Roughs, Volume 77

These are my last batch of roughs drawn during the Donald Trump Presidency (SIC!).


I didn’t go with this one because I was pretty sure someone else would draw it. Now, I haven’t seen anyone else do it.


I had a few ideas on Trump’s grifting the White House. This wasn’t the best.


This was the best one. The finished cartoon got a lot of shares on social media and several of my clients published it. The funny thing is, I sat on it for a day so I could draw my Trump/Nixon cartoon.


I saved this as a rough after I lettered. I just wanted to capture how it looked at this stage of development. One thing I knew I was going to get was a lot of “Nixon’s not in Heaven.” Ugh! Every time someone shares it or it’s posted in a new publication, I get the “Nixon’s not in Heaven” shit. I am so over it. Here’s my explanation: Nixon got promoted to Heaven because Hell needed to make room for Trump. Leave me alone about it.

Also: Yeah, there’s a boo-boo in panel two which was fixed/repaired before it was sent to my clients or posted on social media.


This was the idea used for CNN last week. I had fun creating it. Someone bought a print of it. And it turns out, Trump did leave a note. I posted today on Twitter, “So many questions about the letter Trump left for Biden. Was it bitter? Was it vindictive? Was it generous? How many typos? How many self-references? What color crayon did he use?” No. That’s not going to be a cartoon…maybe.


Someone bought a print of this one too.


Before I settled on the “Worst President (SIC!) Ever” idea, I was going to go with this one. I showed it to a couple of confidantes and one of them, Kristin (all my confidantes are female) said go with the “Worst Prez” idea. I was like, “Really?” I liked this one. But I trusted her judgement and I’m glad I did. Later, I saw a few people make jokes similar to this.

I don’t think the fact I’m done drawing the Trump presidency (SIC!) has set in yet. Let’s try something: President (SIC!) Donald Trump. President Joe Biden. 

OK. I can get used to it.

Which toon is your fave?

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Watch me draw:



  1. At 12:05 EDT today, I was finally able to take down my two Biden/Harris 2020 yard signs.

    Wouldn’t Nixon be saying, “No more comparisons between me and Donald Trump”?

    I hope someone in a hazmat suit opens the letters left for PRESIDENT Biden and VICE-PRESIDENT Harris. I wouldn’t put it past the previous two eejits to cough into the envelope, or maybe put in some anthrax.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I didn’t mean to bust your chops and initially, I forgot how I did it.
    What happened was, I lettered the first panel, copied it in photoshop, then pasted it into the second panel. Then I erased “Richard Nixon” and lettered in “Donald Trump” I don’t normally do this. In between, I saved for the rough blog and totally forgot I still had the “Richard Nixon” in there.


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