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Vaccine Incentives


A little over 30 percent of the population of the United States has been vaccinated. According to the Center for Disease Control, 105,523,520 of us had been vaccinated by 6:00 AM, May 3. Since I got my second vaccination yesterday, we are at least at 105,523,521. Now, President Joe Biden wants 70 percent of us to have received at least one shot by July 4th, making that day not just a celebration of American independence, but also independence from COVID19.

Only problem with reaching that goal is there are not enough of us wanting the vaccine. Supplies of vaccines are not the problem. Demand is. Let’s not be like India, which exported more vaccines than it was giving to its population.

Everyone who wanted the vaccine before the rollout has probably received at least one shot by now. There are all sorts of reasons why people refuse to get the vaccine. Some refuse out of politics and others refuse out of fear. All of it’s misplaced. You probably have a greater chance of dying from whatever you’re doing right now than from receiving the vaccine. For the record, nobody has died from reading this blog yet.

Last night, I was watching the handoff from Chris Cuomo’s show to Don Lemon’s on CNN. That’s my favorite part of the night. During this one, they both said they wanted to see incentives for people who have received the vaccine. This is very unpopular with the MAGAts but I think it’s a wonderful idea.

Some states and businesses are offering incentives. Some Dunkin Donuts locations are offering free donuts. I saw somewhere that Budweiser is offering a free beer. If you’re a genuine beer lover, you should get the vaccine despite that.

State employees in Maryland are getting $100 for being vaxxed which is like when my former employer offered every smoker a hundred bucks to quit that filthy habit…back when newspapers had a hundred bucks. The city of Detroit is giving a prepaid debit card worth $50 to anyone giving someone else a ride to get the vax. New Jersey is offering a shot (a whiskey shot, dummy) and a beer to everyone getting the vax. In Los Angeles, a City Council member and a multi-faith cultural arts center is offering a free bag of produce which doesn’t sound enticing at all unless that produce is the Devil’s Lettuce.

Dr. Megan Ranney, an emergency physician at Brown University who specializes in public health research, said, “As humans we often respond better to carrots than sticks.” Still, I think we should take some sticks and beat those fuckers refusing to get the vax.

While these incentives are being promoted, what’s being overlooked is that the vaccine is already free. Nobody is giving you a free toaster to open a bank account here. They’re offering incentives for a free vaccine to save your life, the lives of people around you, and your country.

The biggest whiners, those screaming about “liberating” the country, and that their freedom has been assaulted because they have to wear a face mask to Jiffy Lube are the same exact people refusing to get the vaccine. Some Republicans are also making legislation to hurt the rollout. Florida’s dumbass racist governor, Ron DeSantis, is making vaccine passports illegal in his backward state. We should have vaccine passports.

By the way, all I got yesterday for getting the vax was a rubber wristband reading, “Got the shot.” Is that enough proof to get me into New York City?

What Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo were talking about is that people who have received the vaccine should actually be treated better. I agree.

I got the vaccine. I had to take two trips out of my schedule to do it. I did it for myself but I also did it for my community and my nation. Does that make me a hero and a patriot? Why, yes. Yes it does. Does it make me better than those refusing to get the vaccine? Once again, yes it does.

People who care about other people are better than those who don’t. If you’re a jerk who only thinks about himself, yes. We are better than you. And I’m normally a pretty selfish guy. Ask my ex-girlfriend.

People who are getting the vaccine know that reaching herd immunity will open the nation faster. It will get us back to normal, or at least something close to it. We’re not doing it just for ourselves. People refusing to do so are being selfish.

I had an online conversation with one of my conservative colleagues recently and every reason he gave for not being vaccinated was about him. He thought it was too much of a risk to HIM and said that HE didn’t need it. Nobody was going to tell HIM what to do because HE was a freedom lover. He didn’t once mention anyone else. He’s a selfish asshole.

So, when I and that selfish asshole get to the gate at the airport at the same time, they should let me on first. When we get to a restaurant at the same time, I should be seated first. Maybe make an incentive that everyone at the airport who hasn’t been vaxxed gets a body cavity search. Maybe at Amtrak stations too…and restaurants. At Taco Bell, you’ll be screaming, “That’s not a chalupa!”

I’m not making this about me. I’m making this about all of us.

Those of us trying to get back to normal, who are doing our part, should get some perks. Not because we’re awesome but because, quite frankly, we’re a lot safer to deal with…in addition to being awesome. If I owned a restaurant, I would rather seat vaccinated people than contaminated motherfuckers.

I’m not saying red carpets should be rolled out for us…just that we should come first because we did more. If you’re in a boat lost at sea with a crew, and everybody helps paddle to shore except for one jerk, then that jerk should be made to get off the boat last, if not thrown overboard. The people refusing to be vaccinated are not helping the country, but they sure are the loudest about it.

If you really want this nation to reopen, to be “liberated,” then get the fucking vax, you whiny ass baby. Also, stop wearing your face mask with your nose sticking out. That’s just obnoxious and it really pisses me off.

And everyone who does get the vax should be given a bag of produce…a bag of rotten produce to pelt the anti-vaxxers.

Personal note: I have never had a churro but it seems like everybody loves them.

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This Is The Way


In case you’re not a geek: The Mandalorian is a spinoff of Star Wars. It’s a series that runs on Disney+. Din Djarin is a bounty hunter hopping from planet to planet, capturing bad guys, freezing them in carbonite for delivery all while practicing the Mandalorian culture of never taking his helmet off. He says throughout the series, “This is the way.”

