Apple VS FBI

One For The Hackers


I decided to take the kids hacking into an iPhone cliche and roll it into the cliche of only millennials voting for Bernie.

I saw a lot of cartoons and heard a lot of jokes about the FBI needing children to hack into an iPhone and how young voters, and those not old enough to vote, love Bernie Sanders. I thought I’d make fun of the lazy jokes. Ha ha.

Regarding the iPhone thing, I do think it’s funny Apple didn’t want to give the FBI any information but now that the FBI has hacked into it, Apple wants the Feds to tell them how they did it. Are they serious?

And on the youth vote going for Bernie: Yeah. They do love him. He’s radical, as in what’s new, hasn’t been tried before, and makes a lot of sense and is progressive, appeals to the youth. They see how the older generation has been running things and they’re not too “keen” on it. Who can blame them? It’s not all about free stuff. It’s more about taking our resources away from where it doesn’t help and applying it to where it does. That’s very radical.

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