Antonin Scalia

Obama’s Nominee


The Republicans have truly lost their minds.

They’re screaming against Obama’s nomination for the Supreme Court before he’s even made one. With all the vitriol you would think Obama had already submitted his choice and it was a black-Puerto Rican lesbian atheist, abortion provider with a cold sore…or Kanye West.

The GOP says the people need to have a vote in this. They do and they made that vote in 2008 and again in 2012. Maybe only white presidents get a full eight years out of two terms. Black guys only get seven. What’s next? Are they going to demand that he not use Air Force One, the White House, the White House china, the plumbing, for the rest of the year?

It’s a dumb argument to have and yet we have to have it. Why? Because the Republican is full of people who are not rational and lack the ability to comprehend.

I know the GOP doesn’t respect the president but with this tactic they’re disrespecting the presidency and the Constitution. Shame on all of them.

“What’s the deal with Kanye West?” My older, unhip, white readers might be asking. Hey, I’m not that hip either. But I know who Kanye is and that he’s a grade A Plus ass. He’s the guy that makes black people say we won’t blame all white people for Donald Trump if you don’t blame us for Kanye.

Kanye is making the news for saying he wouldn’t attend the Grammys if he didn’t win the award for Best Album, even though he wasn’t nominated. He also talked about how he made Taylor Swift and stands a good chance of shagging her. THEN…yes, there’s a then…he went on Twitter and asked Mark Zuckerberg for a billion dollars. Yeah, Twitter is the social media tool you want to use to connect to Mark Zuckerberg. He probably goes to McDonalds and asks for free Whoppers.

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Good Riddance


Within minutes of the announcement of Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia’s death a lot of liberals went to town expressing their excitement and happiness in the event. A lot of those people are friends and readers of mine. I’m not comfortable with that. I understand not liking the guy and I didn’t. I was not a fan of his rulings and opinions. I do view his tenure on the Supreme Court as detrimental to the country, but I also believe he still deserves a level of respect. I am not opposed to voicing a negative opinion about the dead, if I believe it’s based on fact, but I will not celebrate. I wouldn’t want it to happen to someone I like.

And it has happened to someone I like. What I’m attacking here is the belief by many conservatives that insulting the dead, and vulgar comments, is a new thing that’s exclusive to liberals. That alone is another reason not to make a social media ass out of yourself. You just give your political opposition ammunition to use against you, and they’re not entirely wrong. I don’t like helping them.

They have done it too, whether they want to admit it or not. Conservatives suffer from short memories. A conservative friend of mine I enjoy going back and forth with stated he had never seen conservatives react the way liberals did in regards to Scalia. What you choose to believe doesn’t determine facts. What amazed me is my friend is a huge fan of Breitbart. He posts stories from that site on a daily basis and if you ever need confirmation that conservatives can be vile and vulgar human beings just scroll down to the comments section. Then take a shower.

Andrew Breitbart, who has since passed away lived long enough to rejoice at the passing of Ted Kennedy. He stated that Kennedy was a “villain,” a “duplicitous bastard” and a “prick.” He continued with “Kennedy was a special pile of human excrement.” He wasn’t the only one. In addition to media personalities Twitter lit up from conservative Kennedy haters.

At least Kennedy is the only example, right? No. Of course not. They trolled Beau Biden  to the point that Fox News had to shut down it’s comment section on the story.  Even Jimmy Carter’s cancer news got the conservative troll treatment. There are other examples but I’m tired of posting this stuff.

My point is, there are jerks on both sides. I would rather talk about the atmosphere at the moment than the dead, which is what I did with my first cartoon on Scalia’s death.

My advice toward the dead in the immediate aftermath, if you can’t say anything nice….

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I am not rejoicing the death of Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia. Yes, he wrote opinions I strong disagreed with. I viewed many of his views as hostile, racist, and anti-constitutional. I felt he favored partisanship over law.

But I also do not want to just write nice things about the dead. Even when Glen Frey died I wanted to scream at people “no, he sucked! He wrote cheesy songs and overpriced concert tickets.” But we love to glamorize the dead.

Within minutes of Scalia’s death I saw posts saying “hey, don’t get all nasty int the comments.” A minute later people were making posts on social media about Scalia burning in Hell and so happy Obama will have another Supreme Court appointment. I felt it was a bit too soon for that. But then the Republicans chimed in.

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell, and others chimed in real quick about how Obama shouldn’t have the right to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice. Talk about not politicizing it.

Here’s the thing: The President is elected to four year terms. His term is not suspended because we’re in the political cycle or Ted Cruz pictures himself in the Oval Office. Obama doesn’t just have the right, he has the duty, to appoint a Supreme Court justice. That’s the consequence of elections. Republicans, you lost. Yes, you won the Senate and Congress but you can’t obstruct just to wait for a Republican president, which you’re not going to get in 2017.

Keep in mind that a president’s appointment doesn’t always work out the way he expects. John Roberts validated Obamacare. Sandra Day O’Connor, appointed by Reagan, often sided with liberals.

