Stereotype Your Wedding Planner Before It’s Too Late


A lot of conservatives defense for Indiana’s Restoration Of Religious Freedom law is that it’s exactly like laws in other states and the federal law signed by Clinton in the 1990’s. Today Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson destroyed that argument by not signing a duplicate to Indiana’s and stating he wants one more like the federal law.

The federal law was not built to discriminate. It’s goal was to actually protect religious freedom. This law in Indiana is designed to discriminate. The law is not necessary. Nobody’s religious freedom is being violated. The only way anyone who’s honest can say the law is needed is that we need to discriminate in this country. Indiana governor Mike Pence his expressed himself in the past of being very homophobic and seeking laws designed to discriminate.
In addition to all the businesses that have come out against Indiana and Arkansas’ hate efforts, NASCAR has come out against it. You know, NASCAR. That “sport” with a fanbase of Bubbas chewing tobacco, drinking beer, slapping women on the asses, gay joke telling, Southern culture, Mitt Romney voting, entirely white fan base NASCAR. Indiana, you literally are being left in the dust.
But hey, homophobes have finally caught on to what the gay agenda is really about, which is that it only exist to drive small business bakeries and florists to go out of business. Seriously, you really have to hate someone not to sell them a cake. There were examples of bakers and florists going out of business in Washington and Oregon for not providing their services to gay weddings.
First; if you’re so close minded you won’t do business with gay couples then what the Hell are you doing in Washington and Oregon? Second; if a bunch of fraternity dudes went to a baker and said they wanted donuts and planned to wear them on their penises, take photos of the act then place the pics underneath the donuts before they sent them to a sorority, the baker would probably say “that’s disgusting and it sounds like you need at least two dozen.” Then he’d place his business card with the order.
You would think the entire wedding industry would be euphoric over gay weddings as that increases their client base. I know I’m a non-conformist but if I was a baker I’d sell a cake to a man/horse wedding, legal or not. I’d be ecstatic about selling the cake. I’m sure James Carville and Mary Matalin found a caterer for their wedding who did the job without throwing up in his mouth.
There’s news today of a homophobic pizza place in Indiana that says they’ll use the new law to deny service to weddings. Seriously, the name of the place is “Homophobic Pizza” (no it’s not). If anyone is having a pizza catered to their wedding then it’s not gonna be a gay wedding. I did see a wedding reception at a Hooters once and that wasn’t gay either, and it wasn’t even my wedding. My wife vetoed that idea (I still can’t remember why we divorced).
I really don’t get all this fear of providing business to gays. Have you ever heard of a straight guy getting kicked out of a gay bar?
Today a conservative buddy of mine posted this on social media: If I’m a conservative, freelance cartoonist in Indiana, and a liberal group, whose political lifestyle I disagree with, wants to hire me to draw cartoons, I shouldn’t be able to say “No thank you?”
Yes you can say “no thank you” and thanks for displaying you don’t understand the issue. I don’t mean to pick on my homophobic and close-minded friend but this is the sort of clueless examples trolls are dishing out there. Bakeries and florists are providing a service and are businesses. A cartoonist is an individual. Selling a cake or flowers does not endorse an opinion or lifestyle. If you’re a Wiccan and buy blue jeans from Walmart does that mean Walmart supports the Wiccan lifestyle?  If my cartoons appear in National Review or Breitbart readers can understandably get the impression I support the viewpoints of those publications (and that I’m a knuckle-dragging, cave dweller). It’s not the same thing. What scares me is that he’s a cartoonist who doesn’t understand the difference between journalism and baked goods (though they are often acquainted in a newsroom) and seriously needs to work on his analogies. My penis/donut analogy was much better.
Some people questioned my homophobic buddy that no liberal publication would ask to use his work. That is not very likely but in his defense it’s not entirely implausible. I’ve been approached by a Tea Party group before to draw cartoons for them which really nails down that they are the stupid party.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go take a shower after that National Review/Breitbart hypothesis I used earlier.