Spoiler alert for next paragraph: Throughout the first season, we don’t see Mando’s face (Mando is his nickname). It’s his “way” that no living thing is to see his face…ever. No Humans, no Gungans, no Zabraks, no Wookies, no Ewoks, no Togrutas, or no Twi’leks. Not even Baby Yoda (we still don’t know what he is) who he collects on a bounty and decides to keep and protect and eventually becomes his parent. Yeah, the series is weird. At the end of the first season, we finally see Mando’s face…for a minute. In the second season, he encounters other Mandalorians who inform him that “his way” is an extreme cult of their religion. He reacts the way most people do when informed they’re in a cult…he stormed the United States Capitol to overturn an election. No. What he did was deny it and accuse the others of being traitors to “the way” or whatever it is. But throughout the second season, he seems to ease up on his rule about removing his helmet. At the very end (big spoiler), he takes it off in front of just about everybody in the cast.

The Mandalorian practiced an extreme form of his religion but in reality, Cara Dune is the cultist. Or at least, Gina Carano is.

Cara Dune is an ass-kicking ally of the Mandalorian. She truly is a bad ass and she’s one of the most popular characters from the show. Some have said her action figures are outselling all other Star Wars characters. Even Baby Yoda? There were plans to create a spinoff series for Cara Dune. All this is due from the stellar performance of Gina Carano, a former mixed-martial artist. It’s too bad she turned out to be a right-wing troglodyte.

Hey, there are no laws that says you can’t be an insensitive ignorant stupid asshole, even if you have talent. But, there also are no laws that says an entertainment company has to employ your stupid ass when you publicly share debunked conspiracy theories, stupid bullshit, and a slight tinge of racism. OK. A lot of racism.

People, when you promote the “stop the steal” and “stolen election” lie, that’s out of hate. Let’s make that clear. And when you support Donald Trump, especially at this point, you have a lot of hate. Supporting Donald Trump is racist. Supporting the lie the election was stolen is racist. Where do you think they claim all those fake ballots came from? Black voting precincts. Who stormed the Capitol? White nationalists. Who does the Klan hold parades for? Donald Trump. What are Proud Boys? A white nationalist terrorist organization of guys with tiny peckers who love Donald Trump, the king of tiny racist peckers.

So, when Gina Carano posts on social media that the election was stolen, she’s supporting racists. When she tweets conspiracy theories about wearing masks to fight the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus, she’s supporting hate. When she promotes the “big lie,” she’s enabling white nationalist terrorists.

And when you compare the treatment Jews received from Nazis to hating someone for their political views, you can go screw yourself.

Gina Carano made an Instagram post complaining about the treatment conservatives are receiving for being conservatives. That’s like people complaining their white privilege isn’t receiving enough privilege. It’s weird that the people who call others “snowflakes” are such big whiny-ass babies. It’s weird that the crowd that keeps Colin Kaepernick unemployed and is censuring their own when they turn on Trump is the same crowd screaming about “cancel culture.”

Plus, she’s stupid. Gina Carano worked for Disney and Lucasfilm. Uh…was she unaware of the politics of these two companies? They’re very progressive. Disney and Lucasfilm don’t like Nazis. George Lucas is a bigtime liberal. Don’t fuck with him. So knowing this, she makes really stupid posts that feeds racists? She compares being hated for viewpoints to the Holocaust?

Lucasfilm dropped her and issued an official statement saying she was “not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future.” and “Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable.” The agency that represents her dropped her also.

The place where she works fired her. The people who get her jobs fired her. Don’t look to see Gina in a lot of upcoming shows. She is now officially toxic.

A lot of conservatives asked, “What about Pedro?” Pedro Pascale plays the Mandalorian. Earlier, he compared the incarceration of children by the Trump administration, the throwing them into cages, to the way Jews were treated by Nazis. Fucknuts were claiming hypocrisy. But, they don’t get it.

Comparing children being ripped apart from their families and placed into cages to what the Nazis did to Jews is a fair comparison. Comparing being hated for racist views to what the Nazis did to Jews is not. Trump cultists believe being criticized for racist views is worse than a baby being ripped away from its family.

And in case you don’t believe Gina is on the wrong side of this, you need no better proof than Ted Cruz. Yes, Ted Cruz rushed to Gina’s defense. Sorry, Gina. No amount of beskar will save you from a Ted Cruz defense.

Ted exhibited the same outrage he had when Donald Trump called his wife ugly, before he started kissing his ass, and tweeted, “Texan Gina Carano broke barriers in the Star Wars universe: not a princess, not a victim, not some emotionally tortured Jedi. She played a woman who kicked a– & who girls looked up to. She was instrumental in making Star Wars fun again. Of course Disney canceled her.”

Ted, you’re upset about how a woman is treated? Again, Donald Trump called your wife “ugly.”

Ted, being a conservative and a Trump supporter despite the guy calling his wife ugly and his dad a murderer, doesn’t comprehend. Gina Carano was canceled by Disney and Lucasfilm. Cara Dune was not canceled. At least not yet. She can be brought back with another actress. If they can do it with Clarice Starling then they can do it with Cara Dune. You see, Ted…The Mandalorian is fiction. This character breaking barriers who is not a princess, victim, or some emotionally tortured Jedi who kicked ass and who girls looked up to is Cara Dune, NOT Gina Carano.

And Ted, since you and Gina can’t comprehend, criticizing people who attempted a coup and tried to overturn an election isn’t the same as mass murdering people. Me calling you an asshole isn’t the same as genocide, you asshole. So, are you now going to compare Gina’s firing to the Inquisition?

Being racists who support terrorists may be “the way” for people like Gina Carano and Ted Cruz, but it’s not mine and it’s not “the way” for Disney or Lucasfilm.

Now, I expect life for Gina to be like that of Boba Fett after he was thrown into the Sarlac pit. She’ll turn up 30 years later and we’ll all be surprised she’s still alive. As for Ted Cruz, can we feed him to a Wampa?

Told you this blog would be geeky.

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