Avengers Endgame

I Did NAZI That Spoiler Coming


It’s bad enough that the internet is full of Russian trolls and idiots spreading conspiracy theories, but there are also people not just spreading hate, but motivating terrorism.

The white nationalist terrorists in Christchurch and Poway, California were frequent visitors to the online image board 8chan where they also shared their manifestos of hate.

I always thought it was terrible that conservative propaganda sites that pretend to be news like Breitbart and the Daily Callers are magnets for racists, conspiracy theorists, and just all-around stupid right-wing idiots.

8chan started after 4chan (another racist site) started cracking down on Gamergaters and child porn distributors. The board offers encouragement and cheerleading to white terrorists and graphically lionizes those who make good on their threats. The Poway synagogue shooter claimed he had been radicalized by 8chan in just 18 months. And the most dangerous thing you’ve had to avoid over the past week has been Avengers and Game of Throne spoilers. Me too.

The last time I saw a “hot” movie and posted about it, within minutes someone posted a spoiler in the comments. So, I don’t tell people on social media when I’ve seen a recently released movie (though I did see Avengers: Endgame Sunday night) because I don’t want people using me to drop spoilers. And, some people who drop spoilers don’t even realize they’re dropping a spoiler. But, ever since I stumbled upon the Force Awakens spoiler before I saw the film, any time I even see the title of something I don’t want spoiled, I keep scrolling as fast as I can without reading the rest of the sentence.

To steal my favorite quote from the TV show Scrubs, “People are bastard covered bastards with a bastard creme filling.”

But, at some point, you gotta go see the movie because you can’t expect people to sit on it forever. If you don’t know Bruce Willis has been dead all along in Sixth Sense, then that’s your own stupid fault. But, I do feel bad for when Willis eventually dies (hopefully, a very long time from now) because when someone posts a link to his obituary, someone’s going to think it’s a spoiler.

NOT a spoiler alert: I’m going out of town Thursday so you may not get a cartoon from me this Friday. So, you’re getting two today. But, it’s like leaving two bowls of dog food for the dog (hopefully, for the dog), he’s going to eat both immediately. So come Friday, you’ll probably still be waiting for a new cartoon. I’ve spoiled you.

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