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There is nothing in the Constitution that says every vote must be counted on Election Day. In fact, there’s nothing in the Constitution that says every vote must be delivered by Election Day.

For years, military and mail-in ballots have arrived AFTER Election Day. Now, late ballots are an issue. Now, every vote won’t count. Why? Because once again, the Republicans are trying to steal an election. Again, Republicans are cheating.

Mitch McConnell said new Supreme Court justice Amy Coney Barrett will be a “political asset” during the election. So are the other two Trump appointees. The Supreme Court voted this week to reject ballots if they don’t arrive at a time that’s convenient for Donald Trump.

The vote wasn’t about being late or election security. It wasn’t about democracy. It wasn’t about every vote counting. It was about rejecting votes that will go against Donald Trump.

For months, Donald Trump has been screaming that we should stop counting after Election Day. He’s wailed that any votes arriving after shouldn’t be counted. He’s even said it should be illegal. Since when?

The Supreme Court ruled that late-arriving ballots in Wisconsin are not to be accepted. Why? Because it would be inconvenient to “flip” an election. This majority opinion, representing FIVE Supreme Court justices, was written by Trump appointee Brett Kavanaugh who’s totally trying to rape this election.

Kavanaugh wrote wrote that Election Day mail-in deadlines were devised “to avoid the chaos and suspicions of impropriety that can ensue if thousands of absentee ballots flow in after Election Day and potentially flip the results of an election.”

The Constitution does not guarantee a chaos-free election. So basically, we shouldn’t give the election to the rightful winner if it causes “chaos.” We should give the election to the person who received fewer votes because giving it to the rightful winner may cause some anxiety. Someone may get a rumbly tummy.

Dumbass with the bad haircut also wrote, “Those states also want to be able to definitively announce the results of the election on election night, or as soon as possible thereafter.” That sounds familiar. It’s like I’ve heard that stupid-ass argument before, but louder and shouted at a super-spreader event.

Hours before the ruling, Donald Trump tweeted election officials “must have final total on November 3rd,” alleging without evidence that there are “big problems” with mail-in ballots. Twitter later labeled that tweet bullshit, but Brett Kavanaugh didn’t.

Kavanaugh let Trump’s idiotic tweet guide his writing hand. If you don’t have all the ballots, then you don’t call the election. How can you “flip” an election that hasn’t been called yet? And this was the argument for the majority…the smartest legal minds in the nation? I call bullshit on that too.

There is another case involving late ballots in Pennsylvania that will be ruled on by this Republican “political asset” we call the “Supreme Court.” And Donald Trump said he wants a nine-member court for when he challenges the election, pretty much admitting he expects to lose.

Donald Trump will rightly lose this election but he may not leave the White House…ever. Not if Brett Kavanaugh and the other Trump flunkies have any say about it.

It should also be noted this shitty ruling was BEFORE Amy Coney Barrett was placed on the bench.

Justice Elena Kagan wrote the dissenting opinion saying, “There are no results to ‘flip’ until all valid votes are counted.”

She also wrote, “Nothing could be more suspicious or improper than refusing to tally votes once the clock strikes 12 on election night. To suggest otherwise, especially in these fractious times, is to disserve the electoral process.”

Kagan is right but Republicans, the Conservative majority, and Donald Trump doesn’t care about “disserving” the electoral process. It’s their very intention.

Over 70 million people have already voted with a large majority of them being Democratic voters. How many will be thrown out because of this corrupt Supreme Court?

Kavanaugh, Barrett, Gorsuch and the rest of the majority will disservice the electoral process because they’re all in service to Donald Trump.

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