Vote Blue No Matter Who Except You Know Who


Recently, Nikki Haley, former South Carolina governor and ambassador to the United Nations tweeted, “It is amazing that a liberal socialist won in Iowa and New Hampshire. The idea that we would give up the freedoms our veterans fought and died for. Other countries have to be scratching their heads wondering what we are thinking.”

That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call gaslighting, which is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or a group covertly sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual (I got that from Wikipedia). Gaslighting also targets history and people’s memory, like the economy wasn’t great before Trump came along. It’s also a great example of how someone can go to work every day and not learn a damn thing.

Nikki was ambassador to the United Nations. She was surrounded by foreign ambassadors and diplomats on a daily basis. And yet, she never noticed that basically, every single one of our allies are the types of governments Bernie Sanders, that liberal socialist, is campaigning for. A lot of these are the same allies who fought with us in the past. They’re not scratching their heads wondering how people can vote for Bernie Sanders. If anything, they’re scratching their heads wondering what took us so long. Or, they’re scratching their heads wondering why we fought to defeat the Nazis and now have a president (sic) who defends them. Or maybe just maybe they’re scratching their heads wondering how someone who warned us about following the “siren call of the angriest voices” could end up selling her her soul for Donald Trump’s siren call. Seriously, Nikki Haley. We don’t need no freaking lectures from you, you gaslighting, ignorant sellout.

Gaslighting is also warning that Democratic Socialism is the same as Venezuela when the fact is, it’s what they’re doing in Canada, the United Kingdom, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark, etc. The don’t mention that the top ten countries rated on “happiness,” are Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia. Either it’s the snow, smaller populations (fewer assholes), and maybe it’s the socialist programs. In case you haven’t noticed, and if you’re a Trump cultist then you haven’t but all of these countries are liberal.

We are already a socialist system. It’s just that our socialism works in the best interest of the rich. And when you hear conservatives warn about candidates promising “free stuff,” they’re the same people who voted for a racist asshole promising them a free wall.

And what is free and what isn’t? College shouldn’t be free but we should have a free military? Healthcare shouldn’t be free but we should have free nuclear weapons? C’mon, people. Nothing is free. We’re paying for it. Free college is out of the question but we can’t even discuss that we spend nearly $700 billion a year on our military? And when you hear people complaining about “poor” people on welfare, they’re ignoring the fact that we spend double on corporate welfare than we spend on food stamps and housing assistance. When someone’s complaining about welfare, it’s not really the welfare they have a problem with. I’ll give you one guess what really bothers them.

Yesterday, a Facebook “friend” posted a meme that Bernie is going to tax everyone who makes at least $29,000 a year at 52%. They took the 52% from what Bernie said about people making over $10 million. And get this: The person who posted that is a Democrat.

So for the past four years, Democrats and liberals have been attacking Bernie Sanders and his supporters for not voting and giving enough support to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party after she secured the nomination. Fair enough. I think they could have been more supportive also. During this primary season, Democrats have been chanting “vote blue no matter who.” They have the idea that Bernie won’t win the nomination so his supporters better accept the idea now to support whoever does get it. I agree. Every Democrat should get used to the idea of supporting whoever gets the nomination. That also means you need to support the nominee if that person is Bernie Sanders.

Sure, it may be hard to beat Donald Trump with a candidate they can malign as the next Hugo Chavez, but remember, we were able to elect a black man with a Muslim father from Africa who has a name that rhymes with “Osama.” Can we elect Bernie Sanders? Yes, we can.

If you disagree with Bernie’s policies, that’s fine. If you want to scream at me about them, go ahead. But stop lying. Tell the truth. Don’t act like you’re in the Trump cult. And, if you’re on Bernie’s side, don’t act like a troll.

Democrats, socialists, liberals, and blues need to support each other. Go ahead and fight right now. Do it honestly. And when the time comes, support the nominee. And if Bernie’s the nominee, then it doesn’t matter what Bernie wants to do with Medicare or public education right now. What matters most is getting rid of Donald Trump.

I still haven’t made up my mind on who I’m voting for on Super Tuesday. But I’m leaning toward Bernie.

The way I see it, it’s the most honest and ethical vote for me. I liked him in 2016 but I voted for Hillary Clinton in the primary. This time, I’m voting for the most honest and ethical candidate on the ballot. This is a second chance and I’ll probably never be able to vote for someone this honest and ethical ever again. He’s had the same positions his entire life.

That said, I don’t think I’m a Bernie Bro. I don’t like the trolling. I don’t like the attitude of his supporters. Quite frankly, there’s not a lot of distance between your tactics and those of the Trump cult. But you are not Bernie. And also unlike you, if Bernie doesn’t win the nomination, I’ll still be voting for the Democratic candidate to defeat Donald Trump.

For me, voting blue no matter who is real. It really doesn’t matter who.

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    1. That’s true, and Bernie Sanders has explained several times that his kind of socialism is on par with countries like Canada and UK where he wants the US to have a single payer medical plan, wages that keep up with the rising cost of living, and a tax code that’s balanced, yet still have our free markets and private ownership of property.

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  1. Something to keep in mind – Trolls/bots/Russian discord-sowing people aren’t just talking up Trump online. There are fakers out there playing “Bernie or Bust-ers” online too.

    Now, I know someone, in real life, who was a Bernie Bro. He’s extremely repentant now. However, I’m sure that IRL die-hard Bernie people who still won’t vote for anyone but him.

    TL; DR: Don’t believe everything you read online, even if it’s from someone claiming to be a Democrat.


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