Hating America


Donald Trump hates America.

America is a nation of diversity. Campaigning on “make America great again,” Trump is longing for and promising to return this nation to the racist ways of the past, the America he loves. He hates that this is a nation of white, brown, black, yellow, etc, and so do his supporters.

When told today that white supremacists will love his message of “go back to where you came from,” Trump said he wasn’t worried because a lot of people agree with him. He is owning that he’s reaching out to the racists.

The sheer hypocrisy of saying those who criticize this nation and are not happy should leave will go over the heads of his cult. So will this cartoon.

If you’re not happy and think we should “make America great again,” then why don’t you just leave?

Be Complicit

What kind of person would want to be part of something that disparages, slanders, and disrespects Dear Leader and his sycophantic followers? Hopefully, you. 
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  1. Well, 100% of people saying they’d leave for Canada after Trump got elected didn’t move a damn inch. If you want socialism and open borders then leave and that would Make America Great Again.


    1. As did a ton of Republicans who said it first when Obamacare (ACA) passed, and then again if he was reelected. Do you guys have some kind of blinders on selective memory or something?

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      1. That makes no sense, Canada has socialized healthcare, why would republicans run from ACA to another form of it?


    2. No…I prefer we get rid of all the bigoted, racist pedos the regressive party has turned into. That sounds ever so much more fun! There would be plenty of room in this country for immigrants with alI the Nazis, hate mongers, racists, pedos, MAGAts, trumpanzees, flying monkeys, Confederate hillbillies, bigots and rabid Jesus screamers off polishing Vlad’s golf balls in Siberia.

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  2. Remember back in the 1960’s, when we hippies protested the Vietnam so-called War? I distinctly remember being told then to ‘love it or leave it’. What goes around, comes around.

    The irony is that we were often told to go to the USSR . . . turns out, the Republicans had already done so, or would do so soon enough. AND we were right about Vietnam.

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  3. Times are changing. More people now than ever before accept and even desire certain programs that conservatives call socialist. This trend will continue and soon I foresee this country having universal healthcare coverage, higher minimum wages, and an industry being completely powered on renewable energy sources within our lifetimes.

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    1. Are you pro nuclear energy?
      Why are you for higher minimum wages?
      Higher minimum wages hurt entry level teenagers and young adults. If you could pay someone less than the minimum wage, but still something, they would be able to learn skills and you would have another employee that wouldn’t lose you any money. It’s not like once that person learns the skills they wouldn’t get a raise, they would, they would become more valuable.


      1. I’ve heard that stupid argument my entire life. Every single time the minimum wage was going to be raised it was going to destroy everything. Well, surprise, surprise … it never did. At the absolute worst it would cause very temporary issues in extremely limited areas, and then business moved on exactly as normal. That argument has wrong every time it’s been used and it’s wrong now. In point of fact, if the minimum wage had been geared to inflation when it was first implemented it would actually be somewhat above $15.00 already.

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