Ice Ice Omaha


When a politician campaigns in a city, it’s best for him or her not to piss on the crowd who attend their event. For example: Don’t say, “It’s wonderful to be back in one of my favorite cities, Cleveland” when you’re actually in Columbus.

Another good idea of what not to do is bus your people in and then after the event, just forget about ’em. Screw them. They’re on their own. We got what we came for which was a screaming hate mob. On to the next super-spreader event.

The Trump rally held a campaign event in Omaha which on its own is significant in itself. Why is the Republican nominee campaigning in Omaha in the last week before the election. In case you are a Republican who does not live in Omaha, Omaha is in Nebraska. Nebraska is a red state. But, Nebraska splits the electoral votes. Two of the votes are at large (In case you’re a Republican, “at large” means they’re for the entire state) and one for each of the state’s Congressional districts, of which there are three (in case you’re a Republican, one plus one plus one equals three). Donald Trump will win Nebraska but in a losing campaign where he needs to fight for every single electoral vote he can possibly get, he visited Omaha for that split electoral vote.

And how many votes did the Trump campaign travel to Omaha to campaign for? One. Just one electoral vote. That’s how much trouble Donald Trump is in. Donald Trump is in so much danger of losing this election that he’s campaigning in Nebraska. Joe Biden was in Georgia, a red state, this week. His campaign is hitting Texas and Arizona, states Hillary Clinton and President Obama had zero chances in. Joe Biden will probably carry Arizona and come close in Georgia and Texas. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is in Omaha.

But maybe while asking for that one electoral vote, you don’t murder the people you need it from…or at least not before the election. What does Donald Trump care if they die from covid after Election Day? Phhhttt!!!

The Trump Campaign has not been holding many events in stadiums and arenas where they used to lie about the attendance numbers. Now, they hold most of them at airports…where they lie about the attendance numbers. Donald Trump can get off the plane, ramble off a bunch of bullshit and racist dog whistles, then just hop back onto his plane. This is very nice for Donald Trump as he’s actually been bitching at these rallies about having to campaign. But at least as soon as the hate rally is over, he can get back on the plane with his KFC and crank up the heat.

This is very convenient for Donald Trump. For his rally attendees, not so much.

If you know a Trump supporter, I’m so sorry. But, if you know one who attended the hate rally in Omaha, you might want to check up on them and make sure they’re not still stranded on a tarmac freezing their nuts off. The one positive about this is: If they are a Trump supporter, there’s not much to freeze off.

Since Donald Trump holds his hate rallies on airport tarmacs now, people can’t park near them. No, you can’t park on an airport runway. There are planes there and in Omaha, people are in those planes desperately trying to get out of Omaha.

So what the Trump Campaign does is bus people in. The MAGAts park at a parking lot and then MAGAt buses pick them up and bus them to the hate rally. After the rally, the MAGAts buses take them back. Or at least that’s the idea. It’d probably be nice if it worked out that way…other than everyone catching covid from each other on the buses.

In Omaha, the MAGAts froze. What happened was…Donald Trump ranted and raved for about an hour on the airport tarmac while the temperature was dropping. Then, Cheeto got back on Air Force One with his bucket, cranked up the heat, and got the hell out of Omaha. It took minutes.

Then his people, the MAGAts, who believe the billionaire Manhattan penthouse-living orange shitgibbon is one of them and cares about them so much, waited in below-freezing weather for buses that would not come.

One person who drove four hours to attend the event (why would anyone do that?) decided to walk back to his car…which was three miles away. Most of them stayed and waited for the buses and over 30 of them had to be taken to the hospital which they’ll probably have to return to because they caught covid at the hate rally.

So you didn’t get a wall paid for by Mexico, but you did catch hypothermia with a side of covid. How lovely. Four more years?

A Trump Campaign spokesgoon said that “President (sic) Trump loves his supporters”…whom they left stranded in the freezing cold. The campaign said it provided tents, heaters, hot cocoa and hand warmers at the departure location. Which departure location? The parking lot where their cars were? Thanks.

Donald Trump does NOT care about you. If he did, he wouldn’t be holding these super-spreader events during a pandemic. Once again: Donald Trump only cares about Donald Trump. This is a man who charges us for the water he drinks at his own resort. Seriously.

Donald Trump withheld information about how contagious the virus is while he was telling us it would soon go away. He claimed it would just “disappear.” His goon-in-law, Jared, said they planned for the governors to do all the heavy lifting, for them to take the blame when people died, and for Trump to take the credit when the nation reopened. Maybe Jared can blame Joe Biden for not providing buses in Omaha. Do you know who I didn’t see driving a bus in Omaha? Hunter Biden! So if you lose a toe in Omaha, blame the Bidens.

Over 230,000 people have died from this virus, including Herman Cain, a Trump supporter and friend who caught it at one of his rallies. Nearly 9 million people in this nation have caught the Trump Virus and Donald Trump only cared about one of them. What makes you think he cares about you? What makes you think Donald Trump cares if you catch the virus and die from it? What makes you think Donald Trump cares if you freeze your shitweasel giblets off on a tarmac in Omaha? He doesn’t. He has literally told his rally attendees, at his rallies, that he’d rather not be there. They cheer. It sucks being here with you. Yeah, Trump!!!

But after four years, if you’re a Trump supporter, you’re not going to get that message. You’ll keep drinking the Kool-Aid…even if you have to chip at it.

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  1. “. . . they’re not still stranded on a tarmac freezing their nuts off.”

    I just read an article (which I can’t find – I read TOO MUCH) about a woman who, when asked if she regretted having attended this rally, stated she would “run nip naked to listen to Trump”, so it was an equal-opportunity freezing event.


  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    HE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU, MAGAs!! … “Trump does NOT care about you. If he did, he wouldn’t be holding these super-spreader events during a pandemic. Once again: Donald Trump only cares about Donald Trump. This is a man who charges us for the water he drinks at his own resort. Seriously.”


  3. “. . . over 30 of them had to be taken to the hospital . . . ”

    They need to get their medical bills submitted to insurance in the next few weeks before ACB kills Obamacare.
    Being a MAGAt Ki45*TF AND FRIENDS supporter is considered to be a Pre-existing Condition.


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