Phone Home


After 37 years, E.T. and Elliott were reunited in an Xfinity commercial. Everyone’s talking about it but no one really knows what product was being sold. In the commercial, Elliott tell E.T. that a lot has changed. Boy, have they.

E.T. didn’t face a welcoming United States government in his first visit in 1982. He’d face an even colder response now. In the Trump administration, there aren’t any heart lights.

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  1. “In the Trump administration, there aren’t any heart lights.”

    There aren’t any light hearts, either, sad to say . . . no matter what happens, if anything, so much has been destroyed I doubt it will ever be put right. Not in OUR lifetime, anyway.

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  2. “In the Trump administration, there aren’t any heart lights.”

    Only if they are dead. There’s are dark, darkest heart of old drives perverted to new uses. No they aren’t dead nor are they zombies. They are alive and willingly on the dark side of Humanity. An ugly legacy of our evolutionary history of primitive brain overlapped by more recent developments. All parts can influence each other. The R-complex being used by the Neo-Cortex at work. Ugly work of war, rapine, criminal, subjugation and slavery are of their province where the strong, the ones like them, rule by unprincipled brutality. Trump is the shining beacon for all of those who are of like mind. Dark evil light that touches those on that same wavelength. And even though they are not in full control nor the bulk of our country they can have a very potent effect. We are in great danger of becoming fascist ourselves like in Brazil, Hungary, Poland, El Salvador and more. We must not fall.

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