Seig Heil West Virginia


Let’s start 2020 with a cartoon about racism in Trump’s America.

In defending why about 30 of her students from her basic training class from the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation were giving the “Sieg heil” salute in their class photo, instructor Karrie Byrd said, “Look there is nothing wrong with it, we have people of all colors and backgrounds in the picture and every one of them are participating. That’s why they do that. Because I’m a hard-ass like Hitler.”

Do you find that reasoning acceptable? Beyond giving a salute to Hitler, antiSemitism, and racism, finding that excuse reasonable should be a reason why that a person doesn’t work for the state.

Now, those cadets in the state corrections division have been fired by the governor based upon recommendations by the department.

The salute was used often in class and some students weren’t comfortable with it but were peer pressured into giving it for the photo. According to a report, Byrd was the one who encouraged them to make the gesture and even reciprocated it. According to officials, “Ten of the cadets reported they did not make the gesture until Byrd told them to. These cadets stated that they only did it at that time due to fear of not graduating for disobeying the direction of an instructor. Seven of those cadets, in order to comply with Byrd’s direction but not make the gesture, held up a closed fist.”

I’m sure those cadets will appeal their firing.

Two other instructors reprimanded the class when they saw them doing it, which was rebuked by one student saying, “Look at me I am black, and I am doing it.” So at the very least, all the white students doing it can use the black-friend defense.

This also makes me ask; What the hell is wrong with these people? I have friends and readers in West Virginia so I know this isn’t the attitude of the entire state. But then again, most of my friends are liberal like myself as I refuse to hang with troglodytes.

In case you’re a Republican, giving the salute to Hitler is racist. Even if you say it’s not racist and it’s for something else, it’s still racist. Case in point: The instructor said it was given because she’s a “hardass like Hitler.” Please focus on the part where she used a reference to Hitler in her defense.

Whether you’re Laura Ingraham, or at a white nationalist meeting the day after Trump’s inauguration to celebrate your victory, or attending a Trump rally, or marching with tiki torches in Charlottesville, or attending a Trump rally, it’s still a racist symbol. And now, these things are more common because Donald Trump is in the White House.

You may argue that I can’t blame Trump for this. Yes, I can. Hate crimes have gone up since Trump became president. They went up after he announced his campaign which was managed for a white by white nationalist Steve Bannon. Today, one of his senior advisors is white nationalist Stephen Baby Goebbels Miller. And when he’s being reckless, Donald Trump retweets neo-Nazis and white nationalists. So yeah, Trump has a lot of blame for this kind of business. This is what happens when we have an openly racist president.

Maybe there are openings for these students in the White House. We know there is a revolving door in that place but usually, it’s not the openly racist ones who are bailing on a sinking racist ship. Stephen Miller is still there.

But instead of taking this firing lightly, these candidates should appeal and tell the governor it’s not a salute to Hitler but to Donald Trump. The governor, Jim Justice, is a huge fan of Trump which means racism isn’t always a deal-breaker for him. He switched parties from Democratic to Republican and announced it at a racist Trump rally.

Here’s some advice: In the future, when you’re told to goose step to fit in, instead, you march to your own beat.

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  1. People who compare themselves to Hitler should have to watch documentary footage from the camps and commentary from the soldiers who liberated those same camps. They might think again about how wonderful it is to be ‘a hard-ass like Hitler.’

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  2. Has the Karrieon Byrd been fired? Certainly she should have been, though it is not in the story. There was nothing funny about such a class photo, whether it was a racially diverse group or not. If the students had not been fired thier next class might have taught them how to build gas pellet ovens for their prisoners.

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