Dumping The Rubbish


Ghislaine Maxwell may be going to prison for a very long time. A Manhattan jury found her guilty of sex trafficking and four of the five other charges against her. She was acquitted of one count of enticing a minor to travel across state lines to engage in an illegal sexual act. Matt Gaetz may want to talk to her about how she beat that rap.

Maxwell was a companion to Jeffrey Epstein and for at least a decade, helped him recruit, groom, and sexually abuse underage girls. Epstein escaped justice and accountability by hanging himself in a jail cell. And yes, Epstein killed himself.

Four, out of the hundreds of Epstein and Maxwell’s victims, testified against Maxwell. She would wine and dine these teenagers, pretend to be their friends, like a big sister or a mentor, impress them with her elegance and sophistication, take them shopping and to the movies, all so she could soften them up and build their trust so Epstein could rape them.

Maxwell could be sentenced to 65 years from all the counts she was found guilty on. And she’s not done. She faces a separate trial in the same court on two counts of perjury from a deposition she gave in a lawsuit against Epstein.

Two of the women who testified were only 14-years old when they were molested and abused by Epstein, which was aided by Maxwell. Maxwell served children on a silver platter to a pedophile.

I watched the Epstein documentary on Netflix and I had to turn it off multiple times because it sickened me so much. I would have to take a break from it for a day or two so I could readjust my stomach before I could watch more of it. The documentary’s production began while Epstein was still alive, so it was made in secret as his reach was everywhere. In the past, he was protected by law enforcement, prosecutors, and the media. And that’s what we need to figure out now.

I don’t think this case is closed. I think there should be investigations now to discover everyone who aided Epstein. Those who refused to investigate, cops, the FBI, the press, and prosecutors, should all be called out and revealed. In many instances, they helped Jeffrey Epstein rape young girls just as much as Ghislaine Maxwell did. Every day that bastard had where he wasn’t in jail, under investigation, or having a bright light shining on his actions was another day he was free to rape…and without consequences. We already know who one of them was as he was on Donald Trump’s cabinet.

We have an entirely different legal system for the rich. This case doesn’t prove we have an equal justice system. It took years to get the ball rolling on Epstein and at this very moment, Donald Trump is not in prison or even on bail.

We are ending 2021 by sending Ghislaine Maxwell to prison. Let’s start 2022 by sending the likes of Trump and Matt Gaetz to prison too.

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