Bernie At The Vatican

Bernie’s Vatican Detour


Bernie Sanders took a two day break from campaigning in New York to give a speech at the Vatican.

Sanders has momentum and he draws larger crowds than any of the other candidates. Last week he drew over 27,000 to a rally in Washington Square in New York City. You’re not going to see those crowds at a Clinton, Cruz or even a Trump rally. Going to the Vatican to meet the Pope further adds to the impression of Sanders’ momentum.

This momentum isn’t going to deliver a victory in New York. There’s debate that his two day swing away from the campaign was a waste of time and money. Reportedly he spent $2 million of his campaign’s money to take his family with him to Rome on a private plane. I don’t see an issue with that. When people donate money to a campaign, you’re allowing them to use the funds the way they believe best to win. I doubt if many of Sanders’ contributors, who give an average of $27.00, are upset over this expense.

Things are getting hot between Sanders and Clinton, but not nearly as heated as between their supporters. Many swear they won’t support the other if they become the nominee. It’s getting insane. I’ve been accused of supporting Hillary and feeling the Bern. Other times I’ve been accused of being a right winger for my cartoons on the two, which makes me believe the critic has only seen one cartoon of mine in the 25 years I’ve been doing this. It doesn’t get much more insulting than being called a right winger.

Here’s the truth. The hard truth for many. Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president. She’s going to defeat Sanders in New York and eventually win the nomination. It doesn’t matter who the GOP nominates as the Democrats are set with 240 definite electoral votes. Republicans are so determined to stop Trump that they don’t realize Cruz is just as much of a drag on their ticket and will lose House and Senate seats this November.

Sanders may not win but he’s been very influential, even pulling Hillary further to the left. That’s something Obama waited six years into his presidency to do. My hope is that the issues Sanders is bringing to the table now don’t fade away after November.

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