Apple Watch

No Video Option (Cartoon For The Daily Dot)


Here’s my latest cartoon for The Daily Dot.

Watching Goodell


We just finished the second week of the regular season and we’ve had two cases of domestic violence and one case of child abuse.  In other news my fantasy team is imploding.  Of course the team I played this week’s had a defense that scored 33 points.  Defenses don’t score 33 points in fantasy football.  Sheesh.

Back in the real word, I don’t expect Goodell to be fired.  He has 32 bossed, very rich bosses.  If they’re not trying to get rid of him then he won’t be fired.  Of course public pressure might hit the guy for his mishandling of the Ray Rice situation, among others.  If you’ve betting in Vegas you’ll want to take the odds on him resigning.

Thankfully for my career I’m much better at predicting what will happen in politics and culture than I am in predicting who will score a lot of points in fantasy football.

Be warned.  There will probably be future rants about my crappy fantasy football team over the next 15 weeks.

I’ve heard a lot about the new Apple watch.  Saying I’ve heard a lot about it doesn’t mean I’ve read a lot about it.  I’m really not interested in new gadgets.  I have a smart phone and yes, I Facebook and Twitter on it.  Mostly that’s to shamelessly promote my work.  I do use email on my phone a lot.  I’ve found that to be a life saver.  But using a gadget for the sheer entertainment value isn’t much interest to me.  I don’t have music or games on my phone….well, except for one crappy app for fantasy football.