summer which still had the labels from Walmart or wherever he actually bought them.

What bothers me is how news outlets allow Trump to abuse them. A free press is very important to a democracy which is something Trump obviously doesn’t want. He admires nationalistic strongmen like Putin too much.

None of the news organizations stood up for CNN at the press conference. They waited until it was over and even then it was much later in the day.

In the past Trump has unleashed his wrath on other members of the press. He banned The Des Moines Register from his campaign during the primaries because he didn’t like one of their editorials. He corralled members of the media covering his rallies into a pen and encouraged his supporters to jeer them. He’s ejected reporters from The New York Times and Telemundo out of events. His campaign manager manhandled a female reporter from Breitbart and that organization didn’t stand up for her…and Trump eventually made their chief executive his new campaign manager and now his chief White House strategist. A day doesn’t go by when he doesn’t refer to a news organization are “failing” or members of the press as “liars” and “terrible people.”

On Wednesday Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer threatened to throw Acosta out of Trump Tower if he attempted to ask another question.

A lot of people are talking about Trump’s war with US Intelligence. Somewhere there should be a headline reading “Trump Hates Intelligence.

Intelligence is going to be a rare commodity for the next four years.

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Grabby 2016


Michelle Fields, a reporter for Breitbart, claimed that Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski grabbed her and left bruises on her arm. This happened after a Trump press conferences in Jupiter, Florida, on the night of a primary.

The Trump campaign never admits wrongdoing or apologizes. They claimed it never happened. Lewandowski tweeted, because these people tweet, that he never touched or met Fields. Trump said it never happened. Fields published pictures of bruises on her arm.

Field’s organization, Breitbart, failed to back her up so Fields resigned.

Lewandowski was arrested Tuesday on charges of battery in Jupiter, Florida, where the incident happened. Video is out of the guy grabbing the female reporter. Now Trump says he “brushed by her.” I guess it turns out they did meet, though it probably wasn’t a formal introduction like “hello, I’m Corey Lewandowski. May I manhandle you?”.

On the video the reporter is walking along Trump, trying to ask questions. Lewandowski comes up from through the crowd and behind Fields, grabs and stops her as Trump keeps going. He definitely did more than brush by her. The Trump campaign is trying to do the Jedi-mind trick on the public by saying what you’re seeing on the video isn’t really what you’re seeing. This is not the assault you’re looking for.

Fields claimed afterward that she was grabbed by the arm and almost yanked to the ground. The video makes the Trump campaign look like liars. It makes Fields out that she exaggerated the incident.

Yeah, she was grabbed. It probably lasted a second. That’s long enough to leave a bruise. Is that battery? In Florida, yes it is. There is no excuse to grab anyone without permission. If they give you permission as in “yes, please grab me” then go ahead and get all grabby and up in their business. Campaigns don’t have habit of rouging up reporters, no matter how much the campaigns hate the press in their love/hate relationship.

Campaigns also don’t understand that when they write rules for the media, as in “don’t ask questions,” that the media has no obligation to obey those rules. Campaigns don’t dictate journalism. I know. Wouldn’t it just be easier for candidates if the media would only ask pre-approved questions?

Now Breitbart really isn’t journalism. It’s a right wing troll site. If you’re ever debating someone over politics and they cite a Breitbart article, you automatically win the argument. Working for Breitbart makes any claim by Fields questionable, even in conflict with Donald Trump. We’re talking about a “journalist” that chooses to work for a news organization that doesn’t operate or conduct itself with the same ethical or moral guidelines as the legitimate media. They are not news. They exist to obstruct Obama and encourage fear, racism, and feed lies that will make their readers angry at liberals. Imagine Fox News without any moral or ethical code. I know. You already thought they didn’t have any. Go read a Breitbart article, then read the comments section, then take a shower.

Fields did exaggerate. I don’t believe she’s been taught that journalists aren’t supposed to make stuff up. But she’s not wrong in that she was violated. She was grabbed. It’s a blurry video but you can tell she’s suddenly stopped as soon as Lewandowski reached her.

The Trump campaign has less credibility than Breitbart. Breitbart backed Trump up by not demanding an apology or an explanation from the Trump campaign. Fields resigned for their lack of support to which I ask Fields: What did you expect from Brietbart? You lie down with snakes, don’t be surprised when they bite. I’m sure she won’t have any issues with integrity in the future since she now works for Fox News and The Daily Caller (insert eye roll here).

What’s next? Lewandowsky will be slapped on the wrist if the charges are not dropped. The Trump campaign increases its campaign of violence, hate, and misogyny. This issue will be a footnote in July when the Republicans hold their convention in Cleveland. There will be new scandals. Maybe Trump will toss a midget.

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Sloppy Journalism


I am always amused when conservatives criticize the media. They criticize it for being biased toward the left and being inaccurate. Meanwhile they’re all fans of Fox News, The Daily Caller, Breitbart, The Blaze, etc., and they share stories from these sources all over social media. It seems a conservative’s answer for biased media is more biased media. I’m also intrigued by conservatives in the media who complain about the liberal media, forgetting that they’re conservatives in the media. I’m especially puzzled when conservative journalists exhibit a lack of knowledge of how news organizations operate.

