Trump Bedbugs


When I heard the United States is going to host the G7 Summit in 2020, the first thing I thought was, “that fucker’s gonna try to have it at one of his shitty golf clubs.” I’m sure most journalists in the country thought the same thing so I shouldn’t receive any huge plaudits for my prognostication skills. Grifters are gonna grift. That’s exactly what our Grifter-in-Chief has set out to do. Con the G7 and in the process, spread the Trumpfestation.

Donald Trump is a conman. It’s all he is. His entire business is a con. He was born and bred to con, with his father giving him an annual allowance of $200,000 a year by age three in what was probably just one of many tax scams the family concocted.

As a candidate, he conned his supporters. As the nominee, he conned the Republican National Committee, charging them for campaign space in Trump Tower after raising the rent. Later he started conning the U.S. government, charging the Secret Service rent at Trump Tower, once again, after raising the rent.

Donald Trump promised he would separate himself from his businesses. Instead of selling or putting everything into a blind trust, he turned it over to be managed by his two idiot sons. As president, he’s name-dropped his property over 70 times. He’s averaging two weekly visits to his properties as president. When he stays at one of his properties, we have to pay for him to do so. We have to pay for government services, rooms and feeding government personnel, and even golf cart rentals so the Secret Service can follow Trump while he cheats at golf. We probably even pay for Trump to stay in his own bedroom.

Trump has hosted the leaders of Japan and China at his Mar-a-Lago, thus earning money from those two governments. If nations have business with the United States, first they have to do business with Donald Trump.

Trump claims he’s going to lose $3-$5 billion as president, which is a lie because he’s not worth that. He will not disclose his tax returns so we can’t see how much he’s really milking the government or to whom he’s indebted.

A friend of mine who is a retired cartoonist and a conservative, made a post on social media this week that the good thing about Trump is that since he’s a billionaire, he can’t be bought. Yes, I’m still trying to figure out how to virtually slap someone on the back of the head.

When someone has $3 billion (maybe) but claims they have ten, they can be bought. When Saudis are renting rooms they’re not staying in from the guy, he can be bought. When his attorney general, the same one defending him in an emoluments lawsuit (I can’t make this up anymore) is spending $30,000 for a party at Trump’s hotel, he can be bought. When a cabinet member tries to purchase a mattress from the same hotel, Trump can be bought.

And of course, Trump wants to host the G7 at one of his crappy golf resorts. He’s aiming to host it at his underperforming Doral resort in Miami to bilk at least six foreign governments. Trump claims it’s great because it’s near an airport. Obviously, no one else in this country ever thought of building hotels and convention centers near airports before. There’s probably also a McDonald’s nearby which I’m sure will be a factor and seriously bad news for the world leaders attending. I hope they like Big Macs and burnt steaks with ketchup. Those might be the least of their problems because Doral is infested.

Donald Trump is having a hissy fit on Twitter because it was reported that someone sued him for being ravaged by bedbugs while sleeping at Doral. Trump tweeted that it was an attack by “radical left Democrats” and it was just a “false and nasty rumor.” Honestly, I’m shocked he hasn’t accused Obama of planting the bedbugs while bugging Trump Tower.

But, despite the club not having bedbugs, Trump settled the lawsuit with the man the bedbugs used as a buffet. What also leads me to believe Doral is currently infested with bedbugs is the fact Donald Trump said it’s not infested with bedbugs.

Doral isn’t the only thing of Trump’s that’s infested. The man destroys everything he touches. At this very moment, some poor French guy is probably burning the sheets Trump slept on at the G7 last weekend. It’s a Trumpfestation. No wonder Melania sleeps in a separate bedroom (probably under a poster of Justin Trudeau).

The Trumpfestation is everywhere from the White House to the State Department to the Justice Department to each of his crappy golf clubs. I just hope the White House is fumigated after Trump is finally kicked out or we may have to do what Indonesia’s doing right now, which is moving their capital to Borneo. I think we should move Trump to Borneo.

It’s as if Trump is personally challenged to make everything as horrible as possible. He goes to the G7 and spends the first night operating as Vladimir Putin’s personal lobbyist. Now, he wants to entertain the world’s leaders at a bedbug-infested motel hell. They should take a tip from the Saudis and rent the rooms and stay somewhere else.

I’m asked all the time about what I’ll do with my cartoons after Trump leaves office. I’m not going to have a problem with that because we’re still going to be having problems. The Trumpfestation will be ravaging our nation for years.

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  1. I would rather have to deal with millions of bedbugs than keep putting up with the bullshit that tRump keeps feeding us.

    When the time comes…Indies, Dems, actual (not tRump bootlicking) Repubs need to Step Up. Every vote counts! The biggest of these reasons have been proven in recent times: the electoral college does not represent the public at large. They represent who stuffs their pockets, unless, they are so overwhelmed by the public at large that they have no choice.

    We, the Real people, need to beat the shit out of them. And as far as I’m concerned, that means figuratively…but if that doesn’t work…literally is a Great option!

    Get ready to fight drumph dislikers!

    It’s gonna be a whole new American Revolution!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. “. . . unless, they are so overwhelmed by the public at large that they have no choice.”

      Three million votes more for HRC . . . that wasn’t overwhelming??

      “Get ready to fight drumph dislikers!”

      Are you sure that’s what you meant to write?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Please reiterated my reply below. I didn’t post it as a reply to yours as the result of a mistake. So so sorry.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. No Andrea. Although it seems as if 3 million should be enough, it isn’t. As a presidential candidate, you have to win by a way bigger margin than 3 million. You have to win by bigger numbers in bigger states, as Obama did. Look it up.

    And yes, I did mean that the the people that dislike drumph need to fight his pathetic orange ass. But I can see how you misunderstood me.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Reiterated was a mistake also. Should’ve read (pronounced “red”) read. Heckova day, and I still got 6 hours before I leave work. Thank you reality!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey lookie dat! A person that possesses Shit for brains is calling me a moron.

        Yuze a laugh per second!

        Next time, have your caretaker change your diarrhea soaked diaper before you post your nonsense. You’ll be more comfortable and you may actually be more friendly.

        Later douchebag! DC

        Liked by 1 person

  4. “A friend of mine who is a retired cartoonist and a conservative, made a post on social media this week that the good thing about Trump is that since he’s a billionaire, he can’t be bought. Yes, I’m still trying to figure out how to virtually slap someone on the back of the head.”

    It’s simple, really…
    Just get his/her face on the screen, then slap the back of the monitor.
    He/She won’t really feel it, but it can be personally satisfying.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The trumpfestation will definitely continue ad nauseum. Does anyone really believe he’ll shut the fuck up when he gets defeated at the polls next year? Fading away in dignified silence is not in his nature. He’ll continue to bloviate, agitate, incite, and rouse his base as long as he has a voice on twitter or faux news. As will his spawn. And there will be others, his dyed in the wool acolytes like limbaugh and savage who will continue singing his praises and condemning his successor as long as they have breath. Then there are the reptiles like nunes, stephen miller and huckleberry sanders who will keep popping up like a fucking herpes blister.

      Pandora’s Box has been sprung wide open and the bedbugs, demons and plagues within will never be contained again.

      Liked by 3 people

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