Bannon Party

Bannon’s Blue Chips


Former White House chief strategist, head of Breitbart, and poster boy for nationalism Steve Bannon isn’t just trying to redesign the Republican Party into his racist image, he’s trying to do that to America.

Bannon’s politics are so warped to the right, he was against Trump picking Christian zealot and homophobe Mike Pence as his V.P. pick. Say it with me now. Yikes!

Bannon’s first success in electing a nationalistic bigot was Donald Trump. Unfortunately for Bannon, Trump’s only true ideology and passion are Donald Trump. Plus, he’s an idiot. Bannon will need to stack the United States Senate with racists and Nazi sympathizers if he wants to see the United States truly become an authoritarian state subservient to one master.

Inspired by Roy Moore’s primary win in Alabama, Bannon has promised to make every Republican senator face a far-right candidate in their primaries. Well, every Republican senator except Ted Cruz, because he’s horrible enough. Bannon is also targeting Congress and is supporting a former-congressman and felon who’s running for the last Republican-held seat in New York City.

The only problem Bannon may have with the type of candidates he prefers is that they also tend to be kinda stupid. Roy Moore didn’t even know what DACA is and had to have a radio show host explain it to him. Perhaps, after the candidates assume office they can call Bannon who will tell them how to vote.

Bannon envisions an authoritarian nation that rules instead of governs. He wants a government where the head of state’s authority won’t be questioned, and the legislative branch is a paper tiger that folds at his will. The only reason current Republican officeholders are subservient to Trump is that they are afraid of his base. While Trump’s disapproval ratings among people who are not total maniacs hover around 70%, his approval among those who voted for him is around 90%. These are people satisfied with the job performance of a man who has yet to do his job. And, people who voted for Trump are OK with racism.

Bannon wants to replace Republicans who don’t play nice with Trump and don’t share his vision of a culture war and race-baiting politics. Bannon promised to “cut off the oxygen” to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and stop his fundraising for establishment candidates. He’s also called for Senator Bob Corker to resign because he had the gall to question Trump’s ability to serve as president.

He said Corker’s comments about the White House being run like a daycare center are unacceptable, and he had the “audacity” to make those comments to The New York Times. For Breitbart, a propaganda machine, an actual news source that informs people are the enemy.

Bannon said Republican incumbents have committed “economic hate crimes” against the “forgotten man.” What the hell is an economic hate crime? Also, when he says “forgotten,” he means white.

Bannon is declaring “war” on the GOP establishment and all those that don’t back what Trump ran on. He said there is a “new game in town.”

Bannon’s “war” isn’t just on the GOP. It’s on all of us who don’t want a xenophobic, nationalistic racist nation run by complete dumb-asses.

Democrats can’t be fooled into believing that scary, freaky far-right Bannonites toppling establishment Republicans is good for them. First off, the Democratic Party doesn’t have their act together. While they may find a few opportunities in Arizona and Nevada if those incumbent senators are defeated, there’s not much they can do in places like Alabama.

There are eight Republican-held Senate seats up for re-election in 2018. Expect Bannon to target Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Mississippi, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Tennessee. Bannon may also support candidates in states the Democrats are defending, like Florida, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Virginia (I won’t let Virginia happen).

We already have Ted Cruz in the Senate and Roy Moore is likely to join him. Can you imagine how truly horrible it will become if six or seven more like them are elected?

Putin will be so happy.

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