You can point out to right wingers that their sources are extremely flawed, much more so than the “Lame Stream Media.” It just goes over their heads. Conservatives only spot bad journalism from the main stream media, after it’s been pointed out to them. I have had conservatives scold me for citing a story from Media Matters, Politifact and Snopes then back up their argument with a link to the Daily Caller. Irony, hypocrisy, facts, and humor are not conservatives strong points. These are the same people who want to hear foreign policy advice from Dick Cheney.
Rolling Stone Magazine messed up (not the band. They mess up every night and people pay thousands of dollars to hear it). What the magazine did was commit errors you learn to avoid in journalism 101. You don’t take a source’s information on blind faith. You make phone calls and check sources. It is amazing they put so much time, detail, attention, coverage, and promotion into such a flawed story. The rest of the media wasn’t wrong on the story as they were reporting stories on a story.
The biggest tragedy in this isn’t as much a journalism tragedy as it is a human tragedy. Rape is still a serious issue among fraternities in America and now there’s more attention to a sloppy story. This does not mean we can now ignore the crisis on American college campuses. Not only will women be even more afraid to report rape, news outlets will be more hesitant to write about it.
A lot of journalists are amazed Rolling Stone’s reporter hasn’t been fired. I don’t think she should be fired. I think a punishment of sort should be dealt out but her career shouldn’t be sacrificed. She didn’t make anything up. She didn’t lie. Her source lied. Her greatest error was wanting to believe the story to the point that she didn’t check if the facts were true. That happens everyday in journalism and on national platforms.
How many times has Fox News given a platform to someone who was lying or aired heavily edited videos that present information as they want it digested? How many times has the still employed Bill O’Reilly made something up? Ever notice that Bill’s lie are always where he’s the hero of the situation?
I don’t even want to talk about how often those other partisan sites are wrong because that’s almost a daily thing.
I don’t just blame these “news” sources. I blame consumers. Fox News is number one among viewers by a wide margin. They’re not number one because they’re “fair and balanced”, accurate or the best source for information. They’re number one because most news viewers want to be told what they want to hear.
The best way to start to repair this (for TV news) is to fire everyone who’s a politician. Stop paying people to be on your network who are activists or politicians. That goes for MSNBC too. They need to fire Al Sharpton. Not because he’s a “race baiter” as conservatives say. They need to fire him because he’s a political activist and maybe because he’s also really bad as a news host. He’s not intelligent enough to deliver news, interview people and he shouts everything. While MSNBC is at it they should fire Ed Schultz. Not so much because he’s an activist but just because I don’t like that guy. Since I’m on the subject I’m going to point out to the ignorant that MSNBC is only the liberal network at night. Seriously. Go watch Morning Joe.
Rolling Stone has a history of great writing and breaking stories. They just stepped all over their reputation. They need to take extra steps to restore their integrity and trust among their readers. They need to give their writer the same opportunity, maybe with baby steps. Every news organization will make mistakes. It’s how they respond after the truth comes out that’s very important to whether we can continue to trust them. Do they give a correction and find the source of the errors or do they blame those that point out the errors and remain silent?
A lot of consumers don’t care, depending upon their source.
Accountability is demanded more from liberal and mainstream news outlets. Facts have a pesky way of being biased toward the left.

I Beg Your Pardon?

cjones11102014 is a conservative news site. It’s very much propaganda for the GOP and it caters to right wing nut jobs and often disguises conspiracy theories as news. It has a history of being very unreliable.

Yesterday Breitbart published a story on about how Obama’s Attorney General nominee, Loretta Lynch, was one of Bill Clinton’s defense lawyers during his impeachment trial and how she had a history as a political operative for the Democrats. How dare Obama nominate a political hack to such an important post. Unfortunately Brietbart had the wrong Loretta Lynch. The Loretta Lynch nominated by Obama is currently a United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. Another difference between the two Lynches is that one is white and the other is black. Can’t get anything past those eagle eyed journalist at Breitbart.

So how does Breitbart handle this journalistic snafu? They run a correction. Of course the correction ran at the bottom of their story which most of their readers would never bother to read. The correction destroyed the entire purpose for the story.

The page looked something like this: Horrible person nominated for Attorney General! Obama is terrible! Outrage! Sound the right wing alarms! Panic in the streets! Activist! Activist! We’re all going to be constitutionally violated! Oops. never mind.

You would think they would pull the story and replace it with another describing journalism fail along with an apology. No. They did eventually pull the story after the story became the story. Still following?

A good reporter finds sources. They research. They bone up. They look up history. They make phone calls. If all else fails they can do a simple Google search or even, Heaven forbid, consult Wikipedia. Any of that would have been more accurate and resourceful than Breitbart’s coverage.

Breitbart’s good at riling up it’s base with wacky inaccurate stories. Along with The Blaze and The Daily Caller it’s also a great place to find racist rants left in the comments under each of their stories. Keep that in mind next time you want to share one of their stories on social media.

It wouldn’t surprise me if this confusion isn’t still brought up by a Republican during Lynch’s confirmation hearing. Republicans are good at being ridiculous when they’re on camera.

And in case if you don’t get the “beg my pardon” or “rose garden” theme: Country singer Loretta Lynn had a song called “Rose Garden” back in the 1970’s. The line goes “I beg your pardon…I never promised you a rose garden.” My mom played a lot of country music when I was a kid.

Update: I received some messages that the song “Rose Garden” was a Lynn Anderson song, NOT Loretta Lynn. How could I mess up like that? I used Google. I found it on Youtube. Turns out I didn’t mess up. Yes, Lynn Anderson covered the song (it was written by Joe South, the same guy who wrote “Hush” which was covered by Deep Purple) and was also covered by several others including Loretta Lynn. I will give in that the Loretta Lynn version is probably the better known version.

Here’s the Loretta Lynn version.