I know my cartoon focuses on the politics of Scalia’s death. That’s the environment right now. It wasn’t the environment within the first 24 hours. It was minutes. Scalia was a very intelligent scholar. He was actually friends with the liberals on the court (they had a lot in common, being on the Supreme Court), and he wrote opinions I hated. I mocked him. I re-posted the two cartoons I drew on him in 2015. But I do respect him. None of this “burning in Hell” shit. He wasn’t Hitler. I hated his views but I don’t think any of them validate wordings celebrating his death.

Supreme Court justices are the political figures we know the least. We only know them from their written opinions. The Justices tend to be pals with their colleagues who disagree with them, who often write dissenting opinions and vote differently from them. Scalia, for example, always employed a liberal clerk. He wasn’t living entirely in a bubble. l

Obama has 361 days to get a replacement in. The Senate should let that happen.

I planned to take Saturday off. I actually cancelled plans to cover this story. Woe is I, the measly cartoonist.

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Scalia Educates On Race


The Supreme Court is hearing a case on Affirmative Action concerning the University of Texas. Associate Justice Antonin Scalia made a very unusual comment that made a lot of people gasp.

Scalia seemed to imply that some minority students don’t do as well at upper-level universities, as if blacks should only attend “slower” colleges. Scalia stated “There are those who contend that it does not benefit African Americans to — to get them into the University of Texas where they do not do well, as opposed to having them go to a less-advanced school, a less — a slower-track school where they do well.”

Was Scalia being racist? There’s some defense that he’s not and only talking about lower testing students getting into a school they can’t handle. The Los Angeles Times is defending him in an editorial. We should also consider that perhaps Scalia was playing devil’s advocate.

I totally understand the argument that students with low SAT scores don’t do as well at an upper level university, but why focus on black students? Scalia might have had a good point but he messed it up with an awkward statement. It shows he doesn’t really understand race relations, despite having at least one “black” friend.

Scalia has always voted against the interest of African Americans, but he’s also voted against anyone who’s not a rich white guy. He has a consistent record defending white privilege. I’m not sure if he’s racist but I do believe he’s prejudice and a bigot.

Scalia gives progressives and moderates another reason why we can’t have a bigot as president. We have enough on the Supreme Court and we don’t need any more.

A reader wrote me last night that he was speculating on what issue I would draw next. I was flattered. I was thinking the same thing. It doesn’t take much to wonder what issues I’m considering and he mentioned each I was pondering. I almost went with an idea on Rahm. Maybe tomorrow. I have two more ideas in my head and if too much time passes before I draw them then I won’t ever draw them. He also guessed correctly I’d take a Trump break.

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Good Flag, Bad Flag


It was a huge landmark decision when the Supreme Court made gay marriage legal in all of the United States. A couple of southern states (it’s always the south) are still resisting.

There’s a lot of rejoicing out there and a lot of bemoaning. I find it funny that the same people who complained about “activist judges” on Friday didn’t use that term for “Citizens United.”

There are two arguments being made right now that are seriously flawed.

Regarding those defending the flag: Yes, the flag is representing racism and hatred. It doesn’t matter what it means to you. To the majority of black Americans, and to many others, it represents hate. Your flying it shows a huge lack of empathy on your part.

The flag wasn’t even popular until the Civil Rights era which is also when states like Georgia and South Carolina started flying it. Tell me how that’s not hate.

And stop saying the Civil War was not about slavery. OK, for the North it was about preserving the Union. For the South, it was about slavery. It’s mentioned in the Ordinances of Secession. The guy who designed that flag you love even said it represents white supremacy. You lost the war, let it go. You’ve lost the argument so it’s time for you to let that go.

That flag is not your heritage. I’m from the South and that flag doesn’t represent me. But then again, I’m not a racist.

Regarding the ruling on gay marriage: It’s the law. Get over it. The country is progressing. Just because you’re not doesn’t mean you can drag all of us to Hell with you.

Stop quoting the Bible to defend your opinion on gay marriage. Our laws are not governed by religion. If you want to live in a country governed by religion then you should move to Iran. Send me a postcard.

About creating the cartoon: Usually I like to storm out of the gate with breaking news and be one of the first ones to cover an issue. On Friday I wasn’t home for most of the day. It gave me a chance to see what everyone was saying, and other cartoonists were drawing. I was kinda glad to wait it out.

I’m totally sick of the flag issue. But that girl, Bree Newsome, climbed the pole in South Carolina and took the flag down. I do believe that at times a little civil disobedience is a good thing when it’s in the name of civil rights. It was bold but I think it’s a bad idea to break the law to take the flag down. It just gives the defenders an opportunity to play pretend victim. I didn’t think the event warranted a cartoon on its own but then I read about Justice Antonin Scalia’s freak out. How could I not?

I messed up on the flag. My first version had eight stripes. I had to destroy it and paste (literally on hard copy. Not in photoshop) a new flag on the drawing paper.