Patience With The TSA


One of the stories this week every American political cartoonists drew a cartoon on were the long lines in airport security checkpoints. Every cartoonists except me, until now.

The point made by each and every single one of those cartoons were “the lines are long” and “waiting sucks.” I’m really not into that sort of commentary. There were also a bunch of cartoons about graduation with the point that the job market stinks. Yeah, hard hitting stuff. I’ve done my share of those cartoons in the past but that was when I was on the staff of a newspaper and editors LOVE light-heart crap. I’m sure many of my newspaper clients would like for me to draw more of those.

I don’t disagree that waiting sucks. But complaining about long lines is like complaining about the weather.

With the downing of EgyptAir maybe we should keep things a bit more in perspective.

I have had no personal experience with waiting in a country other than the United States, but I have read Americans have the least amount of patience. I’m probably the worst one. I hate waiting in traffic, in lines, for people,girls (seriously, girls. Why?) trailers at the movies, my dog to hurry up and poop. I lose patience with microwaves. Hurry up and pop that popcorn, dammit!

But you know what’s worst than waiting in line at a TSA checkpoint? Exploding. Exploding would suck. Drowning sucks too. Also, eaten by sharks. That’s probably not a good time.

I think it’s too soon to blame this on terrorists. ISIS hasn’t even taken credit yet which is surprising, even if they didn’t do it. Whether this was terrorism or not, it’s a reminder that having the TSA keeping us safe is a good thing. Even if you have to smell someone’s stinky feet on your way to your flight.

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Flesh-Eating-Walking Corpse


So far we’ve had two cases of Ebola diagnosed in the United States yet we’re having a national freak out. There seems to be a lot of confusion about how you can catch the virus and I’m not going to try to explain it just case down the road the information changes. I remember when AIDS first came out and NBA players thought they would catch it from an HIV positive player’s sweat.

While Ebola should be taken seriously it’s not worth a national panic. You’re probably not going to catch it unless you’ve been hanging out in Western Africa. You should check Yelp reviews before you do so.

There’s many more viruses that you have a higher risk of catching and dying from in the United States with the flu being one of them which killed 53,000 people in 2010. Enterovirus 68,which I read about two minutes ago, is one of them that fits into a class of viruses that includes hand-foot-and-mouth disease and polio. It’s a pretty new virus that developed around 1962. Every year it infects 10-15 million people and has recently killed children.

Whooping cough kills 20-30 people a year. There’s been 600 cases of Measles this year which is a disease that should be have been eliminated. There’s several more but I think you get the point.

I tend to do at least one zombie cartoon a year and I just find the “brains” quote funny. I’ve been a zombie fan since I caught the original Dawn Of The Dead on cable when I was a kid. Culture has caught up to me and dozens of zombie movies come out every year with most of them bearing major suckage. If Hollywood does to zombies what it did to vampires and werewolves (teenage vampires, werewolves, out during the day, no fangs, all weepy and in love, inducing viewer vomit unless you’re a teenage girl) then I’m going to start a riot.

I did like the Dawn Of The Dead remake and of course I’m a fan of the original Night Of The Living Dead. I really enjoyed Zombieland and of course Shaun Of The Dead was the most brilliant ever (I have a thing for weird British humor). I even liked the romance girl meets zombie Warm Bodies. It wasn’t great but it was fun. The Walking Dead is one of the few shows I’m addicted to and it seems to inspire my yearly zombie cartoon every October.

Back to Ebola (I’m not a professional writer so I tend to jump around): Republicans are trying as hard as possible to politicize it. These are the same guys who cut funding to health care, the CDC and then work as hard as possible to blame Obama, again, and incite a national panic. Do Republicans not own mirrors?