Burqas and Babies


Whining about mask mandates is a first-world problem. The debate over vaccines is a first-world problem. People in a lot of other nations can’t debate vaccines because they don’t have access to them. Here in this country, we have the privilege of faux outrage. We have access to vaccines to refuse to take. If we didn’t have the vaccines, Republicans would have to go back to screaming about Critical Race Theory and whether or not Mr. Potato Head has a ding-dong.

White Republican males have to be the most persecuted people in the history of persecuted people. They even claim that teaching about other people’s persecution is persecuting them.

Conservatives are screaming about mask mandates in schools. They refer to masks as muzzles which only demonstrates their stupidity. They’re attacking scientists, doctors, and educators because they’re trying to save lives. The fact is, face masks do save lives. Anyone who is willing to expose their child to the coronavirus for their partisan politics should have child protective services called on them.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan, women don’t have the luxury of debating covering their faces. In Afghanistan, mandatory means mandatory. Here, you can at least opt out with a doctor’s note. Even places that require vaccinations will give you an out if you have proof of a recent negative covid test. There are no excuses in Afghanistan. Women in Afghanistan have been beaten for not covering up. When people start beating you for not wearing a face mask at Walmart, let me know.

The real irony is that the people in the United States protesting mask mandates and vaccines while shouting about freedom are closer aligned to the Taliban than they are to democracy. MAGA and the Taliban are both cults.

While our failure in Afghanistan is an international embarrassment, so is the refusal to be vaccinated in this nation. It’s a huge embarrassment to the world that so many Americans refuse to protect their children in service to their cult.

Being outraged over having to wear a face mask is a first-world problem. Your being a whiny little…baby…is a luxury.

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