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Plenty of highlights come out of the Academy Awards that I always read about the next day. I don’t watch award shows. Why would I? Why does anyone?

While there is still a lot of focus on who wore what, people in my business pay attention to how the movie industry reflects society. We also wait for a Trump Tweet attacking any criticism he may have received at the ceremony.

This year’s awards were focused on diversity. A Mexican immigrant won the award for best director. The award for best screenplay went to a black man for the first time. Best animation went to a tale about Mexico. How nice of Tinseltown talk about diversity while it hasn’t always reflected it. This is an industry that looked the other way, and excused, for decades as women were sexually harassed by those in power.

While the Academy Awards and Hollywood is a trendsetter for American culture, it often takes decades to catch up to reality and what’s truly important.

Ashley Judd, Salma Hayek and Annabella Sciorra, three of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers gave a presentation highlighting diversity in films.  Does this mean the industry will start reflecting diversity with casting and pay?

I’m always amused by people who say they don’t care about the Oscars while complaining incessantly about it. But, there is something to not caring about a bunch of rich, privileged, out-of-touch people giving awards to each other. The “important” people do take care of each other, as people like Ben Affleck and Quentin Tarantino spent decades remaining silent about Weinstein. They never defended the women who were victimized, but they made sure to pick up their checks and awards from their association with Harvey.

Hollywood punished actresses who called out Weinstein years ago. Now, people like Affleck and Tarantino say how horrible it was. Like latching onto the #MeToo movement when it’s trendy, Hollywood is playing catch up.

While I do enjoy some of the political jokes, and feel good for particular winners (like Jordan Peele, Sam Rockwell, and Allison Janney), I don’t really don’t care about the industry’s viewpoints anymore than I care about who wore what.

Here’s the video.

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White Oscars


I don’t know who would be offended more with this comparison. Liberal Hollywood or Republicans. Republican friends of mine attempt to claim that their party attracts blacks. They’ll point out a black candidate as if that’s an indication. It’s kinda like the Green Bay Packers. Just because there are black guys playing on the team doesn’t mean there’s any in the stands at Lambeau Field. If there’s one African American attending a GOP event, the camera will zoom in on them repeatedly.

I really don’t care that much about the Academy Awards. I never watch though I will root for someone. Usually I hope someone who’s never been recognized will win a statue, even if I haven’t seen the movie they’re nominated for. Last year I was rooting for Michael Keaton for best actor for his part in Birdman, though I hadn’t seen the movie yet. He didn’t win and I eventually saw the movie and he was excellent.

I have no idea who to root for this year as I can’t remember who’s been nominated and I don’t care enough right now to Google it. I do know Leo Dicaprio has been nominated again, this time for that movie where he wrestles a bear. I don’t care even though I’d probably root for the bear in that fight.

Though I don’t care about which individual wins an award, especially the Grammys (that’s just a glorified popularity contest that once gave the heavy metal Grammy to Jethro Tull, a flute blowing folkish band), I do care about exclusion. While individuals don’t have a right to be upset when they’re not nominated, or they don’t win (they can be disappointed), everyone should be angry when recognition eludes an entire race that has actually made an impact in the industry that’s serving out the awards. This is the second year in a row where they have failed to nominate one black actor. That’s 20 nominations (I just looked that up), 40 if you add both years. This “academy” gave one of their awards to Matthew McConaughey. While I did not see the movie he won the award for (because Matthew McConaughey was in it) I do know who he is and that he is the suck of all sucks. If they could give one to that ass clown then couldn’t they find one black actor worthy of a nomination?

I won’t be watching the Oscars this year. Is it boycotting since I never watch the Oscars?

I had this concept for a cartoon several days ago. I mention when I think I’m the first one to cover a subject. With this one I might be the last.

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