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Slithering SCOTUS

I love that conservatives are strict constitutionalists except when they’re not. Conservatives say they love the Constitution and it needs to be interpreted as it was written by the Founding Fathers, but they really only care about one amendment, the Second, and they even ignore half of that one. Hell, they can’t even say the complete sentence they’re always quoting.

Texas Republicans want to throw out the 16th Amendment which means they’re not constitutionalists at all. And when it comes to the First Amendment, conservatives love to take a crap on that one. They don’t care about freedom of speech except when it’s their speech. They don’t care about freedom of the press and want today’s media severely restricted. And, they truly believe in the separation of church and state only when it applies to other religions.

Case in point, the Supreme Court took a huge dump on the separation of church and state this week by ruling that taxpayers should fund church schools. I don’t think six religious zealots on the court interpreted “congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, thus building a wall of separation between Church & State” the way Thomas Jefferson intended.

I don’t believe those six justices combined are as intelligent as Jefferson.

The 6-3 fucknut religious zealot majority ruled on a case in Maine, that if that public funds intended to support the education of students for whom a public option was not available, then those funds be made available to parents who wished to use them to pay for a religious school’s tuition. The court just ruled that taxpayer money must be used on religious education. What happened to no establishment of religion?

Under the Establishment Clause, the federal government and all governments under it, cities, states, territories, etc, are prohibited from establishing or sponsoring religion. Giving taxpayer money to church schools is the very definition of sponsoring.

Justice Stephen Breyer argues in the dissenting opinion, the opinion that makes sense, “The very point of the Establishment Clause is to prevent the government from sponsoring religious activity itself, thereby favoring one religion over another or favoring religion over nonreligion.”

This ruling by the court orders states to sponsor religion. But, can you see Texas, Kentucky, Mississippi, or Florida pumping tax money into a private Muslim school? Hell, funding a private Jewish school is probably out of the question in yee-haw states. This ruling will be abused. It’s not just that yee-haw fuckers will favor one religion over another religion, they’ll also favor their religion over no religion. So much for being a secular government.

I’m agnostic and I love that the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion because that means we have the freedom FROM religion…but maybe we don’t anymore because six religious fucknuts just based a Supreme Court decision on their dogma.

How would these six justices have ruled if the school in Maine was a Muslim school? They wouldn’t have ruled at all because they would have refused to hear the case. So, no public funding for Hogwarts.

We’re joining Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and many other authoritarian nations in setting laws based on religious mandates.

This country needs more people like Thomas Jefferson…and less like Amy Coney Barrett.

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Slithering Republicans


I don’t think it’s entirely fair to compare Republicans to snakes. I like snakes. In my early 20’s I worked in a couple of pet shops and even a zoo. I had pet snakes until I was hired by the Honolulu Star-Bulletin in 1997. I couldn’t take my two Boa Constrictors to Hawaii as snakes are not allowed there. Since then I never got another one. I don’t think I’ll ever have another snake as I’m not in the zone for the maintenance. I still love snakes and I’m usually fascinated by all animals.

I don’t think Chubbs, my Beagle, will allow me to give attention to another animal (not that he thinks he’s an animal).