2016 Campaign

Iowa. The Morning After


Iowa, you cheap slut.

Every presidential candidate goes to the First In The Nation contest  and talks about how much they love Iowa and how important the Hawkeye state is to them. After the caucuses they pretty much ignore it and probably confuse it for Idaho…except for Ben Carson who will confuse it for a Baltic state.

Here in Virginia, they don’t leave. Most senators and congressmen live here or in Maryland. Hell, Newt Gingrich still hasn’t left. Cooter, from Dukes Of Hazzard, is still here and waving a Confederate flag. And though she hasn’t been elected to anything and despite running for the U.S. Senate in California, Carly Fiorina lives here. If there is a God and he’s blessing me he’ll have her run for office in Virginia.

On Tuesday Iowa goes back to being a flyover state. Sorry, Iowa. Look up. They’ll be waving.

Every four years I see cartoons depicting Iowans becoming tired and frustrated with campaigns, candidates, robocalls, yard signs, etc. I call B.S. on that. Bring up the idea that Iowa should not be first in the nation and they scream bloody murder. You would think the Iowa caucus was in the Constitution, yet it’s not even regulated by the state. After the caucuses Iowa won’t be in national news unless they suffer a terrorist attack or field a decent football team. Neither is likely to happen. Neither John Wayne or John Wayne Gacy wanted to go back.

Iowa works as the first stop for candidates. It’s a smaller state and it’s easier for them to canvas. How it doesn’t work is that its not very representative of the nation. Its population is barely over three million and 91% of the citizens are white.  California and Florida are two examples of states that would better represent the nation’s demographic, except both states don’t suffer from lack of media exposure, California would be too much of  a canvasing headache and Florida is too crazy.

I haven’t drawn a sexual reference cartoon in a while. Disgusting, right?

I needed a little break. For me that was most of the weekend. Before last Sunday there were only two days in January without a new cartoon from me. I felt a little burnt out creatively near the end of last week. A day or two without drawing, and spending time eating popcorn and changing my TV channels to non-news stations would be refreshing, especially before the campaigns really get heated. I actually left my studio for a few hours on Saturday. I never go anywhere. I’ve been a beard-growing hermit lately.

Think this election has been crazy so far? Now it’s really going to pick up. I’m stoked.

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A Presidential Candidate That Comes Extra Crispy



I’m not saying Martin O’Malley is to blame for what happened in Baltimore. I’m saying it’s going to be really hard to run for president right after your city burns down in a riot. The same concept kind of applies to why I didn’t get remarried right after my divorce (or since).

I am glad to see another candidate in the Democratic primary. I really don’t like coronations.

I doodled this out very early this morning. I hate to say it but I like the rough better.