Back Alley Abortions

Our Dystopian Future

The people who argue that you can’t ban guns because people will still get guns are the same troglodytes who support banning abortion. But you don’t ban abortion, you just outlaw it.

This is a momentous occasion and I wasn’t sure how to address it with a cartoon. I’m still not sure. There’s so much to take from this.

Roe v. Wade was overturned by the will of the minority in this nation. More Americans voted against Donald Trump than for him. More Americans voted for Democratic Senate candidates than for Republicans. Yet, the people who were put in power by the few placed three justices on the court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The justices lied in their confirmation hearings. They each assured us that the Constitutional right to an abortion was precedent and protected law. Somehow after they were confirmed, it became “egregiously wrong.”

The man who nominated three of the six justices who overturned abortion tried to steal an election he lost through a coup and install himself as a fascist dictator.

Three of the six justices are sitting in stolen seats. Neil Gorsuch’s seat was stolen from an Obama nominee because Mitch McConnell wouldn’t even allow a hearing, claiming it was too close to an election and the people needed to have a say in the next appointment, never mind the fact that after the election more people had voted for Hillary Clinton than Trump and for more Democrats than Republicans, who voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch.

The seat Brett Kavanaugh sits in was occupied by Justice Anthony Kennedy, who resigned so Trump could fill it…which he couldn’t have filled if Putin hadn’t meddled in our election to install Trump into the presidency. Take it for what it’s worth, but for years, Kennedy’s son was in charge of real estate loans for Deutsche Bank, and he approved millions in loans for Trump when no other bank would.

Amy Coney Barrett, who had less than three years of experience as a judge before her nomination, is sitting in Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat, which became vacant less than two months before the election. So according to Mitch McConnell’s own argument about letting the people decide in the next election, Barrett is sitting in a stolen seat.

One of the six justices who voted to overturn Roe v. Wade, Clarence Thomas, is married to a woman who helped Trump try to steal the election and install himself as a fascist dictator.

Each of the six justices are religious zealots. They are dictating laws onto this nation based not on the Constitution, but their fundamentalism.

All six of justice have been members of the Federalist Society, and extreme far-right fucknut legal club that has too much influence on our nation’s legal system. They provided Donald Trump with a list of judicial candidates to choose from.

The Supreme Court didn’t ban abortion outright. They just overturned Roe v. Wade and gave the decision to the states. We can expect at least 26 states to ban outright and several other states to pass heavy restrictions.

Republicans have always cried that abortion should be left to the states, not the federal government. But since Republicans are lying goons, we will see bills brought up in Congress to ban abortion nationally. If Republicans take the House and Senate and have enough votes to override a presidential veto, abortion will be outlawed even in blue states like New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, California, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, etc.

Will there be some Republicans in the House and Senate who will vote against a national ban on abortions? Sure, but their numbers are low and there are morons amongst them. Senator Susan Collins actually believed Brett Kavanaugh when he “assured” her he wouldn’t overturn Roe vs. Wade and voted to confirm him.

A lot of people are speculating abortion is just the first domino and contraception, marriage equality, and even integration of schools will be banned. Clarence Thomas has basically asked the yee-haw states to send cases on those issues to the Supreme Court so they ban those items.

If you’re thinking “golly-gee wilikens, they wouldn’t take a case restricting birth control as an excuse to outright ban it,” you are more gullible than Susan Collins. The very case they used to overturn Roe v. Wade wasn’t a total ban on abortion. The case from Mississippi was a ban on abortions after 15 weeks. The Supreme Court would have been wrong to side with Mississippi on the ban after 15 weeks, but instead of just being wrong, the six justices overstepped their mandate.

This is the deal Mitch McConnell and Republicans made with the devil, Donald Trump. They’ve been trying to end abortion since 1973. They don’t care that they could only do it by deception and through a racist pussy-grabbing narcissistic orange shitgibbon. And they’re not done since it’s still legal in every state.

Republicans are not going to be satisfied to let blue states make their own decisions. The evidence of that is they aren’t letting women make their own decisions.

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