Baby its cold outside

Baby, It’s Politically Correct Outside


There’s a debate raging on social media whether “Baby, it’s cold outside” is about rape or not. Many liberals are saying it’s totally rapey and conservatives are saying it’s not, and the lady has to keep the baby.

Some radio stations have banned the song and now they’re receiving hundreds of complaints, which is kinda shocking. People still listen to radio stations?

While some think the song is from a bygone era about harmless flirtation, others see it as date rape. The woman is trying to get away while questioning what’s in her drink, and the dude is giving her the “but how can you do this to me?” treatment. Also, the whole “mind if I move in closer” and “your lips are delicious” are the kind of lines that deserve a response with a friendly taser or a swift kick to the jingle bells. Make them jingle bells rock, baby.

But, is the song actually rapey? Yes. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take a different meaning from it and still enjoy it. I won’t let it ruin Elf for me as Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel performed a sweet duet of the tune, which was also funny for its creepiness.

Just as soon as you’re sure there’s nothing wrong with “Baby, it’s cold outside,” somewhere, there’s a Klansman re-interpreting “White Christmas.” You know it’s happening. It doesn’t matter what your, or even the writer’s intention was, to that racist, it’s not about snow.

How many songs do you sing along to now that you have misinterpreted or don’t even understand? That didn’t stop me from singing along with “Smells like teen spirit.” An albino? A mosquito? Who cares? Sing it. A song can mean whatever the hell you want it to. Some songwriters, myself included, often don’t know the meaning to their own songs.

At some point, a song doesn’t really belong to the creator anymore and it becomes the listeners. That’s the way I see it. When you listen to “Baby, it’s cold outside,” it’s your song and no one else can decide what it means to you. There’s no crime in enjoying it. We’re not talking about something that explicit, like 2 Live Crew’s “Me so horny.” And, if you want a horny Christmas, then go have a horny Christmas. Just don’t have a rapey Christmas.

But for the record, “no” means no in 2018, and it meant no in 1944.

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