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Bikers For Trump Virus


The annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally kicked off this week in South Dakota and there are fears the event will be a “superspreader” event for the Trump Virus.

Sturgis is a small town with a population of around 7,000. The biker rally has brought between 500,000 to 700,000 people to Sturgis in the past though this year, it’s estimated to be much smaller at around 250,000.

Even though Donald Trump’s Tulsa hate rally was a disappointment of 6,000 attendees when they were expecting 100,000, that’s still too high of a crowd to be mingling in during a pandemic. Ask Herman Cain. The 250,000 currently in Sturgis is even worse as masks and social distancing are not required. In case you’re a Republican, 250 is greater than 6.

Apparently, most bikers are conservative in their politics. I think it’s safe to assume any attending Sturgis this week are pro-Trump. They’re not wearing masks or practicing social distancing and they’re at a huge rally during a pandemic. Do they believe the virus is overblown and not as dangerous as scientists claim? According to the founder of Bikers For Trump, yes.

Chris Cox, the founder of the organization for stupid people who ride motorcycles, referred to the pandemic as a “plan-demic” organized by the “left” to sink the economy and hurt Donald Trump.

Talking to Boris Sanchez on CNN Saturday night, Cox said, “A lot of predictions have been made. There were predictions that over 5% of the people that caught this would actually die when actually it’s less than 1%. We’ve have to mitigate these predictions and put them in perspective, and a lot of us believe this might be a ‘plan-demic’ as opposed to a pandemic and I for one am one of them.”

He went on to say the virus is “being blown out of proportion” and “polarized by the left because of the simple fact they would like mail-in ballots and that might be the only chance they have of beating our president (sic) if they have an opportunity to maybe cheat a little bit.”

There’s the first stupid right-wing talking point: Mail-in ballots being used to “cheat a little bit.” The fact is, there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud with mail-in ballots and this nation has been doing it since the Civil War. The other horrifying fact for Republicans it that the higher the turnout, the worse Republicans do.

Stupid Bikers For Trump guy also said, “I think this is planned by the left to sink this amazing economy that our president has built greater than anyone else and that these numbers are being just exaggerated across the board.”

There’s the second stupid right-wing talking point: Trump built this “amazing” economy. First off, the economy we have right now, it is amazing and Donald Trump did build it…or more to the point, he destroyed it. It’s amazing how horrible it’s doing. But the economy Mr. Cox is probably talking about is the one before the pandemic that Donald Trump inherited from President Barack Obama.

He also pushed a third right-wing talking point, that a lot of people were dying from other causes yet doctors and coroners were falsifying their death certificates to claim they died from the Trump Virus.

Here’s my favorite part from the Biker For Trump dude: When asked about a specific “nefarious organization” planning the virus, instead of saying something realistic, like “no,” Cox said, “I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I need to see hard evidence before I am able to ascertain an answer for that.” Then, after stating he’s not a conspiracy theorist, he claimed he knew a doctor in South Carolina who sent in a clear swab “and it came back he was positive.” He also claimed he knew people who got tired of waiting in line for a test so they left, and later it was reported they tested positive.

This non-conspiracy theorist was pressed by Sanchez to supply the doctor’s name and contact information, and for further details about people who didn’t test but were later told they were positive after the interview. Sanchez even offered for him to take that information to another news organization like Fox News. I’m going to let you guess how that turned out. I’ll give you a hint: It didn’t.

Another fun lie from Cox: He claimed there are more women in leadership positions in this administration than ever before.

Once again, we can’t get anyone on television promoting Trump without lying. This Cox guy lied his biker balls off. Once again, you can’t find anyone supporting Donald Trump isn’t batshit crazy or stupid.

I don’t think Sanchez anticipated getting a conspiracy theorist on his show. Cox is the leader of a pro-Trump organization and a former Congressional candidate. But Sanchez did an excellent job of shooting down the bullshit. You can argue these loons shouldn’t be given airtime for their lies, but you can also argue that since Fox News and OANN are giving it to them, then the other networks should invite them on to debunk their lies and conspiracy theories.

But in case Chris Cox, the founder for Bikers For Trump is reading this: Mr. Cox, you are a conspiracy theorist and you are relying on lies to support your confirmation bias. What you are doing is dangerous. I hope I never see you spreading your bullshit on TV ever again. Peddle your stupid ass home and shut up.

Bikers like to say they take risks every time they ride. Riding a motorcycle is dangerous, even if you’re a great rider. Now, they say they’re willing to take risks with the Trump Virus. But, once again, they’re not just risking their lives. They’re risking everyone’s lives. And they’re risking all our lives by supporting Donald Trump, who’s allowed the Trump Virus to kill over 162,0000 Americans.

The biker rally will last ten days. Very few people will show signs of the Trump Virus while they’re in Sturgis. But wait a few days and we’ll start seeing signs across the country and read news reports about how someone who tested positive was at Sturgis…and then he droves across the country.

These people are risking a lot of lives for their politics. They’re risking lives for Donald Trump, lies, and conspiracy theories. Herman Cain did the same thing. Ask him how that worked out.

Bikers For Trump are just like all organizations for Trump. They should all merge under one name.

Stupid People For Trump.

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