Can’t Find Kansas City


I don’t know who has it harder, Trump supporters attempting to Trumpsplain his latest act of stupidity, the government agency tasked to argue that Missouri is Kansas, or future historians when they try to explain just how stupid our president (sic) truly was.

This morning, I went to a few conservative friends’ Facebook pages to see what the daily outrage was. It’s pole dancing and thrusting hips at the Super Bowl halftime show and Trump haters mocking him for congratulating the state of Kansas for the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl. I’m surprised he didn’t congratulate the Chefs.

There is a Kansas City in Kansas, but that’s not the city the Chiefs represent. That city is in Missouri. After Trump’s tweet, it was deleted then reposted with “Missouri” replacing “Kansas.”

Last week, CNN caught heat after Rick Wilson, a Republican strategist, made fun of Trump and said he couldn’t find Ukraine on a map if you put a big U on it and a picture of a crane. The heat was for their disrespect and laughing at Trump supporters. But last night, Donald Trump proved Wilson correct. The man doesn’t know geography which can be added to the huge list of shit Trump doesn’t understand.

After becoming president, he learned Puerto Rico is an island and that islands are surrounded by water. He referred to the Governor of Puerto Rico as the President of Puerto Rico (Trump is the president (sic) of Puerto Rico). He told the Prime Minister of India, “it’s not as though you have China right on your border.” He claimed the border wall with Mexico was in Colorado. He thought Belgium was a city. He thought Paris was in Germany. He was shocked to discover Nepal and Bhutan were their own countries and not a part of India, pronounced them “nipple” and “button.” At least he didn’t call Bhutan “buttcrack.” He can’t pronounce “Tasmania.” He thinks there’s a country in Africa called “Nambia.” He thinks the Persian Gulf is called the “Arabian” Gulf. He blamed Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, nations that border the Baltic Sea, for being responsible for the war in the BALKANS (and his wife is from the Balkans). And don’t get me started on his confusion with England, the United Kingdom, and Great Britain.  He also thinks Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom.

You can be forgiven if you don’t understand everything in the above paragraph, but you’re not the president of the United States. And quite frankly, you should understand all the geography in the above paragraph.

Trump’s supporters’ response to his latest flub is to point out that Obama once said “57 states” when he meant 47. Republicans are too stupid to realize that even if Obama truly believed there are 57 states, it doesn’t defend Trump’s stupidity. If you and I both get zeros on a test, your stupidity does not make me smarter. Also, Trump sycophants have to go all the way back to 2008 to find something stupid Obama said. I only have to go to last night for something stupid from Trump, and today’s not over yet.

Here’s the painful truth: The president of the United States (sic), as former Secretary of State so eloquently put it, is a fucking moron. And while some people want to steer clear of making fun of Trump’s supporters, sycophants, and members of his cult. I won’t. You’re all fucking morons.

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  1. Actually, no. I’m on his feed. It’s a riot, especially the comments he gets. People think that everybody who “follows” Trump, likes Trump. You’d be very pleasantly surprised. Anyway, he didn’t delete the Kansas tweet right away. To add Trumpist confusion to the whole Covfefe, he left both tweets up for about an hour.

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  2. Trump getting the wrong state was funny for maybe 5 minutes. I try not to get worked up over little distractions like that when the real problem is that Trump hates everyone not the color of mayonnaise and has been selling us out for personal profits.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. It’s just one more thing he’ll get away with. Sure, it’s really no big deal and we need to concentrate on the big things. The extortion of foreign countries, the murder of children in Concentration Camps, the blind subservience to Putin, the Emoluments violations, the destruction of government programs designed to protect us, and the celebration of Nazis at Charlottesville – to name just the highlights.

      But, if we continue to ignore bad behavior. All the bad behavior – earth-shattering and funny-for-5- minutes, alike – we continue to silently license his insanity, and continue to prolong this national nightmare.

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